(Closed) Lamest excuse a guest gave you for not being able to come to the wedding?

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  • Wedding: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

We were told by a family member that he would not be able to attend our destination wedding  because he wasn’t able to come up with the money for the ticket. We were planning this wedding for over 2 years and the ticket was $400. Needless to say, his sister, who makes a fraction of his income will be attending.

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  • Wedding: May 2016

I’m a little nervous for the no shows based on responses on here.

The worst for me are the ones that keep wanting more time to decide. We had an early RSVP as nearly all our guests are out of town and our wedding is memorial day weekend. so all our guest need to plan ahead. I just don’t understand why people think that they might get a flight on Memorial day weekend less three weeks before the wedding if they haven’t prioritized the wedding already. 

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Buzzing bee

My lamest excuse award goes to a longtime “friend” of DH’s (20 years+) who was all gung ho to attend our wedding (asked questions, said he was going to get his suit altered since he lost weight, etc.). He RSVP’d and everything and then–“revoked” his RSVP. Why? Because he “didn’t feel like dressing up.” When probed, the word-for-word response was, “Dude. Weddings just aren’t my thing. I’m not coming unless I can show up in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.”

My Darling Husband hung up on him. He has been to many of our friends’ weddings and my DH’s first wedding! All in proper attire, no less.

With friends like that…who needs idiots?

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  • Wedding: June 2016

After knowing for 4 months, we get told – sorry, can’t make it. No excuse. One lives IN THE SAME TOWN. One 3 hrs away. Our wedding is at noon. Oh well! Didn’t care for them anyway. 

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  • Wedding: August 2018

lantana:  Lol is it sad that I would be a grovel-ly thankful that people even said no? My wedding is 3 weeks away and I still have about 20 people who are JUST unreachable and didn’t give an answer. No RSVP period and don’t reply to texts, calls or email. I hope they don’t come. 

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  • Wedding: March 2016

lantana:  yep. 30+ out of 93…. I wish I was making this up! 

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Meh, some of these are legit reasons, not that you’re owed a reason. 

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lantana: Our wedding hasn’t happened yet but for our engagement party we called my uncle to ask if our date would be suitable for him and my aunty as they had to travel the furthest. His exact words were, “Of course it’s okay!! Any day would be okay!! You pick any day you want and I’ll be there. There is no way I’d miss my niece’s engagement!!”

Now at that stage we could have easily changed the date. Also, this man is my mum’s only sibling, she was throwing the party and in our culture, engagements are as emportant as the wedding – we even have a special ceremony for it.

After everything was booked, invitations sent out, family and friends already taking time off work and making travel arrangements, he chooses to let us know – three weeks before the event – that they can’t attend after all. Apparently my cousin and his wife had arranged to go to a concert the night before our engagement and my uncle and aunty had to babysit their kids. These people are very well off and could have hired a babysitter. Or maybe even ask a friend or better yet – HIS SISTER – to watch the kids for a few hours. They could have still made it if they booked their flights for the morning of the party but they didn’t even try. It became very evident that my feelings just weren’t a priority to them and after years of bullsh*t, I finally understand that sometimes people just don’t care about you ask much as you care about them. It’s unfortunate and sad, but it’s true.

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  • Wedding: May 2014

I had a friend no show, then tell me later he didn’t come because he was getting laid that night.  Worst part is we gave him a plus one!!

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  • Wedding: March 2015

One of DH’s friends & his wife rsvp’d no because it was too far to travel (2 hour flight) with their little one (2 years old) and they had no one to watch her during the wedding (the only children we invited were our nieces & nephews). We weren’t upset at the time but…

..after not hearing anything from them during the year long engagement except to decline and nothing in the weeks around the wedding (he’s supposed to be one of DH’s BFFs), we were shocked when they called 4 months after the wedding, immediately after we posted on FB that we just bought a house, asking to stay with us…7 days after we moved in (isnt that when everyone want their first house guest?!?!)…. to attend a wedding for another friend. Oh, and since his entire family still lives up here, his parents and siblings watched their little boy while they attended.  

Umm, and what’s the reason you couldn’t make it to ours again?!? Oh well, we didn’t miss them. 

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2XMOB: I just have to say, I love your stories.

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  • Wedding: November 2015

Everyone (two aunts, sister +1, brother, niece +1, nephew, 1st cousin, and her son) on my dad’s (deceased) side of the family refused to come to our wedding because it was a child free wedding and my sisters 9m old granddaughter was not invited. My other brother didn’t even respond to our invitation.  It was hard at the time but Ive accepted that they don’t desire a relationship with me and it provided some closure for sure! 

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Sukii:  I could write a book about the in-laws. Or a soap opera?

I don’t have as much material, as I used to. I wrote my crazy SIL out of my life, almost 13 years ago and my Mother-In-Law 8.5. Everytime I write that, I feel like singing the “Free at Last” song.

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  • Wedding: July 2015

My aunt RSVPed yes and then didn’t come.  Apparently she fell off her bicycle a few weeks prior.  She wasn’t injured, but was so ‘shaken up’ by the incident that she refused to leave the house for 3 weeks.  I think she has some kind of undiagnosed anxiety problem.  It was still weird though.

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