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Go prepared, but warning you will loose all the thoughts when the excitement takes you over! LOL  Good luck!  I had a good time.  I could tell he got me a ring when he was beaming for so long.  If it’s one you really want…walk away, go somewhere else and give him space to talk to the sales person.  That’s the best advice I can give.


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We went to a small family owned jewelry store where I was able to design my own ring. I think my guy would have picked something similar on his own, but he’s just a procrastinator so I finally said let’s just go and look or you never will! Lol. We had talked about budget, type of ring, etc. beforehand so we were both on the same page. I also went with him to pick it up, just to make sure it fit/everything was the way I wanted it to be. After that, it was hidden away from me. It didn’t take anything away from him or the actual moment of the proposal, imho.

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I was so awkward!!! and i dont get that way easily but it was just out of my comfort zone.  We went twcie, once to a chain place, it was ok then we went to a small family jeweler were we looked at books of stuff, we talked about different setting and different stones, it gave Fiance an idea, then we didnt really talk about it much after that.  Fiance on his own with out me knowing ordered a bunch of settings and he decided which one he liked and custom made my ring! It was great and such a surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

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I had a lot of fun ring shopping with my guy. It was good that I went since I changed my mind on what I wanted and was able to find something that really captured my heart. Plus, we were able to see which carat looked best on my hand. I don’t know what it’ll eventually look like but now the mister knows exactly what style I really love. 

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I really enjoyed ring shopping with my SO. He initiated it about a year ago, there was only one awquard moment when we saw the first one we liked and the jeweller handed it to me and I hesitated for a moment wondering what to do and whether to try it on – sounds silly now that i think about it. I soon got over that and then SO couldn’t hold me back!

We were initially planning on choosing a handful that we both really liked, then he could chose one of those… but i think we’ve found the one, and everything else pales into insignificance. I’m trying hard not to fixate on it, as I doubt he will buy that one (but a girl can dream Laughing)

As other PPs have said, just enjoy the experience, and make sure your nails look good !

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My SO and I discussed budget before we went ring shopping – not particularly romantic I know, but I’m glad we did as I know we got the best deal for our money. I think if it was up to my SO he would have gone into the first high street jewlers and bought a very small, low quality diamond!

As it is, we are now the proud owners of a very good quality moderately-sized diamond which is just perfect! 

We still went into high street jewelers though as I wanted the exerience of going and tryiong rings together and also I think it’s really important to try on as many styles as you can – I ended up choosing something I hadn’t even considered before we went. I just new it was THE ONE, I didn’t want to take it off!

Enjoy the experience, discuss the important things before you go and most importantly… paint your nails!!

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It was fun, but it was also kind of tiring for me because I liked SO many things about SO many rings and then there were SO many things I disliked about all those rings until I fell for a dainty set that wasn’t even on their website ๐Ÿ™‚

Just have patience if you do go, it was hard for me because the jewelry world was so new to me. In the end, I didn’t want to think about any other ring(s) after I saw these:

If I had to do it all over again, I don’t know what I would choose because I got to see everything in person but then again I was so anxious to find the one–but I think it ended up finding us when I didn’t want to give it back to the manager who was assisting us ๐Ÿ™‚ If I didn’t go, it would have saved me more time and energy by not having to make the final decision. But, ring buying is an emotional decision on both ends and I am glad he gave me the option of looking because I didn’t know I would find mine that day.

Best wishes.

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It was really awkward at first, just because BF actually said “we’re looking for engagement rings” and I had never heard the word “engagement” come out of his mouth before. I turned super red and started smiling like an idiot. Eventually it became a lot more relaxed and we were able to intelligently communicate likes/dislikes of different rings I tried on. It stayed just as exciting the whole time we were in the store and overall it was such a great experience ๐Ÿ™‚

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I just told Fiance my preferences when we asked and he went with it. When we found THE ring I knew…I just fell in love with it…and that’s the one he gave me months later when he proposed.


I think all the suggestions you’ve gotten are great!

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We’re not wealthy, by any means. We went shopping just to get an idea of the smallest stone size that would look the biggest on my hand, and also to size my finger [4.5]. He knows I don’t like anything with edges [princess, emerald, etc], and that I prefer round diamonds. That’s all I know. I have no idea what the setting will be like or what size stone he’ll get. It was nice to get an idea of what he’ll buy, but it’s also nice to leave some things up to him so I’ll be surprised.

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I loved ring shopping with FI! I felt like a little kid in a candy shop!! He was so cute too…he was making suggestions and saying “baby look at this one!” it was a great experience for us. He didn’t get my ring then, but it gave him an idea and everything else was a surprise!

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I was so shy and nervous!!!!!

We had researched online together before going in person and decided to go to a small business establishment because, according to their Yelp reviews, the owners/ workers were really polite and not pushy. They also offered a free diamond education class where we could learn all the diamond jargon etc. and even got to view diamonds under the microscope. (The Place is called Classic Rock in San Jose, CA for those who are curious).

Anyway, after all the trying on with sweaty paws and looking and talking I was so tense that when we left the store I got a migraine and threw up lol my bf was like, “… are you upset?” I was like no, my heart just went through a gauntlet a la American Gladiators.

Overall very intense but I was super happy to try on rings together <3

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It started off when I showed him a picture of a ring I liked.  I said “this isn’t meant to be pressure or anything, but I just want you to know what I iike”.  He then said that we should call the jeweler. Funny thing, is that I lined all of that up with the jeweler for our first appointment.  

We worked on it together through out the whole process, and since I handle the money, I kept making the payments on it.  There would be no way that he could surprise me because I would be suspicious if our already tight finances went missing.  I worked with the jeweler alone sometimes when I wasn’t happy with the direction we were going with moissanite.  I had to talk SO into the colored stone, and in the end, he’s very happy we went that route.  

When tax time came, I told him I wanted to go pick it up and pay it off (the jeweler let us make payments against it with no interest).  He came downtown for lunch and picked me up and off we went.  We both looked at the finished product together, tried it on, and picked out a wedding band to go with it.  

We’ve been together and lived together for well over 3 years, and that’s just how he and I work.  I wouldn’t have changed it and done it any other way.  He hates shopping alone, and I hate knowing there is something for me and having no clue about it.  The jeweler was fantastic to work with and I would refer him in a heartbeat.  

Now, as I’m sitting here typing this in my computer room, the ring is sitting behind me in a closet.  It’s been home for about 2 weeks now and I haven’t had the desire to go try it on.  I know what it looks like, and I have pictures to hold me over.  I will still be surprised when he decides he is ready.  I can’t wait either!  


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Haha, my BF wanted everything to be a perfect suprise and pick out the ring and everything. I took him ring shopping when we went to the mall of America last weekend, and he saw how picky I am, and he gave up. He basically told me to pick it out and give him the info. Thank Goodness. I was a little worried about him picking out something I was going to wear for the rest of my life!!

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