(Closed) Ladies with rings, do people ask this?

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    FutureDrAtkins:  How often does the stain come back? And is there anything else about the moissanite that bothers you? Your comment “I was so 100% team moissy and thought I did all my research before buying, and I’m still not completely satisified with it” made me wonder if there was something else too.

    This is so interesting! I had never heard of moissanite until I came on Weddingbee and I was married before I discovered this website. So no moissanite for me…though I do admire the pretty rings of all types.

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    AubreyMarie: I have a 9mm Round Brilliant FB Moissy and I’ve had all of these questions except the one about it being a CZ. I’m surprised so few people have had their friends and sisters want to try on their ring! Mine ask all the time and I’m happy to let them check it out up close since I think this is probably the first (admitted) moissy that they’ve seen. 


    The only question that made me a little uncomfortable was the other day my boss asked if it was real, and after I explained it was a moissy, she was like “well that’s still expensive isn’t it?” I didn’t really know how to take that, but I told her it was significantly less expensive than a diamond. 


    One weird one I got was when I first showed my family and 2 best friends they all said they were so shocked that I got a diamond (I corrected them), so I guess my moissy fits me. 

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    Currently waiting but someday  when I do have a ring, it won’t be a diamond and I’ll be happy to tell people it isnt if asked. 

    Previously married here though and I was married before  of my friends and many asked to try it on, it was always friend or family who was waiting and wanted to see how the style looked, so I happily obliged. But I would never dare ask someone… Even my BFF whose ring I adore lol.

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    I have a close to three carat solitaire ring so it’s not totally crazy big but it’s noticeable. No one has ever given me grief about it besides my first post on the bee where I was judged for getting a large stone at a young age. I think it helps that everyone knows our social status and how we live so there is no question if it’s real or a diamond or anything. I have never gotten anything but kind wo from strangers either but I think it helps that I always carry a nice bag, have nice clothes, shop in nice areas, etc. so there is never a question. No one has ever asked to try it on haha. 

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    AubreyMarie:  I have a 2.7 “carat-equivalent” Moissanite and no one has ever asked me if it is real, or how many carats it is. A few people have exclaimed, “That’s a huge diamond!” and I corrected them. A lot of people says it’s huge with the follow-up question of “what does your Fiance do?”

    But most of the time it goes:

    “Your ring is beautiful!”


    end of conversation 🙂

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    futuremrscrow:  OMG my mother in law did the same thing. AND STILL DOES WITH SOME OF MY OTHER RINGS AS WELL. Basically any new ring she sees me wearing, she decides to try on. It’s totally weird as well because she is not a jewelry person at all.

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    AubreyMarie:  So I have a fairly small ring (0.5 carats center stone, TCW a smidge under 0.75), and when I see a huge stone, my primary thought it always what these women do for their jobs or in their daily life that they don’t have to constantly worry about losing it!

    But I never ask them because I think it would be appallingly rude. As would any of the questions you’ve posted.

    If someone asks that, you have every right to ignore them because it’s extremely rude.

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    AubreyMarie:  that’s probably the case since not many people know about mossy, but I assume people that do know about mossy may question 😉 

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    The ONLY negative comment I’ve ever had is a guy at work telling me how stupid engagement rings are, but he’s socially retarded and got engaged for the second time (with a ring) recently, so we’ll just call him an outlier.

    I didn’t buy it myself and I sure didn’t tell my husband to. I was never opposed to the idea of an engagement horse, either. 😉

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    futuremrscrow:  That is weird. I’m glad she stopped! I don’t think I’d be able to bite my tongue if she actually kept it on and wore it for longer than a minute.


    I think for me…even if it was family…it’s just not something I would not feel comfortable with. Knowing all the symbol of it to me, time, effort, emotions, and finances put into the ring…I just wouldn’t feel comfortable letting someone else wear it even for a moment. When discussing how manipulative my family could be and comments they’d probably share, he said “I’m asking you to marry me with this ring not your mother, sister, etc”. So, likewise, I just wouldn’t feel right letting someone else wear it unless like I said a small child asked because they of course don’t know/understand. That’s just me though. I can see how others may not feel the same or be happy to let close relatives do so.

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    AubreyMarie:  awed why thank you!! It looks big because it’s sitting on a cathedral setting. I sent my mom a pic once and when she saw it in person she told me “that’s the same ring he got you? It looked bigger in the picture”. She rambled on for days after the night of my proposal. It did hurt a bit when she said that but that’s OK. And the average in America is a half carat 🙂 

    Thanks for your kind words by the way!! Show me some pics of your awesome polished nails with your ring some time!! 

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    franklymydearidont:  There’s a perfectly round stain that looks like a water spot that comes back on the center of the crown about a week after cleaning (that one is most annoying to me). If I go more than 2 weeks without vigorous cleaning with a toothbrush and silver polish I get stains around the chunky side facets that are almost impossible to get off, especially around the prongs. Those stains have a purple sheen to them that makes the entire ring appear dark and dull. Cleaning with silver polish definitely helps get them off and livens my ring back up… but had I known this was going to be a constant “thing” when I was getting my ring, I would have gotten a diamond.

    Hind sight and all that jazz though. I’m totally satisfied with this cut though, and would like to replace it with an OEC diamond in hopes that I still have a ring that throws chunky pastel flashes of light. That is my only gripe about the stone. Otherwise, it has lived up to my expectations. 

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    FutureDrAtkins:  I am sorry this has been your experiance. I have 3 moissy rings, one being a 7.5 oec FB and have never gotten the stain. I wounder if C&C screwed up a batch and thats why some get the stain and some dont. I wear my OEC daily, in a resturant and clean once a week with dawn.

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