(Closed) Laser hair removal and lazer lipo?

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A friend of mine had laser hair removal done on her underarms.  She said it took several treatments and her skin broke out a little bit after the first two treatments, but she’s been very happy with the results (she had it done a few years ago).  I’ve never heard of lazer lipo though.

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Dark hair + lightish skin works best from what I’ve been told! It’s easier for the laser to pick up because of the contrast. I’ve been doing brazilian, underarms and legs for a while. It’s a wee bit painful (gets better as the hair gets finer) it takes multiple sessions anywhere from 6-12 (and money) but DEFINITELY worth it!!


Side note: Never heard of the lipo but you better believe I’ll be checking back here for info! lol

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I just got one of them motorized epilator machines from the pharmacy. It works like wax, is a bit less painful (because room temperature) and 2 weeks in, still no growth. And no breakouts, because it’s done dry and purely mechanical. I paid 50$ for a Philips brand epilator (I’m in Canada). (it does the mustache, too O.o ) Highly recommend it!

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I’m currently undergoing laser hair removal on my nether regions.

i love it!!! 

It doesn’t work on everyone but with my dark hair and light skin, I’m an ideal client. It does hurt like heck but it’s way quicker than waxing and lasts! My hair started falling our after first treatment and never grew back. I’ve had two out of my six sessions I bought and I don’t regret it one bit. I also really like that by the time I walk out and get in my car the redness and swelling have already dissapeared so I can show it off when I get home to fiancé. 

im going to Miami this weekend and get to not have to worry about stubble while in a bikini. 

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I have done laser on my face as I had dark hair. i feel it was well worth the money. Quite a few treatments but not having to pluck my face everyday has been awesome!

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I went for 2 treatments of the laser hair removal, and I thought it was worth it.  However, I didn’t have time to go back for the last few sessions.  So in a way it may have been a waste of my money, but it was good while it lasted.

For the lazr lipo, I know a co-worker who did it.  She felt like it was a waste of her money.  When the person measured her, they said she lost an inch or two.  However, she couldn’t tell a difference.   Went for a 2nd session a few weeks later, and never went back because she didn’t want to waste anymore money.

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I did a lot of research on laser hair removal, and it should really be called “laser hair reduction” since it doesn’t get rid of 100% of hair growth.  For me, that makes it pointless.

Laser lipo is surgery.  So it’s very expensive but it works.  Make sure to find a board-certified surgeon!

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I’m currently doing laser hair removal. Underarms and brazillian.

As others have mentioned, there’s ideal clients and the process tends to work better on them. I still have to shave down there but far less frequently and the hair is very fine (if there at all), I have about 3 or 4 sessions left.

For my underarms, I noticed a difference right away. I think it may be working better for me on my underarms, but its a much smaller area so maybe that’s why I see better results so far. I highly recommend it, I’ll be doing my legs next.



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I’ve done it. I LOVE IT! But…. You have to go to a place with the right kind of laser. I wasted a lot of money on a place with a crappy laser. Find a place with a Candela GentleLase. It’s the best one I’ve found.

As others said, it’s not permanent. Places that aren’t under hormonal influence will stay hairless longer. Like legs and arms. Places with more hormonal influence, like face, underarms, bikini, will grow back faster. It took about 6 treatments for me to have significant reduction that I was happy with. 

For reference I’m part Iranian so think olive skin (but still sensitive and lighter) with dark, thick hair. Although now I’m virtually hairless! Too Much Information SORRY

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$7000 later & I have 0 results. Literally 0. Laser hair removal did nothing for me! I had 7 Sessions. It seemed like it was working during the process of it.. But after that the hair just all came back. I am also pretty hairy (middle eastern) it is very dark and I’m a light olive colour. 

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I had laser hair removal several years ago; I started with a “bikini” ie. remove anything outside the pany line and leave a small triangle.  That worked super well and honestly none of that hair has ever grown back. Then about a year ago I started treating the “undercarriage” and so far so good.

A question for PPs who are having brazillian laser…..is brazillian still defined as *everything*? I’m intrigued and have considered it, and Hubs would certainly love it but I’m not sure I can imagine being a totally hairless 80 year old LOL

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Kellym84:  I’m having laser hair removal now. It works, but it is expensive. I purchased 9 treatments over 2 years. I’m 2 treatments in and have seen a definite reduction but stillhave a long way to go.


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Kellym84:  I work at a plastic surgeon’s office and we offer laser hair removal. As a PP mentioned, there are some lasers that do work better than others. It’s true that it does not guarantee 100% permanent removal, but rather a reduction in the hair growth. Ideal candidates also have lighter skin and darker, coarser hair. From my experience, it has worked wonders 🙂 I’ve had it done on my underarms and a brazilian (which is absolutely everything). I saw a HUGE improvement after my first session and now that I’m on my third, I honestly don’t ever remember the last time I had to shave. It is absolutely amaaazing! Now for the bikini area, now that my hair growth has slowed down quite a bit, what I may do is instead of doing a full brazilian, I may just keep it at a smaller triangle. I hope that this helps! If anyone is in the Northern Virginia area and wants some great deals for the laser hair, feel free to PM me! It’s not as expensive as you may think.

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I had 14 treatments of laser hair removal, and had 0 results.  0.  It did nothing for me.  I was considered an ideal candidate, as well – my skin is milky pale and I have very dark hair.  The hair always returned between treatments, and now that the treatments are over, all of it is back.  Wasted money.

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