(Closed) Ladies with rings, do people ask this?

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    Blushing bee

    sunshineno5:  get her dad to give it to her – problem solved 😃

    but its really sweet how you dont want to be petty about it. I am not so tolerant 😂

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: August 2016

    My sister tried on my ering and it got stuck on her finger. She is still a kid so I was suprised her fingers are so much bigger than mine! I have a blue purple sapphire with diamonds and get asked if it is a blue diamond, Tanzanite, and cz all the time. People are just being nosy. I really like mine, so I don’t care. I have a cz replica I wear and a silver resizable ring too, so I get a lot of questions on mixing it up. Only one person could tell the cz from the diamond ring which I find odd cuz one is princess cut and the other is round brilliant (I picked it cuz I can tell what is what this way). Realize people are trying to make conversation about your wedding and this can be harder or more akward for some than others. And other people are going to be weirdly jelly, so there is that too.

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    Helper bee

    sunshineno5:  Even a crappy quality 3 carat diamond costs more than half of a firefighter’s yearly salary where I’m from, so frankly, I understand why the elderly couple might have been taken by surprise. I doubt they meant anything by it. People will talk, which is one of the reasons why I opted out of a larger simulant for my e-ring in favor of a smaller diamond. I knew if I suddenly started walking around with a huge rock, people who knew us would be wondering what was going on and either assuming it was fake or possibly be concerned about us going into debt to buy the ring. We do just fine, but we are not ostentatious people, nor do we have the type of careers where a $10k+++ ering would be believable or practical.

    I’m just saying, it’s human nature and people will talk. If anything, you could take it as a compliment/validation that you have an attention getting ring.

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    • Wedding: South Lodge. 2nd of Dec 2017

    Large rings are unusual where I live, but everyone has been really complimentary, all my friends know it a diamond and yes they all asked to try it on and no I didn’t mind at all.  Strangers, I say it’s paste end of disscussion.  

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    • Wedding: June 2009 - Mountain Meadow/Mansion

    I’ve been asked the size of the stone and if it can be tried on. I’ve also been told that Darling Husband must love me, but I really tame all/most of it as people trying to make conversation. In general, I tend to be someone that strangers make conversation with.

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    Buzzing bee

    I’ve been asked “Is it real?” about my 1.5 carat diamond. Twice now. It’s a pear, so it faces up pretty large, but the question definitely surprised me. People ask to try it on all the time — I don’t mind at all, I enjoy watching people put it on and admire it. The weirdest/awkwardest moment was when an aquaintance asked me how much it cost. I didn’t now what say and it caught me off guard — I think I said “More than 10,000 dollars” and left it at that. So awkward. 

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: November 2017

    I am surprised to hear that ppl actually ask if rings are real (diamonds)! Ballsy!   I do assume if a stone is large that its likely fake (depending on the person) but I always just say something complimentary!

    I have friends who talk about other friends rings.  It’s mostly because they believe the other is trying to be deceptive or pretentious.

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    • Wedding: October 2010

    I have never asked anyone anything about their ring irl. Even if it’s not to my taste I always say oh wow it’s so pretty! It blows my mind that anyone would be so rude as to say these things in real life. If we were close friends I would ask, in a very polite way.  Also anyone that knows me knows I love jewellery so it would be expected from me anyway. 

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    • Wedding: February 2016

    The only bad comment I received was no comment. Everyone at my work was gushing over my ring when I first got engaged except one friend who pointedly said nothing. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I didn’t get offended. I assume she either thought it was fake and decided to not comment thinking I was trying to pass it off as diamond, or she was jealous. Who knows?  

    The only real negative thing to me is when people are admiring it and want to TOUCH MY STONE. Um, no, thank you!  I want it clean and sparkly. In fact, my fh touches it on purpose to annoy me sometimes. He thinks it’s funny how quirky I am about it, but I think he’s proud that I love it so much. 😊

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: December 2015

    My center diamond is 2.8 ct. and no one has ever said anything to me about my ring except for “I like your ring,” or one time “wow that’s a big ring” when I posted a pic on Facebook after getting engaged. I know some bees have been asked how much their rings cost, if it is real, etc., it may have to do with where you live? Honestly, based on the fact my ring has some warmth, and our lifestyle, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people think it’s fake *shrug*. 

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    • Wedding: December 2016

    I haven’t been asked anything like that yet. Everyone is super impressed and loves my ring! Everyone says “he did so good!” and the other day we got “jeez J, did you rob a bank!!??!” which was funny. 

    I have a 2.01 pear diamond on a pave eternity band. The stone sits up high too so it’s very eye cayching. I love it!!

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    • Wedding: September 2016

    AubreyMarie:  People have asked 2,4 and 5. Most of my closer girlfriends have asked specs, how much it cost and to try it on. No one has ever asked me if it’s real (it is). 

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    Busy bee

    AubreyMarie:  I’ve gotten positive responses, I do get asked how much it cost, but by really close friends who are in the market for their own rings, and to be honest I don’t know, and my Darling Husband won’t tell me, since it is a gift. 

    My mom is Irish, born and raised in Ireland, and there’s a tradition there where you put on the newly engaged person’s ring on your finger and spin it 3 times and make a wish for the couple. When my friends heard about this they did it too, and my really close friends ask to try it on (and it doesn’t bug me at all, I find it flattering, I’m also one of the first girls in our group to get married (even though I am 29, we’ve all done or are doing graduate school) so the other girls are trying to figure out what they want for rings, but never strangers!!!

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    • Wedding: November 2016 - Garden

    My mom doesn’t like my ring she thinks it’s on the cheap side because it’s smaller than she expected and it’s “goudy” looking with the halo. She expected on the 1 carat side and a solitaire. I have a half carat princess. My grandma says it’s pretty but I bet she didn’t expect it looking like this either. I get those electric auras telling me they don’t like it….I don’t know.. 🙁 maybe you guys can say otherwise

    P.s. just wanted to show off my nail job xD I suck at painting my nails. Hate pink don’t know why I chose that color. Sorry for the big pic though 😕that I can’t fix

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    • Wedding: June 2014

    AubreyMarie:  I have a 3 + ct Old Mine cut diamond, a family heirloom from DH’s grandmother.  No one has asked me any of the questions you mention. 

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