(Closed) Ladies – Do you get along with sister/sisters?

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  • poll: Ladies - how close are you to your sister?

    Very close


    We get along, but are not especially close.

    Not my favorite person, but we manage to tolerate each other.

    I really dislike her. We do not get along.

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    My H always says how weird it is that my sister & I are so close. We’re 9 years apart and we’ve always been close.

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    Most of us get on most of the time. There’s 5 of us so there’s times when there’s minor problems but mostly we’re all pretty solid.

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    I’m really close to one of them. The other… we’ve had our ups and downs. She’s sort of bitchy, frankly, but it’s gotten better as she’s gotten older.

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    I only have a half-sister that is much older, who I was not raised with, so I’m not close to her at all, although we are friends on FB.  My mother has two sisters, and it seems that she is close to only one of them.

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    Carolsays: It’s really hard to say what is normal and what is not. I get along with my sister (now), but I wouldn’t say we are super close. We speak via text/phone every few weeks maybe, she loves near my parents about 100 miles away so I usually see her every time I go down to see my parents (every few months). We are very very different people so our personalities do clash, she is very very private, she had a long term BF for 3 years and no-one knew until I bumped into her in London with this guy, but we don’t not get along, I wish we were closer but I just know it’s not like that. We are both always be there for each other when we need, and will always be though which is nice 🙂

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    Eh – I care about my sister, but we’re not close. I’ve been there for her when there’s been a crisis and I hope she would do the same for me, but we’re not the best friends you see with some sisters. We don’t talk too often (maybe once or twice a month, and they’re really short phone calls). It’s improved a bit since she started getting treatment for some mental health issues, but we have very little in common.

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    We are pretty close. I don’t talk to them all the time, but we all get along. We have a group message thread on Facebook that we use often to all chat. I live far away from them and wish I was closer. I really miss them sometimes. 

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    Carolsays:  I have two sisters, not close in age. One of them I am very close with and we talk all the time and share funny videos, anecdotes about our days, stuff like that. She is going to be my Maid/Matron of Honor. She is eight years older than me, so many times it feels like she is trying to mother me, and sometimes she’s very about giving me an objective, experienced view of things, which deep down I know is helpful, but I just wish she would commiserate with me or be 100% on my side of things. Still, I consider us very close. My other sister is six years older than me, and we are not that close. No animosity, but we just don’t talk very much. She lives far away, so we don’t see each other, and it isn’t uncommon that we go weeks without speaking. I wish we were closer, but as we get older, I just realize it isn’t all that possible. Still, I love her more than anything. Now, that being said, my two sisters do NOT get along AT ALL. It’s actually quite annoying. They can barely speak to each other without getting into an argument, and they are two years apart. I think it’s long lingering resentment from childhood or something, I don’t know.

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    I said we get along but are not especially close, but we haven’t always gotten along.  She lives in Cali and I live in Missouri so the last time I saw her was her wedding in October.  However, word to the wise, do NOT mix family and money… it never turns out well (trust me!)

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    Nope. She’s like ten years younger than me so not really close but we talk and junk lol. 

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    Carolsays:  its a love hate relationship. i think this term should have been invented for sister relationships. haha. Its a constant rollercoaster of closeness, fighting, and closeness again. Being a sister is complicated..

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    My sister is 18 months older them me, we were really close growing up and when she graduated HS (17 yrs ago) and move away we lost touch. My sister moved away and only came back to have our parents pay for her wedding 2 yrs later and I haven’t seen or heard from her since (except when she needs money). A lot of us losing touch has to do with our patents divorce 7 years ago since she isn’t here she does not know what happened only what my father told her and what my mom chooses to tell her. We had a falling out about it and I told her of course she chose my father side because she left her husband for another man (my father was having an affair for 14 yrs before finally leaving). The ONLY reason she is getting in invitation to my wedding is for my Mom (I highly doubt she will come) My sister has become the black sheep of the family because she only calls people when it’s convenient for her or she needs something (Money). NO one on my mom’s side talks to her except my mom I have no relationship with my father or his family since he walked out on the family.

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    My sister and I are very close in age but growing up we couldn’t of been more different. Now that we are both in her 20’s and she is slowlyyyyy maturing we get along much better. I love her and would do anything for her but I wouldn’t say we were super close. Hopefully one day… 

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    Carolsays:  my sister and I have clashing personalities and therefore obviously don’t get on. I’m not exactly an angel but consider myself a kind person. She doesn’t have any friends and made me her maid of honour at her wedding. I’d do anything for my sister: for her wedding I stayed up till midnight to design all her wedding stationery, paid for her expensive letterpressed wedding invites, spent a few days of my holiday abroad to shop for the four bridesmaids dresses (& accessories), gave her a pretty head piece of mine and bought her a svarovski bridal necklace she wore on the day, abandoned our cousin from overseas to pick up sister’s wedding cake just to get stuck in a traffic jam for 1.5 hours and for sister to text me she didn’t need me anymore, she got stressed during wedding planning I got screamed at by her twice in public places (no apology from her, of course!), spent hours organising her hen do only for her to tell me she wants two hen dos and expects me to pay for everything, etc. 

    I got engaged recently and invited her to my engagement party. She didn’t turn up because apparently she couldn’t afford to come out (even though she went partying for someone’s birthday the week before and after) and it was too far for her (she lives less than 40mins away and our friends that day were travelling double the amount of time) and the third excuse was she had laundry to do. Then she made it clear she won’t help with my wedding planning unless I ask her to be my bridesmaids which I have done. But now she won’t go bridal shopping with me, absolutely hates all my ideas and when I asked her to help me plan one small aspect for my wedding she refused! After all my efforts for her wedding, she doesn’t even want to be happy for me or support me! I’m not asking much am I?

    So yeah, if it wasn’t for my nephew, I wouldn’t have put up with nearly 30 years of my sister’s crap!


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