(Closed) Landlord wants to sell our house what to do bees??

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I would move in with your parents for now if possible, save some money and look for a place (rental or buying, whichever works better for your finances). I wouldn’t buy something on a whim because you’re stressed out (and your Fiance isn’t even working – house closings are expensive) so give yourself some time to find the perfect place.

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herrera2016:  Is it 30 days notice to move out, or is he giving a 30 days notice before he lists it for sale? Because, while it’s always a gamble, good news for you is that houses don’t always sell right away, which is bad news for him. On the other hand, it could sell the first day on the market (bad news for you, good news for him). 

1) I’d talk to the landlord first. Thank him for the notice, ask him those questions. 

2) I’d go with the offer of staying with your dad and stepmom. As long as you get along with them, it seems like it would work out for everyone. That way, it would give you some breathing room, for your Fiance to find a job, get the wedding taken care of, and then find a place. I know it isn’t ideal, but at least you have a place. 

3) after you aren’t worried on a day to day basis (as in where you’ll go, what you’ll do if you’re staying with them) you can look for a cheap place to buy or a place to rent. But like I said, in my opinion, that would give him a chance to find a job, which seems like it would help with the rest. 

Best of luck! 

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How awful! I think your best bet is to find a place that will rent to you. Renting with pets isn’t easy, but more places accept cats than dogs. Renting also means that your fiance’s employment gap might not be such a big issue. We had to show proof of employment to get our current place, but all I did was give them my last month’s worth of pay stubs and my fiance’s W-2 form. I’m not even sure if they verified with our employers that we actually worked there, so if he has paperwork that shows he had a job at some point, you could be fine. Not the most honest thing to do, I know, but he’s going to get another job eventually and you need a place to live!

The same thing happened to my fiance’s sister and her family, and she managed to find a new place within the 30 days, in San Francisco no less. It can be done! Good luck, bee!

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herrera2016:  So is he saying that once he lists the house, you need to get out? Or are you allowed to stay until it’s sold? If you can stay until it’s sold then maybe that would give you some extra time for your Fiance to find another job so that you might be able to get another place to rent or qualify for a mortgage. 

Either way, I’d wait to hear from your landlord to see if he’s actually going to list the property and go from there. If you have time to find a new place by then do so, or bridge the gap by staying with your parents. I think it’s probably wise to avoid moving to a new place until your Fiance finds a new job though, so that you can choose the place based on the location of his job. 

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I would move in with your parents. The last thing you want is to try to rush buying a home and home buying can throw you major loops. Waiting for notice also seems very stressful especially while in the middle of wedding planning. You can always look into a rental or even buying a home at your own slow pace while living with your dad.

So that’s what I would do. I’m sorry thought about the situation and wish you all the best.

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He could sell it to an investor who would like to keep you as a tenant.  That happened to a friend of mine and they were worried for nothing.  

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having lived in 2 houses that were sold while I lived there personally I would try to move out ASAP or at least be really clear on my options and ready to leave when he does list it

living in a place that has potential buyers coming over every evening and weekend pretty much sucks….especially when you aren’t the one to even be making any money on it! 

given that Fiance isn’t working I would probably think about renting or moving in with your parents for now. Does he have a lot of prospects and this is going to be a short term thing or you think it might take a while for him to find something? I don’t know the whole story but that would definitely be a big part decision (if I though that he would be back at work by like the end of the month for instance I would just start looking for a new place in general)

I wouldn’t want to live with my parents but if it was the choice between being broke and really struggling or living there for a short time while we got back on our feet I would choose parents house for sure.



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Been there. One day the owner of the house says “Oh hey, i’m selling the house and moving out of state in two weeks. But don’t worry we can draw up a contract so the new owners let you stay.”

It was incredibly stressful because we had no idea what the new owners would be like or if they would really let us stay. We ended up buying a home crazy fast (like within a month). We bought a house that was for sale by owner and was in pretty rough shape. My self, my dad and Fiance completly renovated it in a months time and were able to get it in livable shape. It was good because right off the bat I had $30k in equity from remodeling the house into a livable condition. So now when I decide to sell I’ll be making a profit.

Edit: I will say in the month it took us to find a house to buy while he was trying to sell his house there were people in and out constantly. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to my personal space and it bothered me to no end that strangers were in my house while I was at work or when I got home I had to leave my home so they could show it. That just didn’t work for us.

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I’d take the opportunity to move in with your parents until you can save and it gives you more time to decide if you want to rent again or buy. This also gives you the opportunity to move out right away and not have to deal with new security deposits, waiting to close on a house, or dealing with potential buyers looking through.

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It sounds like the safest option, at least short term, would be to save up and temporarily move in with your parents. If things are tight now I can’t imagine that they’d get any better with a mortgage. Once your husband is employed again you can get a better idea of how much you can really afford.

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In most states, if you have a lease, you are entitled to stay to the end of it and he would have to sell the house contingent on the new owner honoring the lease. The old owner (or new owner) could also “buy you out” with an agreement on both sides to an early termination of the lease subject to certain provisions.  This just happened to DH and I, and we were able to successfully negotiate the owner paying for most of our moving costs in exchange for allowing her to terminate our lease eight months early.  Having to show the house for her was a HUGE hassle, though.  We did not allow anyone in when we weren’t there, which made for many evenings of appointments and strangers traipsing though.  


If I could have moved in somewhere rent-free, I totally would have done that. Saved up, paid off bills, and bought our own place.  

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herrera2016:  we used to be landlords, have you thought about asking your landlord if he has other properties in your price range aviable, I have to be honest here in the uk it is not as lucrative as it once was, so we got rid off ours and put our cash elsewhere, it was really sad giving notice and we felt awful, but unfortunately it is a business not personnel.  If the answer is no I would say try and buy your own, then you hold your future in your hands.

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herrera2016:  do you have a lease? When does it expire? Is there a landlord termination clause?

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