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I have!  I bought two 6-session packages – one for my underarms and one for, um, the Brazilian area.

There was very little pain, because I didn’t go with traditional laser (which I’ve been told is very painful!).  The medspa I chose uses the Soprano laser machine, which is advertised to be painless.  Is it actually painless?  No, but it’s nowhere near traumatizing. 

They put this slippery, clear gel on you that’s kind of like what they’d use for an ultrasound.  Then they run the “gun” across your skin with quick, sweeping motions across the area. If they’re not stingy with the gel and they move the gun quickly enough, you barely feel anything – only a warm point gliding across your skin.  As the gel thins out, the warmth gets hot, like a mild burning which can turn painful, but as long as they keep moving quickly, it’s not too bad.  Of course, the bikini area was much more sensitive to the heat than underarms.

The package for underarms (small area) was $99+tax and Brazilian was $199+tax, I think.  My underarms could probably benefit from 1 or 2 more treatments and my Brazilian area is definitely going to need more than 6 – not because I’m especially hairy but because they are not very thorough AT ALL.  They kind of do a half-assed job, actually, but seeing as how cheap the packages are, well, you get what you pay for.  They tried to get me to buy more packages but I am not going to for now because I’m trying to save money, although I’d really love to get my legs done, and 6 sessions would probably suffice as I have sparser, finer hair there!

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@urchin:  Did my underarms (3 sessions) at one place, and was awesome and  barely hurt. Way easier than waxing. Then I got 3 sessions somewhere else and holy cow did it hurt! I didn’t go back after the first round. I suggest you read yelp reviews on a place, especially if you are getting a groupon deal to see what the place is like.

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@urchin:  Hey there! I got my chin treated at Ideal Image about 3 years ago. I paid about $1200 and received about 12 treatments. I have tan skin and dark hair. It was painful to me and i have a high pain tolerarance. It felt like a thick rubberband slapping my face very quickly. The sessions were less than 10 minutes in length and I went back every 6-8 weeks. 


My hair has grown back, but nowhere near as thick or nasty as before! I don’t have hideous ingrowns either. I would say I could stand to go in for light touch-ups every 4 months. But I don’t go often because it is bothersome and I can be cheap. My touch-ups are around $100 each time. 


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I did my full brazilian area. I had to go 2 different places to get good results. The first place I tried had the ultrasound type machine that the used the gel with (dont remember the name of the machiene). I had 6 sessions and nothing happened. It was not effective at all. I was really bummed, I was so tired of shaving and really wanted it to work.

I talked to the nurse at the laser place, and she told told me that it is rare but sometimes certain types of lasers dont really work on certain people for some unknown reason. She suggested that I go to a different clinic that has a different type of laser.

I found another place that used a “lightsheer duet” laser, and decided to give it a try. This laser had a wand that sort of looked like a ultrasound wand, but the end was a hollow rectangle. They dont use gel, the machiene actually sort of sucks your skin into the wand a little, so there is no space between the laser and you skin. Then they give you one zap and move on to the next area. They dont go over and over again like the kind with the gel. It was a stinging zap, but totally tolerable since they only go over each area once. After the first treatment it felt like I had a sunburned vagina, but it only lasted a day. 

A week after my first treatment every single hair fell out! It was amazing! maybe 75% grew back by the next treatment, then everything would fall out, then less hair would grow back, and so on. They suggested 6-8 treatments at 5 weeks apart fully kill all the Follicles. They told me that not all of the follicles wee active at the same time, thats why you have to go back for multiple treatments.  

Affer 3 treatments I lost my job and Had to stop going. I was so bummed! At that point I was 25% bald, and it was patchy, lol! I ended up going back to school full time (broke student) and just graduated over the summer. I am only working one day a week and desperatley looking for a full time job. As soon as I am working again I am going to start the sessions again.

The laser clinic told me that once all the hair is gone, it may need to be retouched every  4-5 years, just one or two sessions (But it is different for everyone), Since I never finished the treatments most of my hair grew back over the last 3 years, but I do still have some hairless patches. 

I recommend it to everyone and cant wait to start again. Groupon always has good deals on laser hair removal. 


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My experience was almost identical to Vanilla-Latte’s post. I had 4 treatments with the lightsheer duet, and I would say that I have about 50% of the hair density down there that I had before, but then I went back to school, and then pretty much right after school my hubby and I started TTC, so no lazers for me. 🙁 The baby’s here now, so once I get back to work I’m planning to finish up the last few sessions. Still, 50% density is a lot better than it was.

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