(Closed) Ladies – Do you get along with sister/sisters?

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  • poll: Ladies - how close are you to your sister?

    Very close


    We get along, but are not especially close.

    Not my favorite person, but we manage to tolerate each other.

    I really dislike her. We do not get along.

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    I’m the middle sister. I’ve fluctuated in closeness with my sisters growing up. I do love them to pieces and we typically really enjoy each other and have fun together.

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    My sister and I are very close in age and are completely different, so we were never close at all growing up. But then she had a baby and a year later I had a baby, and now we are much closer than we were before! We still mostly talk about the kids since we don’t have much in common besides that, but it works. I do hope that someday we can be really tight, but it won’t come easy.

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    My sister and I are a year and a half apart. We are not close. Actually, I made the decision this weekend not to have her as a part of my life for the indefinite future. 


    We’ve been like oil and water for as long as I can remember.  Then as a young adult she had a period of extreme mania that went out of control and she was diagnosed as bipolar. She’s extremely destructive when she’s off her meds and I’ve tried to be there for her and supportive, maybe I could have done better. 


    I could give you a list of all the terrible things she has done or said to me my entire life. Most recently it’s been a struggle because of our mother’s death in June.  She made those two weeks worse than the hell it had to be. Of course, we blamed her illness. Over the pass month since mom’s death she’s gotten back in her meds. I live in NC while she’s been bouncing around between PA, FL, and AL. Last Saturday she was going to be driving from AL to PA and I suggested that she stop at my apartment for the night and rest. Since she’s on her meds it might be nice and I thought it could help me heal from the trauma of what happened when mom died and because she wants a relationship with me so I thought I would try. 


    Within moments of being in my apt (a place she’s never been before) She starting having tantrums and saying vile things about me and shit. I ended up having to throw her out at 11pm. I wasn’t going to have someone come into my home and talk to me the way she did. I know we’re supposed to be sisters but I swear,  if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m related to her I wouldn’t know her, let alone have her in my life. 


    I know everyone says it’s her illness that makes her the way she is, but fine. I don’t want the illness in my life either. I just can’t deal with the constant voicemails and texts of terrible shit to then get apologies and then start getting her vile texts again.

    Last weekend was a nightmare and I have her blocked from calling or texting me now.


    I will always be jealous of sisters that are close and get along. I’ll never know what that’s like But I do have my wonderful and supportive friends to make up for it.  

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    We have always gotten along, but more so now that we’re older. She lives 3.5 hours away, so I’ll go and visit every once in awhile if we have something going on together (like a baseball game or concert). She doesn’t come back home very often. We even went on a trip together 4 years ago to Disney World and managed to not get into a fight! Not that I was worried, but you just never know.

    We’re 3 years apart, and only went to the same shool for grades K-5, then after that – nothing ever crossed. I know that sometimes that doesn’t help siblings, or they end up hanging out with the same group of people so they do have a close relationship.

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    My sister is 8 years younger than me & is only 17 ..I’m 25.  She’s a senior in high school ..I”m a newlywed.  We get along, but we’ve never been significantly close & I think that has a lot to do with our age gap, as well as differing personalities.

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    I have 2 half sisters and I really wish I was close to them in every single way. Especially since they are full sisters. It killed me that I wasn’t invited to my half sister’s wedding a few weeks ago, but as we are not close, I wasn’t surprised. They don’t love the fact that I don’t have a relationship with our father, but they respect it. I wanted to have them as my bridesmaids as I don’t have any close friends, but I felt that would be a LOT of pressure on all of us.

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    Carolsays:  My sister is my absolute best friend on earth. We are only 12 months apart in age and have always been extremely close. I have so much respect for her and I love her more than anything. She’s wicked smart and really funny and the best Mom I know. Unfortunately she lives on the other side of the country with her husband and kids, so we don’t get to see each other as often as we’d both like. I struggle with being far away from her and if I think about it too long it actually makes me cry these days. I desperately hope that one day we will be live close to each other and be a daily part of each other’s lives.

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    Carolsays:  I don’t have a biological sister, but I am very close with my sister in law 🙂

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    My sister and I are 14 months apart. And we are VERY close. We got much closer after we moved out of the house, but we’ve always been super close.

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    I have a ok relationship with my sister. I get along with her for the most part but we have our ups and downs. Due to her personality I can’t spend long periods of time with her so I mean I get along with my sister but I’m not close with her. 

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    MinkaGrl01:  I totally understand!! “family” doesn’t mean she can treat me like shit- and her mental issues doesn’t give her a get-out-of-jail-free-card.

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    My sister is younger than I am by two years. Growing up, we were neither close nor enemies.. we kind of just lived in the same house. Now that we’re older (21 and 19), we’re pretty close. Our mom moved three hours away when she got married last year, and our dad lives five hours away. Our brother also moved a few hours away recently.

    We live only 20 minutes from each other, and are pretty much the only family the other sees on a regular basis. 

    I make a point to stop into the store she works at a few times a week to visit, and we go out to eat a couple times a month. We also text and talk on the phone.

    Now that we’re adults, we have a lot more in common and even though we weren’t besties as kids, we survived our messed up childhood together and can bond over it. Not living together has certainly helped. We grew closer after I moved out of my mom’s house at 17.

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    I just have a stepsister and I love her to death, but as she has gotten older she doesn’t make effort to talk, text, or anything. We didn’t grow up in the same house, but when she was younger she  was always dying for me to come up and visit and calling all the time…now nothing most of the time :/ We get along great when I come visit, but I live 2 1/2 hours away and we are both grown so we are busy (she’s 21 and I’m 26) I do wish we were closer and have tried, but it’s a two way street to make it happen. 

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    LegallyBrunetteBee:  Thank you for saying this.

    I have complicated relationships with all my sisters. It’s really messy.

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