(Closed) Laser hair removal: YAY or NAY?

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  • poll: Laser hair removal: Good option or waste of $$?
    YAY! Go for it! : (20 votes)
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    NAY! Waste of time and money : (6 votes)
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    Wait, why would you do that to your body? : (2 votes)
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    I did laser on full arm and underarm. I did 8 sessions it did not hurt on arms but did sting in the underarm but it really only worked on my armpits by reducing the hair growth not removing it totally.  I used a groupon deal But it would have been 230 per session. Thank god I didn’t pay full price because what a waste! For me at least and that would also be a pic of me if I didn’t shave! Lol!  They told me I was a good candidate with dark hair but still seemed like a waste.

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    I work at a laser hair removal place, and I have done it myself!

    I did it on my underarms, and it was painful. It wasn’t the worst pain, but it’s uncomfortable. It feels like a rubber band snap. It’s been working really well for me. At the spa I work for, it’s around $150-$200 for single treatments. If you get the lifetime guarantee package, it’s $999 for underarms, which includes unlimited treatments for the first year and one touch up treatment per year for life without any additional charges. We also do financing with no credit checks or interest! I think it’s a great deal, considering we recommend 6 – 9 treatments for the hair to be completely gone and never grow back. 

    You do need dark hair. Blonde or grey won’t work. Let us know how it goes! I’m a fan of laser hair removal, but I’m also biased. 😉

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    OmbreBee:  I do laser hair removal for a living! Ive also done it on myself so I can relate to both sides. 

    1. Yes it’s painful. It hurts like a bitch, but totally worth it. And it’s relatively quick. My underarms take about 1 minute on each side. 

    2. With our laser, we recommend six treatments. With six sessions, you can expect about an 80% reduction in the amount of hair you have. I went from shaving daily and now I’m 1-2 times per month. 

    3. I don’t pay for it since I do it, but good equipment is not cheap. Make sure whoever you go to is using a laser and not an IPL machine. Lasers are orders of magnitude more effective. We use a Cynosure Elite and can treat all skin types. We charge $150 per session for underarms, $400 per session for a Brazilian. You can often find groupon deals but be very picky about where you Go. 

    4. I’ve done six sessions on my underarms and four (so far) on my hoohah. I do my own Brazilian (as far as I can reach) and it takes me about 5 minutes.


    Youll feel sunburned for anywhere from a few hours to two weeks. I’m typically tender for about 3 days. I do get some minor scabbing but it’s nothing disfiguring. Just don’t pick the scabs! I am very fair skinned and I have super thick, dark hair and laser has changed my life. I don’t get razor burn (whenever I do shave, which is rare) and you can’t see my hair follicles through my skin anymore!

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    I did it on my underarms and bikini maybe 5 years ago and it hasn’t lasted. I guess you are supossed to have it done every few years to make it last and hormonal changes such as getting pregnant can affect it. (Maybe the pps can tell you more about that). The actual pocess hurt but not too bad, however afterwards I felt like someone punched my armpits for a few days. I don’t really reccomend it, but I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Also I didnt pay for it, my mother did so cost wasn’t a factor for me, and I still didn’t want to have it redone the next years even for free. 

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    I did a few sessions with my underarms and bikini line and it definitely helped. I still get some hair growth, but it it noticeably less. I also got a Groupon and would highly recommend going that route. I got three sessions and should have gotten more as that would have made more difference.

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    OmbreBee:  Totally worth the money. Totally. I did my under arms and my upper and lower legs and I LOVE it. I love how smooth my legs are. I love never having to worry about did I shave my pits before I wear a certain dress. I plan to get my lower arms done as well and my bikini. 

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    Total waste of money.  I had my bikini area lasered – I went for six sessions at a cost of close to $1,000 7 years ago.  It didn’t hurt very much (much better than waxing), but definitely didn’t permanently get rid of hair.  I had much much less hair for A Year, then started to grow back a year later, then 2 years later was back to normal.  I’m Italian, and have brown hair for reference.

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    OmbreBee:  My mum and I are both from a Spanish background so we have olive skin and very thick, dark hair. We have both done laser removal but it worked much better for her than me. I had 9 sessions on my underarms and while at first I only had to shave weekly, it’s all come back and now I am back to shaving every day. Mum had barely any pain but I found it really painful and had a bad reaction (very painful rash that lasted for days afterwards). Also I couldn’t afford it! For now I am going to stick with shaving due to the cost and the fact that I hate waiting for hair to grow back in between waxes. 

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    This is a big YAY!

    I had my face lasered, and my underarms. I used to have to wax my sideburns, under chin and even my cheeks weekly, now I just have peach fuzz!

    My underarms still have some hair, but I only had 4 sessions, and it is reduced by about 3/4.

    I love laser.

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    I heard it depends on the machine. I did 7 sessions with little result. That was over 2 years ago. Unless they gaurentee it and money back, I wouldn’t do it. I hear the darker, coarser hair the better!! 

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    I do it, but prepared to keep it up. I go back every couple months to make sure I don’t get furry and I’m practically hair free down there. Costs me $200 for underarms and brazillian. Cheaper than a monthly wax (Of course this is after the initial 6 treatiments so it is discounted). 

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    I did my legs, brazillian, and underarms and it’s AMAZING! I’ve completed my six treatments with each area and I’m probably 95% hair-free. I might go back for a couple more treatments just to get the rest of it, or I might not. It’s not so bad shaving once every other month versus one every other day.

    I used Groupon deals to do the laser, so it was super affordable for me. Just make sure you do your research on the place because some of the Groupon places are kind of questionable. And as PP have said, the darker the hair and the lighter your skin, the better it works. I was lucky in that I’m pale but my hair is super dark – and I feel you on the she-wolf, that was me too!

    ETA: I wouldn’t say it’s painful per se, but it’s kind of uncomfortable. It’s over so quick though, it’s not a big deal. My underarms hurt the worst, and the brazillian hurt the least (shocker!). I know a lot of people say it’s like a rubber band snap, but I don’t think that’s how it feels – rubber band snaps hurt way worse! It’s more maybe like a needle prick, it’s hard to describe. That’s why I started with my underarms – I figured if the feeling was too much, that would be the best area to just give up on lol.

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    memorieslff:  oops, thought that seemed a little high. $150 for both every two months.

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    It was somewhat painful during (I did full legs, face/neck and brazillian), and initial results were ok. 

    But now that it is 3 years later there have been maybe 5% lasting results.  Some of the very thick, course hairs have gone, but all the rest has gradually returned.  There is really no overall improvement. 

    It was a huge waste of money.  I have dark hair, and very pale skin, so am the ultimate candidate.

    I would tell you not to bother wasting your money.

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