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It different for every person and for every salon. I have thick and dark hair and I’ve been in treatment for about a 6 sesions (in the bikini area) and it’s not close to be done yet. I bought a full treatment package which means they’ll make sure to remove it all no matter how many sessions. My legs are mostly done and it’s been about 8 sesions, but the bikini area hair is tough.

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Oh blone hair is different, it’s better for us brunettes cause the laser works with the follicle’s pigment. It’s not suppose to regrow as they literally destroy your follicles so there’s no way those are coming back to life, but I was warned about hormonal treatments they said there are some dormant follicles we all have and might “come to life” while pregnant or using hormonal birthcontrol, these follicles are weak and the hair growing from them will be thin and short and it will be really easy to eliminate it.

Just FYI: The package I purchased includes 4 annual retouches, cause sometimes it might look as the follicles are destroyed but they’re not. Even if it doesn’t totally dissapear I’m extremely pleased, the small amount of hair I still grow in my legs is so thin and short you don’t notice it and doesnt grow until weeks after I shave (I only shave for the lasser sessions now cause I don’t need to do it for everyday life).

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It is hormonal, chances you will need several touchups for very thin hair. It depends on the person.

The armpits are more hormonal- I have had 11 treatments and I still get a little hair there- I’m really happy though because I don’t have to shave more than 2x a week, usually once a week.

After 4 treatments for my brazilian area all the thick hair was gone. There was a lot of thin hair that grew very slowly. I get 6 free touchups after the 6 treatments I paid for.

I would suggest asking how much the touchups will cost before purchasing a package- sometimes they will get you on touchups. You can get a better deal at a place that offers free 6 months touchups sometimes.

I doubt your hair will be completely gone after 6 treatments- mostly gone and you will shave less, but not all gone. Just be prepared for that. I still think it’s 100% worth it just to have less thinner hair.

Also, be careful about what laser they have. If they have an older laser it will be very painful. Basically, if they mention that you have to put on a numbing cream an 1 before treatment, look elsewhere with newer equipment. Also, if they are using an IPL laser, don’t go there. I have heard from some medspas that IPL lasers are basically a big flashlight. It’s also good to have someone who has had medical training, i.e. nurse/doctor rather than just a beauty school graduate because the lasers can burn you permanently.

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I had 6 treatments and I could probably use another 6. That said the first 6 are brilliant. My hair (down there) is now minimal, but exisstent, but much, much thinner.

 ETA; I’m brunette.

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The laser they use in my tratment is a diode laser, I was in a previous tratment with amethystn laser and it was significantly less effective and it was more painful.

With the diode laser they say I can use a numbing cream in the bikini area for my confort but they just use ice to numb the area, it’s a bit painfull but it’s totally bearable, the ice helps so I just don’t feel anything.

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I can only report my own positive results.  Same as you I purchased a package of 6 on a special.  I am having my bikini and lower leg done.  I have fine brown hair.  I have had only my first treatment done and am already getting results, such as the hair does not grow back as fast after shaving and it isn’t as prickly.  So I am very happy and can only image the six will totally get rid of all of it.  

One warning… IT HURTS!  It hurts even worse that other laser treatments I have done (such as on the face for treatments).

The pain might be bearable, but… wow, I don’t know… I had to bite my hand and do lamaze breathing personally.  But then again, I did have my lets done.  Just the bikini area is not very much.


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the darker your hair and the lighter the skin: THE BETTER! It also depends on the machine. Look into what this place uses. They generally have packages that might be cheaper than the group on! Call them and ask them all those questions you have they are generally honest about it. I bought the package of 6 for my under-arms. I finished my fourth session and I will be definitly needing more than 6 (they told me they usually recommend a minimum of 7 for arm pits) so ask them! 🙂


Omg it is the worse pain of my life but it is sooo worth the pain!! good luck! 

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I had thick, brunette hair and had 4 sessions on my bikini and it is mostly gone.  I still have to shave, but it’s lighter hair, more like I have on my arms. There are still some small patches that the laser didn’t get (somehow) during the six sessions, but it is WAY easier and I think it was a great decision.  I don’t have to worry about doing anything before going to the beach but if I want things super smooth then I’ll shave. 

Definitely go for it. 

Yes, it hurts. But as it went on, it hurt less. Have an ibuprofen before, and just grin and bear it.  

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Advice for those who say it hurst, they always tell me to schedule my appointments so it’ll be at least a week away from the days I get my period, the hormones that come with menstruation makes us hipersensitive so it’ll hurt more those days. I can totally notice the difference.

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