(Closed) Ladies with long nails, how do you do it?

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    I am a pianist so my nails are kept very short. Long nails do not work in my career either.

    A couple my girlfriends and I were convinced by a friend, who has her nails done regularly, to give gel nails a go while I was on a two week holiday. It drove me nuts. I couldn’t pick up little things like needles or earring backs and scratched myself several times. After about a week I went back to the manicurist and she filed them right down so I could live with them.

    I do admire nice hands and nails on others. My toes are a different kettle of fish. I love having them prettied up. 

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    I’ve always had naturally long nails so I feel weird when I cut them short. I don’t find it challenging to do any of the things you listed but I’m planning to try out gel extensions in a few weeks for the super long look so I’ll see how that goes…

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    downonmulberry :  I feel like I can’t do things right when my nails are short so my preference is definitely long nails. Nothing too extreme because that gets in the way so I usually keep them about a quarter inch long (after the nail bed ends). I don’t think they get on in the way of anything like changing tampons or doing much else. 

    I have a 5 month old and continue keeping my nails at this length which I’ve been questioned about by some people 🤷‍♀️ they don’t prohibit me from taking care of him and I don’t scratch him up either. 

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    I’m in a profession where I can’t have long nails because of working with patients. I also naturally have very small nail beds and very thin, bendy nails so I cant ever go much longer than finger tip length if I tried! I do my own shellac gel nails like 90% of the time! Lol pic below is about as long as I can go, and this is even pushing it

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    downonmulberry :  The salon I visited has little cotton gloves with the fingertips cut off for those who wish less exposure to the UV. They alternately recommend you come with some high SPF sunscreen on your hands if you’re concerned. I am also fair and have fought melanoma and have had basal cell cancer twice ( going in for my next surgery in 2 weeks) so I wore gloves.

    Both LED and UV light boxes emit ultraviolet radiation. Having your nails done every couple of weeks is not significant exposure but in my case I sure as heck don’t need any additional risk.

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    downonmulberry :  I wear mine long and natural. When I was a kid, my mom and I were both nailbiters and we made an agreement to stop together. She went back to biting but I stuck it out and have always liked my long nails. It was never a problem with my kids, in fact they liked bedtime back scratches. Tampons never gave me trouble, but I tried cups a couple times and it absolutely did not work. Not JUST because of the nails, but they did not help. I do my own manicures unless I have a business trip coming up so there’s very little expense. When one or two break off, I trim and file them all down short. There’s no difference in day-to-day life and they grow back pretty quickly. 

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    downonmulberry :  Eh, I like gel, but I can’t get it to last longer than a week or so, and it’s expensive. I tend to get it done for special occasions. I’ve been meaning to try the dip powder, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I usually just cut my nails short (like, all the white off) on Sunday nights and use Sally Hanson Mega Strength polish on them. If I use a more neutral color, it tends to last the whole week (with a touch up mid-week). 

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     I have long acrylic nails and they don’t get in the way of wiping my ass, changing a tampon or anything at the gym.

    downonmulberry :  

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    I keep my nails at a moderate length for me, though I’ve had other people tell me they seem long to them. I’ve never had any issues doing anything, though there is a length where typing isn’t as easy and I find myself hitting the wrong keys. Once I get to that point, or to the point where they start breaking, I know it’s time to file them down more.

    I’ve noticed, with the trends leaning toward really long nails in recent years, that I see a lot of young women with manicures that clearly were beautiful when they were first done, but they’ve since got two or three broken nails on each hand. I really want to tell them “It looks much better to just start with a shorter length and have your nails look good the whole time than to have snapped off, broken nails a week into your manicure.”

    Also, I keep a nail brush near the sink and just use that when I’m washing my hands. Then I’ll toss it in the dishwasher on occasion to keep it clean.

    Keeping my nails manicured is pretty much a non-negotiable commitment for me because I feel so good as a result.

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    These are my real nails, they’re pretty long for not being acrylic. I used to have acrylic but now I do at home gel manis. These are over a week old so I need to redo them as I hate seeing growth. But I love them long. I have pretty masculine hands so with long painted nails, they become more feminine. I cook, clean dishes, garden, rough house with my pets and lots of art/crafts with them. I’m use to them, I am careful when I need to scrape something or open cans. To each their own! 

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    I have always had long nails. I naturally have long nail beds and the “white” part of my nail starts past the end of my finger, if that makes sense. So even if I cut them as short as possible, there’s still overhang. They’re also naturally very hard and healthy.

    I guess I’m just used to it? I type at work and I’m pretty used to typing with long nails. I type probably the fastest in my office room too. Phones are a bit tricky, I text using my index finger only and have a swipe-to-text feature on my phone since using my thumbs isn’t really possible.

    It’s not really a probably anywhere else in life since I have adapted over the years, it’s not something I notice. The only times it’s become an issue is 1. learning to play guitar, it was very difficult to keep my nails short enough to press the struts. 2. Baking and pottery which are hobbies of mine, both times have to be mindful of leaving nail marks in what I’m making.

    I like to keep my nails pointy/almond shape which also sometimes ends up being an unintentional weapon and stabbing people! I try to be careful though.

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    I switch up frequently between acrylics and dip powder. I love them long when I have acrylics. They don’t affect me typing, wiping or anything. When people ask how I type, I say “your brain just gets used to it.” just like wearing an engagement ring, cast, etc. I work at a hospital and wash my hands constantly, but since I don’t work with patients I don’t have to keep them short. Since I didn’t have them done for most of my young adulthood (being in the Army) I now consider it a form of self-expression 🙂

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