(Closed) Laser Eye Surgery – what on earth did you DO for a week??!

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@starbuckslover:  I’ve heard with Lasik the recovery time is a day or two. Really easy. They just cut a flap, run the laser, and put the flap back down.

Darling Husband had a procedure called PRK. That’s a more intense process wghere surface of the cornea is reshaped using an excimer laser. He had both eyes done at once. It was a hard recovery for him and took about 1-1.5 weeks to fully get back to normal. He took a couple of days off and worked the rest of the time.

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@starbuckslover:  We had to fly interstate for my fiance’s eye surgery (not laser, but still eye surgery), so we made a small holiday out of it. The only thing he was asked to refrain from was touching his eyes (he had to wear special covers on his eyes to sleep in) and swimming. He also had to have special eye drops (one every 4 hours and another three times a day – but remember, he didn’t do laser so your aftercare is probably going to be different).

His surgery was staggered over two weeks; he had one eye done at a time. The only issue was that he was a little light sensitive in the operated eye for a couple of days after, but that was it. And we quickly got used to my phone alarm going off regularly for his eyedrops 🙂

Besides that, we did pretty much everything else! Went shopping, went for walks, watched a movie or two, went to a theme park(!)… and of course there’s also other things that you don’t need eyes or lights for that can be done in the privacy of your own home *wink wink*

Just be sure to ‘rest’ your eyes a lot, i.e. not hours of tv/computer on end.

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I had it done about 5 years ago and am so glad I did. I had it done from a really good laser eye clinic, cost about $3000 (in canadian dollars). I know there are cheaper places out there but I really didn’t want to take any chances and wanted the best doctors working on my eyes with the lowest chance of error. I had the kind done where they cut the flap before lasering your cornea. There is another kind, the name of it is escaping me right now but I think some clinics note that it’s “no-cut”, where they burn off the top layer of your eye with a laser instead of cutting the flap. The flap way heals much quicker and easier and I believe (?) has less complications from what I understand, that’s why I chose it. The no-cut method (laser burn) takes waaay longer to heal (more time off work) and it’s a more difficult healing process for your eye because it has to re-grow that entire outside layer again.

The whole procedure for me was incredibly fast. Probably 1-2 minutes per eye. I was freaking out before they started (I’m so incredibly squeamish it’s not even funny) but it really wasn’t that bad in retrospect. Fast, painless… it’s just a weird procedure, feels a bit like an alien experiment on a UFO with all the big laser machinery and whatnot and I think that’s why I freaked out.

As for recovery time, they drug you for a day or two so you spend at least a full day sleeping for the most part (make sure you have someone taking care of you because you are wearing eye covers for about a day and you also will need help putting in eye drops every few hours). Then there’s 2-3 days of chilling, more sleeping, reading and stuff like that. Then I was back to work after I think 3 days off. Not bad at all.

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My husband had it (LASIK) a few months ago. He basically just slept for two days because he couldn’t do anything like watch tv or computer or read. I did turn on some comedy shows for him to listen to though. After that though he was pretty much back to normal other than not doing anything really rough. 

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@starbuckslover:  I haven’t done it, but for some ideas there are podcasts and books on tape or whatever they are now called.

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@starbuckslover:  I had lasik done about 4 or 5 years ago now and the recovery time was no where near a week (unless it’s changed since). I had it done on a Friday morning and then I was good to go on Monday. I’m a tax consultant (so basically an accountant) and all I do all day long is stare at a computer screen. My doctor never mentioned staying away from a computer screen for a week. The swimming thing I was told about – mainly because of the bacteria and the fact that you’re going to have an open wound on your eye ball.

I did work from home for a whole week though after my lasik but only because I couldn’t wear eye make-up (yes, stupid I know haha). I just always remembered my mom saying to never leave the house with at least mascara on (not in a bad way, just one of those silly things like never go out without clean underwear or shoes) – and I hate the way I look without eyeliner and mascara anyway (dark brown hair, blonde eyelashes is not a good combo haha).

You’ll be fine though! It’s a vallium or two before, and then an ambien after and then some eye drops and you’re good to go! Seriously – the best thing I ever did in my entire life!

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Another vote for podcasts! I, personally, love Freakonomics!

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It depends on what you get done, I had lasik using a full laser procedure, and I was back to work, using computers, etc in 2 days.  I had it done on a Friday, and back to work on Monday.  Sure, no swimming for 2 weeks I think, that’s not too hard.  Showering is fine, just no chlorine and such, and no opening eyes. 

Now, if you don’t go full laser (scalpel for portion, ahhh!!) it’s longer, maybe 5 days?  I would never get that though, seems scarier.

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I actually have a question about lasik too…did it hurt at all (while you were getting it or afterwards)? It looks painful!!

I have summers off work (work at a school) so I’m considering getting it done maybe this summer or next.

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Lasik is not painful, but you are sensitive to light the first day and your eyes water for awhile. I wore bubble like glasses over my eyes until I returned to the surgeon the next day.

They told me to go home and take a nap, which I did.  When I woke up a few hours later, I could see the alarm clock WITHOUT glasses.  It was amazing.

I went back to the surgeon the next day for a follow up visit.  He released me and I went back to work.

You may experience some halos around street lights for awile, but it will go away after away.  Best thing I ever did.

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