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monique1218:  I had an HSG done. It was pretty painful for me. Some women say it feels like mild cramps. Mine was really painful. My doctor suspects I had a minor blockage and the dye might have blew it clear. So my tubes looked open on the image. The pain only lasted about 2 minutes. I had subsequent bleeding and cramping afterwards. But I didn’t need any time off of work. I was already off the day of the procedure, but felt fine later that evening. 

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monique1218:  I assume that since you’re having the lap with the HSG that you will be asleep for both?? There’s not much pain associated with either of them after the fact, so I don’t think you have much to worry about in terms of pain. Good luck!

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My SIL had this done and said it was not comfortable, but she didn’t take time off from work or anything.  She was awake for the procedure, though, so your recovery might be a little different.  Another friend had it done recently as well, and had the same (relatively easy) experience.

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monique1218:   I had both procedures done at different times (emergency lap to remove preg due to ectopic and HSG to check if remaining tube was good/open).  I was put out for the lap and after I took a week off.  The days were more of dealing with the emotional aspect of the loss.  But, I would recommend a few days because you will be sore.  And the HSG was uncomfortable (feel like bad cramping) for about 5-10 minutes but if you are under, you won’t even feel it.

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I’ve had an HSG and it was completely painless for me.  5-10 second of mild cramping.  It was scheduled for lunch time and I had planned on taking the rest of the day off, but I was ended up going back to work.

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monique1218:  I’ve had 2 HSG. Both were crampy, but not too bad. I dont think I had a Lap. I did have some surgery to remove some polyps. But they in vaginally, not through the abdominal wall. Took the day off work, but we able to go back the next day.

Good Luck!


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Is your lap diagnostic only or will they operate if they find what they are looking for? What are they looking for? Endometriosis? If so and they find it do they plan to remove it at the same time?

If it’s just diagnostic or if they do very little actual operating inside of you, the recovery should be quick and easy. If they find issues and have to do major cutting, the recovery will be longer and more painful, in my experience.

I’ve had two lap’s, the first for diagnosis and removal of Endometriosis for pain relief, and the second after 12 months of unsuccessful TTC, for removal of suspected reoccurence of Endometriosis (during which my surgeon did the equivalant of an HSG, to check to see if my tubes were open since he was in there and my goal was successful TTC, not pain relief, though that would be welcome too). My first lap was no big deal. Mild pain afterwards, mostly around my incisions, and I felt fine in 3-4 days. The surgery was on a Friday and I went back to work Monday. I was diagnosed with mild Endo during this lap and they removed what Endo they found (ovary, peritonium, pelvic sidewall. with lots of adhesions).

During my second lap they found very severe Endo, and removed a lot of it (and found my tubes to be fully open). The recovery on my second lap was harsh. It took over a week to not be in excruciating pain, and over 2 weeks to feel okay. They removed Endometriosis from my ovaries, uterus, peritoneum, pelvic sidewall, pelvic ligaments, bladder, kidneys and both ureters (which were fully encased, with huge amounts of adhesions). Pretty much the only place I didn’t have it was my tubes. I had more Endometriosis lower in my pelvis but they couldn’t get it all in one surgery due to loss of vison duriong the operation from how much Endo they had removed. I’m scheduled for another lap next month (after 6 months of temporary medically induced menopause to allow me to heal before my next lap, and to limit regrowth of the disease while I did so). I found urinating and bowel movements especially painful after this lap, and almost all of my pain was internal. Incision pain didn’t even register comparatively. This makes sense based on where they removed the Endo from, specifically the amount of it in my urinary system (which is quite rare btw).

I’m not saying this to scare you, just to share my experience and give you a full idea of how the surgery experiences can vary based on what is done during the surgery. Endo like mine is very rare, and most likely your lap will be a breeze. If you have any specific questions about what to expect or how to prepare for your lap, feel free to ask. Good luck! I wish you quick recovery and equally quick TTC success:)

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I had a laparoscopy last year, I left the hospital just a few hours after and didn’t need a single pain pill. I had one scar inside of my belly button and one below the pantyline on the right side less than a cenetimeter long. It was a fast recovery and they figured out what was causing me so much pain. They found out I had endometriosis and they removed some of the tissue adhesions that were pulling on my ovaries and it made a huge difference for me. Mine was done robotically and I had a great surgeon so everything went smoothly. 

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monique1218:  I had a HSG done, but my uterus spasmed and showed blocked tubes so I had a laproscopy with the HSG so I could be under general anesthesia and the doctor was able to “explore” and correct anything funky at that time. I was back to work a day later. Honestly, recovery was super easy except for two things. One, the anesthesia sucks and I woke up throwing up repeatedly until the meds were out of my system. This didn’t take more than an hour to go away though. The second thing, while the incisions on my bikini line healed quickly and didn’t bother me, the belly button one felt weird for at least a week. I would have to hold my stomach when I stood up, because it literally felt like my stomach was gonna fall to the floor lol. It was a strange feeling, but I promise not painful. All in all it was a very easy recovery. Just make sure you take pain relievers on time, even if it means waking up in the middle of the night. I did not need the prescribed percocets and was fine with high dose advil. 

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I had an HSG and was expecting only mild cramping, but it was much worse than mild cramping for me.  My OBGYN was about 25 minutes late for the procedure, so I sat in the room waiting for her, which made me more nervous.  Then the clamp broke in my vagina, so she had to remove that and place a new one in.  I cried throughout the entire procedure, I think partly because I was overwhelmed at what was actually happening, and the possibility of finding out about blockages, plus the cramping.  When the doc told me everything looked good, I cried even more.  I was still heaving and crying when I was leaving the hospital as well which was super embarassing, as a lot of the nurses were stopping me to ask if I was okay.  I took the rest of the day off work, but was fine to go back the next day. 

I have heard that sometimes an HSG allows for a pregnancy (something about clearing your tubes out, even if they don’t look blocked?)  I did get pregnant, 3 months after, however unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage.

Good luck…if anything, it’s more uncomfortable than painful.

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monique1218: I have had both procedures done. For me, the HSG was painful but only while the dye was being injected. As soon as that stopped I had no pain, just some spotting for a few days afterward. Since you will be having yours at the same time as the lap you won’t feel any of that which is nice. For the lap, you will be sore for a few days afterward. I think taking 5 days off is a good idea. I found the pain from the trapped gas to be the worst part of recovery. I would recommend gas-x and I also found that walking around and drinking lots of water helps. GL hun!

ETA: my lap was done to remove an ectopic pregnancy so I may have had a little more pain than someone whose was just exploratory. I had to take an entire week off work and needed to wear looser fitting pants for a couple of weeks.

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