(Closed) Ladies of the South! How do you get rid of bugs and roaches?

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I’ve learned to just smush ’em as you find them. But a good exterminator is always a good investment! You could get recommendations from friends in the area, or look online at places like Angie’s List. 

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We spray with an indoor/outdoor bug spray every couple of months – I find that we get most waterbugs (aka the big cockroach, yuck!) right when it starts to get hot & when it starts to get cold. 

Also, we line the bottom of our sink cabnets with boric acid, which is like a white powder. 

We really only had issues with them the first year we were in our house, and now we know when and how often we should spray, so we never see them in the house, and if we do find one, its a dead one in the garage. 

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A good exterminator is always a good idea. Let them know if you have pets though (or, at least, ours always asked).

Other than that, knowing which bugs to let live are a good idea. Skeeter hawks (the giant, bird like mosquito looking things) are harmless to humansd but eat lots of other bugs. So do most spiders.

As for the roaches, keep a clean house and get a cat if you don’t want to hire an exterminator.

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Keep all your food put away and sealed tightly. Even a crumb on the counter will attract roaches and bugs.

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Ahhhhh. We may be moving to Texas next month and roaches are the only phobia I have. Like, make me want to melt into a little puddle phobia. Thanks for the heads up!

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We keep a pest/termite/bug contract on the house and they come and do whatever it is they need to do to keep them out of our house. Its very reasonable in terms of cost and it also ensures we dont get termite damage which is critical here, not to mention the annoying aspect of bugs in the house.

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We have a bug guy come spray outside the house once a quarter. If we see any bugs inside, we’ll meet him at the house and let him spray inside too, but we’ve only had to do that once so far.

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We have a professional (commercial grade) spray guy come through a few times a year (my husband owns a bar, so we just have him use the same stuff at our house).   I only see a few dead cockroaches here and there with that (like PP’s said, it is usually only with really hot weather or rain).  Basically if I notice any that aren’t dead then it’s time to spray again.


Good luck!  The big bugs in Texas were a huge adjustment for me (I’m from up north, you only have cockroaches if your house is filthy up there… or at least that’s what I thought).


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@runningcali:  We’ve been in our house in Texas for two years, and have never seen a roach in the house (outside is a different story, of course)! You’ll be fine as long as you stay on top of it! 

@engleman10513: Don’t leave food out, vacuum regularly, don’t leave windows/doors open, etc. We use a spray product (like this one – http://www.scotts.com/smg/goprod/ortho-hdm-perimeter-indoor-insect-killer/prod70044/) around all the baseboards and windowsills and the outdoor perimeter of the house every three months or so, and we rarely see bugs (if we do, it’s usually because we’re getting close to the three months being up and we need to spray again). I also re-caulked all of our bathrooms shortly after we moved in (we were getting ants in some of the bathrooms, but no problems since the re-caulking).

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We spray a lot and keep doors closed as much as possible, especially at night. For instance, if I throw garbage into the can outside, I close the door behind me vs. leaving it open for those few seconds.

We don’t have any bug problems, but we are guaranteed to see a few during certain times of the year. If it’s been very rainy, we tend to see carpenter ants. Once in a great while, we’ll see roaches but then not see them again. I can only assume they come from outside since we won’t see any at all for months at a time. We’re in FL with giant palmetto bugs.



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Ugh, we just moved to North Carolina and I love it here except the BUGS! I’ve gotten so many mosquito bites, even with 40% DEET every time I go outside. We have bugs in the house every day and I don’t know how they get in! Our house backs up the woods, so we’re basically screwed. I hate bugs!!!

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@engleman10513:  I am born and raised in Louisiana and the bugs are AWFUL, I feel your pain. Terminix should be on speed dial ASAP if you haven’t already done it!

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@engleman10513:  Hmmmm! I don’t know about roaches other than not leaving food out and cleaning regularly. We have gnats here in this part of SC. Growing up here it is something you get used to, but there are several little known rememdies for those, if you need them.



@runningcali:  What part of TX?  I lived in TX for a while and had no problem.

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first thought. Really, we use raid A LOT, we clean as much as possible & get the bug guy out every so often. I’m on the 3rd floor so thank god we don’t have as many right now but we get a lot of silverfish…randomly on the walls. yea, talk about creepy. But it just so happens that they’re apparently the only bug on the earth that my SO can actually kill herself, so I’ll take the silver fish any day of the week! I HATE COCKROACHES!

When I didn’t live on the first floor, bug guy, raid, roach traps, keeping the house clean and keeping ALL FOOD in the trash or where it belongs…no dirty dishes, no left out pots or pans, nothing. Vacuum often, take out the trash often.

I have heard boric acid helps a lot like a PP said but I haven’t had to use it, yet…

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