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Sounds like your body is definitely getting ready! I had mild contractions for about a week prior, lost my mucus plug two days before, then the day of all day long I felt pressure like my water was going to break and at 7:30pm it finally did. Unfortunately pre labor can last a while but hopefully you are getting close! 

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I had absolutely no warning I was going into labor at 39w4d. The night before I was telling people I was going to be pregnant forever because I felt perfectly normal. I never had my dr check my dialation because i knew it really didny mean anything. I know prople who were 5 cm dialated for weeks.

The next morning I woke up with cramping and realized that it was coming and going. I had my DS by 5 pm that evening. 

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I would love to hear stories too. This is my first baby (33 weeks), so I have no idea how it will go. 

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I’m 39.5 weeks pregnant and over it.. Getting menstrual type cramps all the time, lower back pain, may have lost my mucus plug today but this is my first pregnancy so I couldn’t swear to it, might just have been more discharge.  Also getting shooting pains in my cervix on and off..maybe it’s dilating?

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I went into labor at 36w6d. Water broke at 1am. I was in denial and thought maybe I had peed myself. The cramps started about 30 minutes later. I kept pooping so I thought maybe I just had to poo. Second gush of water came at 3am. I was at the hospital by 4am. The really tough contractions started around 9am so I got an epidural and had my baby boy by 11am. And they even delayed me to do a emergency csection on another woman. So I probably would have delivered sooner. This was my first so I was surprised how quickly he came!

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I lost my plug overnight at exactly 37 weeks. It came out a bit at a time every time I got up to pee that night, and had turned a bit bloody by morning. When I got up for the day I had period-like cramps that turned into contractions over the next few hours, and I had some diarrhea, too. When I was checked for the first time at 7 p.m. or so, I was 7 cm and 85%. My water only broke during labor, just before it was time to start pushing.

It does sound to me like labor is coming up really soon for you. I hope it is as quick and smooth as can be!

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Had a similar situation at 37 and 4. Was 1cm dilated and 100 effaced. My OB predicted I’d have the baby in 3 days and I gave birth two days later!

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My water broke about 2am Sunday morning and I never went into labor. I was induced late Sunday night, and had some severe contractions but never really went into labor. My 9 pound baby was delivered by C Sec on Monday morning.

My second baby was a scheduled C delivery.

My birth was the same. My mother had contractions but no productive labor and I was a C delivery as well.

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@Kholcer  I went into labor at 39w4d and it was pretty quick. It was basically valentines day and at 430 am I woke up with some period type cramps/contractions but it wasnt labor because they were super far apart and all over the map in terms of timing. My doula said to take a bath and it should go away and it did. Went about our day as normal and then around 4pm I just had a feeling ….so we went for dinner (so early haha) but I knew once it happened I prob wouldnt eat. I felt a bit weird at the restaurant and when we left we stopped off to get some curtains at home depot haha. My back was getting sore so I told DH we needed to go home so I could rest. 

We got home around 630 and I went up to lay on the bed for a while and at 730 I felt this warm “pop” and I jumped up to run to the bathroom (my water broke) and as I was standing there another gush, I yelled for DH to get me a towel and called the doula. We decided to wait for a bit until contractions started before doing anything and sure enough one hour exactly after my water broke they started….and it was BAD. Like I would say on a scale of 1-10 pain it was immediatly at a 8/9 and I knew we wouldnt be home for long (contractions were like 3+ min apart). The doula rushed over and I was already in the “I cant talk back to you” stage but she wanted to try to calm me down and time some (of course 1st baby and all she didnt really think I’d be hospital ready within an hour of them starting)….of course when she did they had slowed to 9 min lol. But she asked me my pain level and if I felt anything in my bum and within a half hour of her being there we headed to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 10ish and I was like “Im not going to make it”, I swear I had about 12 contractions before we made it from the parkinglot to the maternity ward. 

The doula was like “now dont be too dissapointed if your not too far along”. Piiiishhhhhh I new better lol. Sure enough they check me and Im in transition about 8cm + …. I started shaking hard which I guess is a part of transition sometimes and also went into a bit of shock. My body hadnt had the chance to experience early labor to kind of build up to this pain level? know what I mean? I pretty much went right into thebeast of it it so it was freaking HARD. I knew I needed my body to calm down and to make a long story short I ended up getting an epi… basically at 10cm lol! I then rested for an hour before pushing!

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Here is my labour story. At 40w 5 days I woke up around 7am and laid in bed reading my kindle for a while. Whilst I was reading I felt my tummy tighten a few times. I decided after the 3rd or 4th time to time them. They were 4 minutes apart. I got up and had a shower and checked the bags were all ready just in case.

about about 8am I had a pretty good feeling that I was actually going to be having a baby that day. Ih ad back labour. Ihad no pains in my tummy whatsoever. Just the tightening. The back labour to me felt like severe period pains or the pains I get if I have eaten lactose as I am intollerant.

at 9am I called my husband at work and let him what what was going on. I then called my midwife. By this time they were 3 minutes apart consistently but were not particularly painful.

My husband arrived home around 10am and my midwife called to check up on me. We decided that since I lived 45 minutes away from the hospital that we should head down just to be ready just in case.

By the time we got to the hospital by contractions were really close together like less than 2 minutes and my back pain was getting much worse. The walk from the car park to the reception took forever!

When I was checked at just5 before 11.30am I was 3cm. They dont admit here until 4cm, but since we lived a fair way from the hospital that decided I should stay close and maybe go for a walk until I felt too uncomfortable.

We ended up having a picnic in the hospital parks. Wasnt the best picnic in the world as I spend most of it doubled over with back pain! We eventually headed back to the hospital at 2pm.

When the checked me again I was 6cm and they sent me up to the birthing pool. Unfortunately from here things went a little hectic. It was staff change over time and I hated the new lady I had. She basically told me I could no longer have the waterbirth I was initially promised as my blood pressure was slightly elevated (totally normal for me as i have anxiety) but I could stay in the sensory room until it wsa time to transfer to the labour warn in the main hospital and have a bath if I wanted.

I took a bath and my water broke whilst I was in the bath. The midwife didnt believe my water had broke and delayed checking me again. Around 8pm I remember telling the lady that i felt presure in my bottom and like I needed to push. She told me I probably needed a poop and sent me to the loo! I was in there was almost an hour. I had the urge to push and I tried to call for someone but nobody came to find me until an hour later!!

They eventually checked me at 9pm and I was fully dilated and it was a mnad rush to get me to the delivery suite (i had to walk there)

When we eventually got there I pushed for over an hour but Olivia was stuck in the birth canal. I was exhausted by this point as Ihad only taken 2 headache tablets up to thispoint.

Eventually they made me sign a consent form for a possible C section but wanted to try forceps first.

On the last attampt at the forceps she came out.

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@Kholcer  Definitely sounds like you will be in labor soon! I didn’t have any of that. I knew I would have my DD early but only bc at my 37 week appt I was 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I walked around like that for a week having no idea. I woke up at 4 am the morning DD was born with the worst period cramps of my life. Only way to describe it. They came and went like everyone says they would but they were intense. I never got the whole stomach tightening feeling. It was seriously not as bad as I had anticipated. I was also soo excited to finally hold her that it all kind of went out the window. I also had an epidural which I’m sure helped me a lot forget the pain! Goodluck to you mama!

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Best of luck to all the moms on this thread, your babies will be here before you know it! 

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@Kholcer  I loved reading these so I’ll share mine. At 37 weeks, I was having BH contractions but 0% dilated. A week later, I started having period-like cramps and by that Friday (I was 38w1d) and at the OB that afternoon, I was 3% and she could see the baby’s head. my water broke less than 12 hours later around 2am Saturday morning. I called L&D and they told me to come in right away. I didn’t have contractions until a few hours later. Got the epidural at 4pm and 21 hours later, our little girl was born just before midnight at 38w2d. 

I didn’t do anything different between week 37 and 38 except drinking red raspberry leaf tea and bouncing on the exercise ball. Whether either conttibuted to going to labor is still up for debate 🙂

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