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Helper bee
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There are so many weird things. I have been told that using a lap top while pregnant (or even keeping your cell phone in your pocket) can cause childhood obesity! WHAT?! I guess, dont worry unless you have a medical report showing the actual study.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Seems like overkill to me. I use a laptop all the time and got pregnany by accident. All the time… I do almost all my work on my laptop.

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Busy bee
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Yeah, I use a laptop almost 24/7 and got pregnant by accident.  I’d like to see the study that shows that correlation.

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Helper bee
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Oh I might add that I also had a surprise pregnancy

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I facepalmed. Hard. Not at you [OP], but at the idea of this.

We live in a society where everything is bad for you these days. You can’t drink water, it might have microbial pathogens in it!

You can’t look at a microwave in use, you’ll get cancer!

You can’t eat canned soup, because of BPA!

You can’t eat cold cuts while pregnant… bacteria!

I 10,000% understand that everyone (or mostly) wants to be as healthy as they can be and they want to cut down on unnecessary harmful elements in our life. Whether that be switching or organic food, or moving out of a city/state/country/whatever that produces harmful elements like coal factories, or living next to a cell phone tower.

I so very much understand that.

But living in a society where you go, “I can’t do X because I’ll get Y.” is silly.

Electromagnets are literally everywhere. So is radiation. Ever been to Grand Central Station? GCS is made of granite and granite is naturally radiactive. Just standing in the building gives you higher doses of radiation than an X ray does. See what I mean? The world is naturally toxic, but not everything toxic is going to harm you.

I did a quick google search and I came up with this:

“How to reduce EMF exposure and its unhealthy effects?

The good news is that there are a number of ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs:

  • Keep all electric appliances out of the bedroom (clocks, TV’s, computers, stereo, electric blanket). This is extremely important. However if it is not entirely possible (e.g. you live in a studio) ensure that all appliances are at least two metres away from the bed, and that no electrical wires run underneath the bed;
  • Make sure that you move your bed if there are electrical appliances plugged in on the other side of the wall where your bed head is located. This is especially important if they are large devices such as computers, televisions or fridges;
  • Replace your alarm clock with a battery-operated device;
  • Always sit more than 1.5 metres away from television sets;
  • Do not use or own a microwave, and be sure never to look through the doors of a microwave oven in operation or stand in the same room when one is in use;
  • Avoid taking jobs or living in areas where EMF exposure could be high;
  • Where possible, try to locate bedrooms towards the rear of the house—this will dramatically reduce the exposure from power lines at the front of the house;
  • Move your bed away from an external wall that has an electric hot water heater or a fuse box on the other side;
  • Rearrange your office and home areas so that you are not exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the sides/backs of electric appliances and computers;
  • In the home, it is best that all major electrical appliances, such as computers, TVs, refrigerators etc, be placed up against outside walls;
  • Ensure that you do not sit too close to your computer;
  • Replace VDU monitors with flat screens;
  • Wear a mini Rayonex in your pocket and for extra protection a QLink device—these have been show to protect against radiation, reducing its impact on the body. Email us for more information.
  • Install a circuit disconnection switch to eliminate electric fields from your sleeping area. These are highly recommended for your bedroom as well as children’s rooms and nurseries;
  • Turn OFF and unplug appliances when not in operation. Devices with a remote control that are simply put on ‘stand-by’ are still drawing current and radiating;
  • If you suspect problems, or just for peace of mind, you may wish to have an electromagnetic survey done in your home. This is especially recommended for people with long standing fertility problems and/or suffering from miscarriages;
  • Completely avoid all sun beds and solariums;
  • Consider moving if you live (or work) near a transmitter, electricity substation or high voltage power lines;
  • Turn off your computer monitor if you are in front of it but not using it for long periods of time, also maximise your distance from the monitor when not in use;
  • Be aware that computers emit the highest levels of radiation from the back and sides—consider this at your workplace especially if you are sitting in close proximity to other computer operators as the sides and backs of their computers may present a hazard.
  • Laptops emit greater radiation than PCs when plugged into power. Use your laptop on battery wherever possible;
  • Never work with your laptop on your lap, heat and radiation will be increased around the region that matters most—this is undesirable;
  • To absorb some of the radiation, place containers of Epsom salts in front and at the sides and back of your computer, when the crystals become powdery it’s time to replace them;
  • Potted plants (e.g. peace lilies) are wonderful for absorbing radiation and purifying the air. Place some potted plants next to your computer, around the office and in your home. See more information about plants as an ‘anti-radiation device’ in Gabriela Rosa’s natural cleaning book: The Awful Truth About Cleaning Products And Fertility Exposed;
  • Ensure your bed does not have a metal frame;
  • Replace waterbeds (see http://www.tempur.com—for the best mattress you could ever sleep on);

Finally, here are some ways you can avoid static electricity, which can also be detrimental to health and fertility:

  • Avoid wearing rubber-soled shoes and choose leather wherever possible. Rubber soles and synthetic carpets can create a high level of static build up in the body;
  • Always choose natural fibres for clothing and furnishings in order to reduce static build up;
  • Other things or situations that can create static electricity include—computers, photocopiers, hair dryers, synthetic clothing and furnishings, and cars and dry winds.” Here is my source for this list.

Just skimming though a few of these…. avoid static electricity? Don’t use computers, photocopiers, hair dryers, synthetic clothing, cars or DRY WINDbecause you might have a buildup of static electricity? This is ridiculous. You might as well live in a bubble away from the big bad world because everything is out to get you.

I don’t mean to mock, or belittle you, OP, but I think you’re being hyper sensitive to an issue that exists, but essentially doesn’t because the chances of it effecting you are so, so, so minutely low. Radiation is everywhere. Unless you live in an iron box, you cannot escape it. I would not worry about laptops and your fertility.

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Sugar bee
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I’m in the drink til it pink club… which also means that I  WILL NOT stop my life until I see those pretty pink lines. Since we are on Clomid I due limit my alcohol during the TWW but by no means to i stop living my life.

Its bad enough that TTC takes over your life… dont get too crazy OP!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Too many things to worry about in life to add this to the list.  I don’t think modern computers with the lcd/led screens have nearly as much omission of radiation- same with tvs- the old tube kind were much worse.

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Bumble bee
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@MrsOats:  i understand your concern, and as a relatively long term TTCer, I’m prepared to consider any and all advice given to me. I requested that hubby not use the laptop directly on his lap seeing as though he had results come back with low numbers. We also made other changes, like we switched our plastic containers to glass, and started making fresh juices rather tha buying packaged juice with preservatives, I use non-dairy milks, I rarely drink alcohol… etc.I know some people get pregnant accidentally doing ALL these things, but clearly we’re not that lucky, so I have to make some changes.

But I also think you have to decide what you can live with – my Naturo told us to throw out our microwave, but I use that to make the oat breakfast she told me I should have. So I’ve just tried to reduce its use – I steam vegies on the stove rather than in the microwave now.

In terms of my own laptop use, I use it a lot, but I always have something between it and me (sitting on a cushion, or on the arm of the chair, etc.). If I saw some research suggesting it was a problem, I’d reconsider.

All the best!

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Bumble bee

I’ve heard this too. Now that I am TTC I do lay sideways  instead of having it on my lap . Not sure if this helps at all but makes me feel better than having the thing practically  sitting on my uterus ha. Whatever makes you feel better, couldn’t hurt!

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Honey bee
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There are so many things out there about electronics being too close to your body may cause a lot of things, even cancer, but dont believe everything you hear and read, you are prob better off talking to your md.  It is hard enough to stress TTC, dont put more in your plate sweety.  I heard that hot showers apparently boil your eggs, I mean what i am to do? take cold showers until i have all the kids i want? I don’t think so! lol relax, you will be fine 🙂

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Blushing bee
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I asked my Darling Husband to not have the laptop on his lap while we were TTC, as the bottom gets hot and can overheat his boys. I also had to ask him to not let the dog lay across his junk (smaller dog, but she loves to rest her head on his belly and have her body between his legs) – as this would over heat it. I think he’s happiest that the dog can snuggle with him on the couch again now that we got our BFP! 🙂

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@MrsOats:  I was not attempting to be patronizing, I was stating that truthfully, there’s no way to shield yourself from electromagnets, so I wouldn’t consider a laptop a threat.

Pretty much anything electrical has an electromagnet, or some field of radiation. From doorbells, to cell phones, medical equipment, television sets, stereo/speaker systems, vehicle motors, hard drives… dish washers, washer/dryer sets, cell phone/ipad/computer chargers, you name it.

Edit: @Steinberg:   is actually correct. You’ll have more trouble with a laptop on your husband’s lap than you will with one on yours. Sperm is not tolerant to heat, and will be overheated by a laptop’s heat source, especially if he plays games that engage the video card (Which pump out significant amounts of heat.)

TL;DR: Your husband is likely to have more trouble than you are if he keeps a laptop in his lap.

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Sugar bee
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@Hyperventilate:  so basically stay in a padded room for 9 months. I’m SO looking to pregnancy. Ha!

@MrsOats:  I don’t think she meant it to patronize you. She was just providing data on other ways to eliminate the same type of risk brought by a laptop. (and pointing out how near impossible it is to eliminate all risk.)

*and LOL on the laptop use and unplanned pregnancy study idea!!

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