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Try tcoyf.com.  ๐Ÿ™‚ (Stands for Taking Control of Your Fertility.)  A great way to track and see when your potential fertile times are!

Basically, it depends on how long your cycles normally are, and how soon after your period ends you ovulate.  You only have a limited number of days around ovulation when you can actually get pregnant, but sperm can live inside you “waiting” for a few days prior to that, so it becomes a longer “potential pregnancy” window than you might originally think.

It is very dependent on how long and regular your individual cycles are, and that can really vary quite a bit.

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I also recommend tracking your symptoms to avoid (a.k.a. TTA.)  Use the fertility friend free charts online.  They also offer great areas for ladies to chat and share their charts for interpretation.  Generally the first few days after a period are safe but the actual number of days varies by the woman (and can even vary by the cycle; I would rotate between a short cycle of 30 days and a longer cycle of 45-60 days so my “safe” window varied.)  The more symptoms you chart (temp, cervical mucus, breast tenderness, etc…), the more accurate you will be.

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The best way to know when you ovulate is to take your temp every morning for a few months until you notice a pattern. TCOYF is a great book as PP mentioned. It also shows you how to check other signs of ovulation like cervical position and Cervical Mucus.


ETA: They say sperm can live in you for up to 5 days.

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Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a great book by Toni Weschler. I never needed to chart even with a crazy irregular cycle as I had ovarian cysts and they were great about giving me a 24 hour notice before I ovulated. And I paid attention to the cervical mucus as well (which gave me about a weeks notice). My husband and I avoided getting pregnant for two years just by knowing the timing of my ovulation and either avoiding sex during that time or using protection. The first month that we decided to just stop paying attention, I got pregnant. So it’s completely possible to use this method as birth control! Just make sure you find a way that you trust. Be that tracking your temps, etc. I hated the pill and was a much happier person doing it naturally!

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I agree with PP, the Take Charge of Your Fertility book is amazing for getting the basics down. I learned to chart by hand because I HATED the pill. 

You CAN get pregnant right after your period though it is not common (depends a lot on your personal cycle). Read the book and you’ll see why…it’s actually really interesting. You have to do it for a few months with protection until you see the pattern in your cycles.

We also bought the Lady-Comp and it’s amazing. There is also the Pearly that is cheaper. (both kinda pricey though) Just google them and research it.

There are a few pregnancy tests you can take a few days before your missed period, just read the boxes and they will tell you. 

Somethings I wish I would have known: Stress and traveling can REALLY throw off your cycle, so don’t panic. AND it really takes a lot more patience and time to get the hang of than I would have liked, so be prepared.


I still get a little paranoid every month when it’s time to start…it is still great even if you just use condoms and avoid the really fertile days (which is what we mostly end up doing)

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I used NFP for almost 4 years to avoid pregnancy. Sometimes we supplemented with condoms, not always. No scares or accidents. My cycle was really regular and predictable, though, and we were pretty conservative about allowing my fertile time a nice long window. I used tcoyf.com to keep track of my charting. I stopped doing temperatures every morning once I figured out my cycle. NFP is doable, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who would feel utterly destroyed by an accidental pregnancy, unless they’re using a backup barrier method. 

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I have been using the rythem method with my SO for almost 2 years now. I know when I ovulate because I have ovulation bleeding and also I have noticable pain during ovulation. We only wear a condom from 4 days before my ovulation to 2 days after I ovulate. My period is also very accurate so I can predict when I will ovulate every time. It saved us a lot of condom money:) Hopefully when it’s time to conceive, it will be handy as well!

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I have a friend with not one but two surprises using this method. She considered herself quite good at it, lol. Whoops.

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^Chuck, this scares me since I’m looking into natural family planning, Lol.

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My cycles are only 23 days. Shorter than average. That being said, I conceived only 2 days after my period ended. I have an app that tracks my cycles, and lists my days that I need to be “safe”. Had I paid attention to it…it was right on!

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@ChuckNorris:  There are people with surprises using any method.

OP, there is no such thing as a “timeline.” Everyone’s body is different, and even if someone thinks they have a “super regular” cycle, they can always ovulate early or late unexpectedly. The most important thing is mucus, not necessarily which day you are on in your cycle. I don’t know what book you’re currently reading, but definitely check out TCOYF.

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@red_rose:  As someone who charted for 13 cycles while TTC and is very aware of her fertile days, I know surprises happen using any method. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The OP just asked if anyone had any surprises using this particular method, and I know someone who has had not one but two, when she was aware of her fertile days as well. Some people use this method and are baby free for several years, so I really do consider it a good form of BC overall…I just think that you need to be very prepared for surprises with it as the rate of pregnancy is obviously higher than any other form of BC ๐Ÿ˜‰

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If you are really serious about TTA using FAM/NFP, then you really, really, really have to adhere to the rules. Technically, you’re only safe after you’ve ovulated, but most women aren’t fertile right after their period. Sperm can live for up to five days, so you have to take that into account. PP have already suggested reading TCOYF and charting. I love charting, and I’ve learned so much about my body, but it takes a few cycles to get used to, so I recommend using a barrier method of some sort until you get the hang of things. After that, if you want to be really strict, you can follow the Peak Day and other rules explained in the book, or you can use condoms until O is confirmed if you don’t want to worry about it as much.

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@itsmle:  what app were you using (or should have been using!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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