(Closed) Large aquarium…who has one?

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Sugar bee
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we had one. they are beautiful but to be honest ALOT of work!

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Busy bee

What kind of aquarium are you thinking of? I’ve had freshwater fish in the past and that type of tank is relatively easy to maintain. I’d strongly recommend you do a freshwater aquarium. There are lots of colorful fish and fun rocks you can put in the tank to make it lively. If, after successfully keeping a freshwater tank going for a year, you find yourself bored with it then you can upgrade to a saltwater aquarium although there isn’t much you can put in a 55 gal saltwater tank. Those fish need large amounts of room to swim in and in small tanks they get sick and die quickly (ask me how I know!)

Currently I have a 55 gallon aquarium that my water turtle lives in. SO has a 100 gal saltwater reef aquarium – that thing requires an ENORMOUS amount of time and unbelievable amounts of money to keep it running. It also makes an incredible amount of noise (dripping, gurgling, sucking, blurbing, bubbling, swishing) even with the stand cabinets closed and extra insulation to block the noise. It also takes up the entire wall of the tv room.

If 55 gal seems too big to start with then get a 40gal tank. I have a 40 gal breeder (so it’s a bit longer vs standard taller 40 gal tanks) that I kept freshwater fish in and it was a very good size. Gouramis and red nosed rummy fish are easy keepers that come in pretty colors.

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Bumble bee
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Darling Husband has a 25 gallon saltwater tank. I hate it. He loves it but he spends more time and money on the tank than he does on me, I swear. It is a neat hobby, but lots of time and $$$. He’s had fish tanks forever and he plans on upgrading to a 75 gallon tank but admits that he doesnt have enough time for it right now.

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Bumble bee
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This is my 112 gal freshwater planted tank. I looooove my fish, definitely my thing though it’s not my DH’s 🙂 If you don’t want to sink a lot of money into it and don’t have a lot of experience, I’d recommend going fresh. Working on my tank is therapeutic for me, like gardening, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t sunk a small fortune into it. Right now I’m gearing up to make the switch to LED lights and just replaced my chiller, but neither of those are necessary for a perfectly lovely little freshwater tank. It’s a great hobby and I’d highly recommend it, with the caution that it’s definitely addictive!


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Helper bee
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My fiancé has had a 55 gallon semi aggressive freshwater tank in the living room for the last 4 years and about 9 months ago we started a 37 gallon community freshwater tank in the bedroom for me. They can be a lot of work and money, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, but they are nice and fun to watch. Some of the fish in our 55 gallon tank are 3 years old.

Make sure you appropriately cycle your tank prior to adding any fish, decide if you want community, semi aggressive, aggressive, or salt water fish, make sure to add fish slowly to your tank (like 2 or 3 at a time), get all the appropriate supplies, etc, etc. Research is definitely your friend.

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Worker bee

The largest one my so and I have is 350gal we litterly built it it’s own room lol because so designed and built his own filter system ours isn’t too bad.  However if you’re just starting out I’d suggest 20-55gal. And have that tank close enough to run a hose!!  If not you will loath maintaince on it even more! My roommate in college had. A 55 fresh it was beautiful. My other friend had a 150! Both do able do your homework and be mindful of sick fish. If you do have a fish you have to put down the most humane way is put it in some water then the fridge. It will slowly fall asleep 🙂 

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