(Closed) Landlords, what would you do?

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It could be worse, they could just not pay at all and knowing that MA favors tennants, it’d take months and 1000’s to evict.  =  How about sending a reminder before the 1st next month?

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The laws are different in every state, but usually they do require a notice.  Here after the fifth late day, Landlord sends out a three day notice to quit (basically a reminder to pay)  If not paid within the three days, the landlord can then begin eviction proceedings.  All of this has to be done via certified letter. 

Sorry they are late every month, that isn’t fair to you.  You should check out your local landlord rights group and they will be able to get you the specifics for your state.

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If you want to keep them, I would ask for post-dated cheques or insist that they arrange automatic deposit to your account.

If not, and you think you can replace them, I would give them notice.

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I would ask for post-dated cheques . 

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I agree with everything that tksjewelry said above. Here in Ontario we have specific timelines and forms that need to be filled out in order for the eviction to be considered valid. The notices tend to scare the tenant into paying though. 

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Here in CT everyone gets a 10 day grace period, which means that rent may be due on the first of the month, but we can’t do anything about it until the 11th of the month.

We offer a $20 discount to our tenants if we receive payment before the 1st of the month. It works every time. 

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@heathaah: I give my tenants until the 5th of the month but the rent is technically due on the 1st.  They’ve never paid beyond the 2nd or 3rd.  Its hard to find good tenants.  If you don’t have any other issues with them, I’d let it go.

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I know you posted about this before- here in WI we legally have until the 6th to pay rent.  MT was the same way.  There is no penalty until after the 6th.  It is not late until after the 6th.  I have always paid on the 6th.  (long time renter here!)  I think getting paid exactly on the first is more of an exception than a rule.  (I know it can be hard if your mortgage is due on the first, but legally tenants have some lee-way. )

If we don’t pay by the 6th, then we get fined. 

ETA:  Some landlords actually offer a discount if people pay ON the first- like $50 off rent- as an incentive, maybe consider that.  It is inappropriate to ask them why they are late.  They are NOT late until legally late.  You have to chose your battles.  It is not that they “forgot.”  If a landlord was contacting me before I was legally late, I might actually report it. 

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Honey bee
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What does your lease say?  If they are late, do you charge them a fee? Is there any penalty for them sending their check in late?  

All leases I have signed always say that if they have not received the month’s rent by the 4th of the month, a penalty fee of $______ will be applied.

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You charge them a fee every day it is late past the 5th. Legally here in Minnesota we have until the 5th to pay rent. Check out the laws and kindly remind them of the laws. Maybe ask them why they are late every month? maybe they do not get paid until lets say the 6th, you could change the day that their rent is due. If they do not budge I would ask them to move out.

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Can they pay you directly through their checking account? So that they can set up an auto pay? I am “late” every month because I have to deposit to the bank. Check pay set up helped.

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In our lease, if it’s after the first, they add a $50 fee. By the 6th they send notice of eviction, and the ninth they will evict. That’s in WI – but I would at least look into adding some kind of (significant) fee if it’s late. What’s in your contract with them?

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Worker bee

I agree, if you dont have other issues with them, i would give them until the 5th. If it goes on beyond that every month, I would tell that you want to speak with them.


Maybe they are having some kind of financial hardship (not that it’s your problem) but I’ve heard of people paying rent weekly or bi-weekly.


If you become too pushy people could retalliate by not paying anything at all. 🙁

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As a long time renter, I have always given my landlord post-dated cheques to avoid this problem. I agree iwth everything the above posters have said though:

1. Good tenents are IMPOSSIBLE to find. As a renter who has lived in apartments with psychos and a good friend of a few landlords, if this is your biggest problem, brush it off.

2. Try getting them to give you post-dated cheques or have an automatic email sent out to them each month on the 28th or so reminding them of upcoming rent. You can also see if you can set up a direct deposit– my rent at once place came directly out of my bank account and was deposited to my landlord’s bank account on the 1st of each month (or the next working day after that).

3. You can always try a penalty fee. I have signed a few leases with this, but I know that it is technically illegal where I live (so are damage deposits and I’ve paid plenty of those, so meh…). Anyways, I have signed one lease where if rent came after the 5th I had to pay a $50 late fee with $10 late fee for every day after that it was due. Another place if I was late I had to pay a 10% late fee. Another place I had up until the 5th to call my landlord and “plead my case” as to why I needed an extension (as he said, he rather have a phone call than a bounced cheque) and if I didn’t call, there was a $75 late payment fee.

In the end, if the tenants aren’t great and you think you can find better ones, I would suggest contacting the local landlord board in your area to find out your rights as they vary from state to state and province to province.

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