(Closed) Lamest excuse a guest gave you for not being able to come to the wedding?

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lantana:  Since I had a Destination Wedding there was no lame excuse!  Lots of people couldn’t make it, which totally made sense.

I find it bizzare when people give a “yeah, I’ll try to be there” kind of response.  Umm…I didn’t invite you over to watch the football game and eat chicken wings on Sunday afternoon.  This is a wedding.  Say yes or no and stick with it.  Common people!

I can completely understand someone thinking, “man, I’m going to be busy with moving around that time and I dont’ know if I want to give up my weekend for this wedding.”  But you don’t SAY that to the bride and groom!  Yeesh.

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BibbidiBobbidiBoop:  Like I said, she had other priorities.  And I do know a lot more of the ins and outs than I planned on posting here, I was just summarizing.  She most assuredly decided what she’d prefer.  Between the enthusiastic “planning” calls from the moment she got the STD, the lack of RSVP until I contacted her, the answer AFTER she visited mutual friend and found out she couldn’t go, the demand that I Facetime her on my wedding day followed by her not picking up, the fact that she hasn’t contacted me since despite my own attempts, oh, aside from the “oh yeah, hope you had a great day!” on my facebook wall… yeah.  It’s okay, friends drift apart.  But I do know what went down and as such, it was lame, as per OPs story request.

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I dont really mind what reasons people gave, I was sorry to miss them and moved on with planning.

It’s the ones who we have literally never heard from, despite following up their RSVP, and the one who no-showed on the day with no acknowledgement of it who get my goat.

The no show is the worst. the husband turned up solo and didnt even give a gift, just chucked his name on his sisters card (these are people in their 40s). I wouldnt notice if we hadn’t paid for he and his partner to attend and had to have people miss out on seats on the shuttle to give the phantom guest a place. I hear on the grapevine she had to work, but i wouldnt know as there was no mention of it to us. Some people have absolutely no manners whatsoever 

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Oh, I almost forgot. We invited 250 guests, to my daughter’s wedding, including her uncle/aunt, on my husband’s side. (She only has 2 aunt/uncle pairs). Worse than giving a lame excuse, is not responding at all, which is what the bride’s uncle/aunt did. They were the only guests not to respond.

My Mother-In-Law talks to her son weekly, so my husband gave her the task on asking him (her golden boy). They never had any intention of attending; he just never got around to it.

The following year, my daughter saw the aunt and she lied to her about it. She said they didn’t respond or attend because her mother died suddenly. Her mother died after her husband talked to his mother. Get your excuses straight, people!

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One of my friends (I’ll call her Ann) RSVP’d yes for her and her husband (invited) and her 2 small children (not invited). I just let it go because we weren’t having a child free wedding and I like her kids. Anyway, Ann texted me about the wedding often, she’d ask me how planning and stuff was going when I’d go over, etc, so it’s not like she didn’t know much about it. Then all 4 just no-showed. No call or text or anything. 

Then the other day, my husband called her husband (they work together, it was a work-related call), and her husband goes “Ann wanted minniegrace to know that we’re sorry we missed the wedding! We forgot about it.” Sooooo that’s the lamest excuse I got. I’m pretty pissed at them.

(Note: I sent out magnet StD’s, had formal invitations, had a website, posted on Facebook like the night before… yeah. My wedding was also a month ago and I haven’t gotten a card or anything from them)

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minniegrace:  that’s disgusting! If they realise they missed the wedding why haven’t *they* come to *you* with a gift and a heartfelt apology for missing it? The height of rudeness! 

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lantana:  “got a gig”

Seriously – five days before the wedding via text. Super close friend of my husband who texted to say “hey, can’t come after all- got a gig”- you know- to the wedding that was less than a week away- with the seating chart done, your and your spouses food, liquor, etc., etc. paid for. “got a gig”. Who does that??

Its an invitation, not a summons, so come if you want- don’t if you don’t want to, but don’t say yes and then bail at the last minute. And, it would have at least been nice to have gotten a real phone call, an apology, or even just a congrats on your wedding card. Still trying to not be bitter about that. We really had almost no “no” rsvps, so I guess these things happen?? But, seriously- “got a gig” within days of the wedding via text??

With a friend of mine, her only brother got pissed at her and hadn’t talked to her in a year. She was crushed, as they had always been super close and their parents were deceased (one died fairly recently and without going into detail, It turned out the brother was spending an inheritance that didn’t exist- he’d been living in a financial house of cards and marriage was on the rocks)- she’s a better person than me, as she hung in there, sending cards to the family, etc. trying to be in touch. Said brother finally calls her and says something to the effect of “sorry I had my head up my a**”.  She tells him about the wedding, he sounds excited, she cuts five close friends off her list as they were trying to keep the guest list under fifty, and then radio silence. Her brother posts pics of his vacation to the mid-west, a THREE week trip to Disney, and then a week long trip to the mountains, but she couldn’t reach him to get an rsvp. He finally texts back- a month after the rsvp deadline- a month after the Disney trip while on vacation in the mountains- to tell her they were sorry, but just can’t afford to come. She texts back, as his phone is going straight to voicemail, and says “hey, did you forget I said you can all stay at the house (wedding was three hours from where he lived; on a weekend; he’s self/employed so didn’t need to take time off work; and his wife doesn’t work outside the home), with a fridge full of food, do you need anything else, etc. ” and his response was “yeah- that was nice if you”. at that point, it was so close to the wedding, she didn’t feel like she could invite the friends who were cut to invite him, as it was too late and she thought it would seem rude (I wished she had invited them- because her fiancé had a large family and she didn’t really have any (both parents had been only children- both sets of grandparents deceased)- they allocated more spots to her fh- which seemed fair- but it meant that she had less than twenty people there because she crossed people of the invites to make room for her brother and his family. He left her a voicemail again the day before the wedding telling her they would have come if only if they could have afforded it. Again, she’s a better person than me- she calls back- tells him it’s only a few hours away and that they are all welcome- she again offers use of the house- and says she’ll pay for gas and meals out if they need it- he doesn’t call back. I think it was crushing for her, as she’d always kind of taken care of him through the years- and he just couldn’t be bothered. She tried to excuse it away, but I know it made her pretty sad. The real kicker was that not even a full week after her wedding- her brother posted pics on Facebook of his week long trip to one of those hotels with the giant indoor waterparis (he has always seriously taken more trips than anyone I know, but has filed business bankruptcy multiple times- I’ll never get where his travel money comes from- I know here are points in the past where my friend has bought them groceries, paid their mortgage a couple times, and given them cash when needed, but then the next thing you know, they are off on multiple trips again- it’s super strange). One of his friends asked for some info and about deals for ithe hotel/indoor waterpatk and her brother posted back that it was Disney kind of expensive, don’t count on getting a deal or discount there, and they had upgraded to a deluxe suite because “you only live once- you gotta do it in style”. I will forever think of him as a giant loser.

As I said, it’s an invitation, not a summons, but sometimes, you just kind of shake your head and go “what?!?!”.

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My cousins both RSVP’ed with a “yes” and I found out later when they did not show up that they went…get this…wedding dress shopping with one of their friends for her wedding this upcoming summer.  Which is fine, I’m not that close to them anyway…but that was 3 people we paid for who didn’t show (two cousins and a boyfriend) and I was pretty irritated.

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She had to work that day even though I sent out invites months in advance to give guests an opportunity to block their schedules. We were colleagues, so I knew there was a way to change schedules for special events if needed. 

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One of our mutual friends rsvp’ed yes and then no-showed. When we saw him after we got back from the honeymoon, he was like, oh sorry, I got stuck in Texas. We never really figured out why he was in texas in the first place, or how he got stuck there… oh well. Another friend pressured us to invite her boyfriend only to tell me 2 days before the wedding that they had decided to part ways. 

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I has over 30 people cancel or no-show, starting 72 hours before my wedding. All were yes’s and already paid for.

One sis in law and brother didn’t bother to ask for time off so they and three kids were five that didnt make it. I found out bc SIL posted her schedule on Facebook, asking for rides for the week bc her car was getting major work done. If I didn’t see this, they would have been no shows. 

Another brother did not ask for time off either.

two friends work at same grocery store. Mother and daughter. They put in time off two months early but it was revoked at last min when manager realized it was Easter weekend. 

Cat bit one lady so her, her husband, and their roommate/ride lady *they asked to attend* didn’t make it. 

Cousin forgot he was going out of town.

(now ex) friend “mixed up her days” 

one friend got a new job that started that day

someone was legit really sick 🙁 

two couldn’t make it no reason given…their daughter who did attend gave me the message. 

someone who is known to make up stories was sick and that caused her plus three to not go..one of those actually asked to go..wasn’t initially invited. I actually had the sick one on my list of “probably will flake out” but she insisted and had a ride lined up so we marked her as yes. She’s related to the cat bite family. grrrrr…

One no showed bc a family member “was attacked at a motel and she was called instead of 911″… This dropped four people out but they still went to a party that day and posted pics on Facebook…? 

One couple, I spoke to the husband, he was upset his mother in law moved Easter dinner to Saturday so he and his wife no longer could go to our wedding.

Two others just couldn’t make the 2 hour drive from their home after all. 🙁 

one brother was supposed to bring his girlfriends son with them and they didn’t.. Don’t know why and it didn’t really even matter anymore at that point. At least he showed up with the girlfriend and my niece.

I can’t remember the others off the top of my head. 








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