(Closed) Ladies! Anyone have a 1ct-1.50ct diamond ring with I2-I3 clarity (good cut) ?

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My diamond is an SI2 but excellent cut at a large size (2.4 carats). It has a feather but no one EVER notices. The cut disguises many many things!!!


It really depends on the cut of the stone. I would not personally go for an I3 since these stones can be structurally unstable, but if you’ve seen it in person and you love it that’s all that matters. 

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@Mrs_BunInTheOven:  I3– I’m guessing you have seen the diamond- which means it might be OK.  But many I3’s I have seen in person look like salt rocks.

It is true that a diamond will low clarity and an excellent cut will still sparkle- I’ve seen a few I1’s that had amazing cuts and sparkled like crazy- even though you could see a carbon spot or 2 in there.


There are many things to consider, if I were you.

How much are you paying?  Who is grading the diamond/cut?  

Ultimately, you have to be the one to love your ring.  

Another word to the wise:  a smaller carat weight diamond that has an excellent or ideal cut will appear larger often…..so if “size” is something that matters- that’s something to consider.

Bigger is NOT always better, contrary to what at&t’s commcercial claims. 

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I have a 1.5 but it is a vs2, but I did look up a diamond on James Allen that is close to your specs..  This one in the pic is 1.5 very good cut, I1, I color.. Maybe that will help..  


Have you seen your diamond?  Because I3 is the lowest clarity there is.. You might be very disappointed.. But you might love it.. It depends on your tastes… 





Just going up to an S1 will improve the look a lot…here is an S1, very good, I color, 1.49ct


Hope this helps.. 🙂




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I have an I coloured 0.25ct I1 RHR; it has a very tiny, but visible (to me) carbon spot, but is still very sparkly. No idea what the cut is; I’d guess at very good.

For a larger stone, or a ‘forever’ piece of jewellery, I personally would always want an eye-clean stone. I also agree with @MrsEME:‘s comments re how the clarity and cut (and sparkle) can effect how big the stone appears; I myself would probably sacrifice the carat size and go up a grade on the cut (to excellent), and go up a few grades on the clarity.

I’ve also heard that stones in the I1-3 range can be prone to damage; not sure how true that is though.

Ultimately what matters though is that you love it. Have you seen the stone in person, and in different light conditions?

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U will need to decide which of the four c’s is most important to u. Some ppl cannot abide a diamond that has any sort of speck or character inside it. Others do not mind some flaws, myself included, as almost all diamonds do have them, whether they r slight or more noticeable. It will end up being a choice of what u can live with. There r tons of reasons to go either way with clarity, so it’s up to u.

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My stone is by some jewelers standards and SI2 or an I1 (it’s been appraised twice because it was my mothers stone). It still sparkles a LOT. But the color and cut are also very good (color F). I don’t know that I would get an I color and an I3 clarity…that seems like compromising too much, especially on such a large stone. It’s one or the other for me. 


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@Mrs_BunInTheOven:  I had a 1.5 ct i3 that was advertsed as i1 but totally wasn’t and it looked horrible. The cut was good also but an I3 has so many flaws the cut really can’t disguise it. It looked like frozen spit. It was so cloudy which most i3s are. I wouldn’t do it you will be very disappointed trust me!


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I would go down in size for a better clarity. I’ve never seen a good looking I3. I HAVE seen passable I1’s but they have eye-visible flaws. Things like that don’t bother me as much as most but I’ve never seen an I3 that I would wear, even for casual jewelry. Have you discussed Clarity Enhancement with the jeweler?


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My diamond was appraised at a 1.3ct I color I1, very good cut and I can only see one inclusion and I had them set the inclusion under the prong. I’ve been very happy with mine and no one sees the inclusion and I get many compliments on it. 

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Don’t do it! I3 is way too low, it’s gonna look awful! 

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I3 is as bad as clarity gets. Here’s a good article on clarity. “Good” cut doesn’t really mean good. “Very good” cut diamonds don’t always have good light performance either.

“given that I’m not tooooo picky about little flaws in my stone here and there”

I don’t think an I3 diamond is going to have little flaws here and there. Have you seen the diamond in person? Who graded it? How much are you planning to pay for it?


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You can get an I diamond and it still be a beautiful diamond, but they usually don’t recommend you go below I1 because I2 and i3 usually have structrual issues and can be damaged very easy.  But I guess as long as you have seen the diamond and it has some sparkle I guess it’s ok.  The I3’s I have seen are usally raw diamonds or they almost look like spit.  I have an I1 cushion cut diamond but it is a good cut and has plenty of fire.  there is one visible flaw but you can’t really see it because of the way the diamond is cut and the prongs hide it.  

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@Mrs_BunInTheOven:  Do you know what lab graded the diamond? If it’s one of the more lenient labs, it may be a less than good cut, and a much lower colour grade than I.

Regardless, I don’t think I could settle for an I3. There are all sorts of inclusions that would make a stone I3, and if it seems clear, then you can bet it’s I3 because of some major structural issues. I’d be happy sacrificing colour for carat size, but clarity really shouldn’t be compromised. You don’t need as VS+ stone, but at least an I1. Many stores don’t even sell stones below that clarity grade. 

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First Congrats!!! Second….have you seen the diamond in person? If you have seen and like it…that’s really all that matters. My diamond in my e-ring is an SI2, very good cut and it’s lovely…you can’t see any carbon (unless you look really close and have VERY good eyesight)  it just depends on the individual stone.  I’m like you in the sense that my diamond didn’t have to be perfect…just perfect to me! 🙂  I think imperfections bring character to a diamond.

Good luck on whatever you pick and post pictures!!


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