(Closed) Labwork Question… Estrogen and Luteinizing Hormone.

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1. I’m not much help, because I’m so new to PCOS and bloodwork myself. I had my test done two days post-ovulation, and my Estradiol was 742, my LH was 22 and my FSH was 4. So, compared to your results, I have no idea whether we’re both out of whack, or what!

2. If FF shows that you ovulated the DAY you had your bloodwork done, is it possible that you hadn’t ovulated yet in the day? So maybe your hormones were still on the low side?

3. I’ve heard that vitex is great for PCOS, but a few ladies on the boards (Jag, for one) said it really didn’t make a difference.

4. I’m getting a referral to an OB/GYN, so if you think your doctor isn’t comfortable with dealing with you and your diagnosis, maybe ask for a referral?

5. No Metformin for me, though I practically begged for it. We will see what the new doc has to say.


Hope that helps, a little!


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Okay, here’s mine on CD 18, which my tracker shows was my O day, but if I remember correctly, I don’t think it was, I think I O’d the following day? This was in May so I can’t remember exactly.

The 3rd number represents what Kaiser shows the normal levels should be. (Yes, Kaiser, those familair with Kaiser P. don’t you feel sorry for me? ugh) Other than that, that’s all I can give you. I don’t know too much about the hormone levels and what each really does.

-I think I would ask to be refered. I think anyone, regardless of the issue, always feels better seeing a doctor who specializes in a certain issue. I think it would ease your mind a little knowng your in good hands.  – Good Luck lady.











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I have PCOS and have known about 10 yrs:

FSH: 4.5

LH: 12.3

Normal FSH:LH is 1:1 PCOS usually has a ratio of 1:3 or greater.

Progesterone was 36 (which is low)

My testorone is normal but my sex binding hormone globulin is whacked lol

(so I am sensititve to the hormones in my body)

This was a while ago and I am getting updated testing in a few weeks.

To answer your questions:

4. Is this so low/out of whack, I should go to an OB? I’m having this feeling like, is this normal even for someone with PCOS/panic/what can I do/is there anything I can do feeling.

You should see a reproductive endocrinologist. There are many other things that usually accompany PCOS that might also need to be addressed to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and aren’t negatively impacted by side effects of long term PCOS (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, and excessive weight gain).



5. Should I ask for an increase in Metformin? What is your dose?

I am on 1500 mg but I had to build up to it (it kills your stomach). I am also not trying to concieve, however, I did ovulate the last 2 months.

I’ve heard that even 500 mg helps with ovulation. Just be patient.

If you need advice on books I recommend PCOS for Dummies- make everything easy to understand.

Also the PCOS workbook is awesome.


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@ChuckNorris:  Ha! I know, it’s horrible. I have to drive 45 minutes for a doctor appointment. And if we do get KU, I would have to drive an hour and 15 minutes to the hospital to give birth!! Uh-uh don’t think so. I can see me know. I’d gone nuts! So I think in October I’m going to switch to the flex plan so I can go see outside doctors. Plus by then I should be done with my GYN and the clomid rounds so if I’m still not KU by then, I’ll go outside of Kaiser for an RE.

But, I went back through all my lab work, dating back to 2007 (wow) and I don’t show she’s ever ran an estrogen. And while I went back I looked at my past LH and FSH. I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS since gosh maybe 2001? and all my prior tests do not show a ratio of 1:3. Some points they were 1:1 and back then my periods were very irregular, now they are not. Kinda weird.

But, GL, I say go to the ob/gyn.

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I also ran across a DHEA test that was done in 2007. I tried looking up DHEA because I’ve never heard of it, but I don’t see too much on it, other than it can be linked to PCOS. Mine was high.

460.00 (standard range 45-320)

It also looks like the DHEA may be related to estrogen and testosterone.

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@Yellow.Clover:  It depends on the time of your cylce and if was testing was done while you were on medication. It generally isn’t used for classification though.

DHEA is a male hormone which can cause facial hair and other male characteristics. Normal range is under 430. My DHEA is high but only by 3 points.

I think you are suppose to get estradiol and progestrone levels checked, so check if she tested thoughs. Also I think the total and free testosterone is high they wouldn’t necessarily check estrogen. Also if progestrone is low, it is an indication of estrogen domaince.

I am going to the Yale PCOS clinic August 1! I am so excited to be going you would think I won a vacation or somethingSmile




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@ChuckNorris:  I am new here… well not so much new, just coming out of the shadows.

I’m not sure if this is any help, but I thought I would share my numbers with you also. I am a PCOSer.

My most recent labs are:

CD9 – LH:7.9, FSH:8.0, TSH:2.73

CD17 (2 days before O) – Free Testosterone:9.6 High by thier scale. Total Test: 36. and DHEAs 231.

I am on Met 500/day – working on an increase to 1500. Sadly, it does not agree with my digestive system so its a slow increase spaced far apart. With that said, my cycles used to be 45-60 days apart. I had no idea if I was even ovulating then bc I was not charting – but since starting met, my cycles are averaging 32 days now. So it does help. 

I would also like to agree with aicila. If your PCP will not work with you because they are uninformed, uncomfortable, not thier area of expertise, seek out an RE or even an OBGYN that is experienced with PCOS.

Its a difficult disease/syndrome that is severly misunderstood and swept under the rug too often. But – there are things we can do/take to help with the symptoms and the TTC process.

I just wanted to say, you are not alone and the feelings that you have are ones that consume alot of us in the same situation on a daily basis.

Hugs and best of luck!


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@ChuckNorris:   Regarding progesterone, the levels vary during your cycle. Before ovulation you will see low numbers like 3 or 4 after ovulation it should rise and steady high until right before AF. Testing on 7 DPO is standard to evaluate progesterone levels. The 8 that your friend bit isn’t concerning unless you know on which cycle day it was drawn. 

@aicila:   Not sure the scale your lab uses but I am surprised to read that  you were told a 36 was low for progesterone. My research indicated that is an ideal score for a 7 DPO test.

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