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LASIK was the best investment I ever made. No complications after (other than the normal ones of your eyes taking time to heal).

I was able to drive the following day. It was great.

I had this done a few years ago but I think I spent around $2000.

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I had it done 8 years ago.  Was $3400 back then, and worth EVERY PENNY.  My vision is still perfect even after all this time.

The procedure itself was painless, but I did have a slight feeling of “my eyes have a headache” for a few weeks after.  Nothing terrible, just slightly weird for awhile, but it improved quickly.  I went to work the following day with no trouble at all!

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15 years ago for me! Paid around $2400. I wear glasses for computer now (to reduce eyestrain) but am 20/20. I didn’t follow the eye drops regimen very well after the procedure and got an infection. It cleared up fast and no further issues. It takes a while to adjust for night driving but I love love love it.

Fiance had his done last year, about $4k I think and wishes he had done it sooner.

We were both able to drive, read etc the next day. 

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I had it done in NYC for around $4600.  It’s more expensive, but I knew numerous people that had gone to that doctor, who have all had great results, so I was willing to pay the extra money.  I was able to see the next day and in fact, worked from home the next day.  I think technically you should wait 24 hours.  My eyes were bloodshot for the next 2 weeks though.  I don’t think anyone else I know had this side-effect and it was pretty scary looking.  Otherwise, it’s been 1.5 years and my vision is still amazing!  Totally worth it!

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I had PRK done a few years ago through the military (so not sure about cost).

My vision was pretty bad, so literally as soon as I sat up from the chair, I could see more clearly. It was amazing! If your vision isn’t that bad though, many of my friends who had it done had a couple weeks of more blurred vision that gradually improved to be better than before. Still absolutely worth it, but it was a slower improvement for them vs immediate.

The first few nights were painful; it feels like there’s sand in your eyes, and mine kept watering. I wasn’t too sensitive to light, but my friend who has blue eyes (I have darker hazel eyes) was extremely sensitive to light for awhile afterwards. You have to follow a schedule of various different eye drops for a few weeks.

I’m not sure how LASIK is vs PRK, I think faster recovery since they slice a flap instead of shaving away part of it. Either way I’ve heard good things about both. 

Some lasting side-effects I noticed: My eyes are very dry when I wake up in the mornings, and I’m more sensitive to sunlight than I used to be, like if we’re taking a picture outside, I close my eyes first so I don’t look squinty when they take it.

But in my opinion, totally worth it. Love not having to wear glasses or deal with contacts.

– Make sure that you consult with your doctor to make sure your eyes have stopped changing; if they haven’t stabilized (e.g. they are slowly getting worse), then it’s not necessarily a good idea to have surgery, because your vision will still get a little worse afterwards (since that’s the direction your eyes were headed in anyways, if that makes sense). 

– My doc told me that eye surgery means it’s more than likely I’ll need reading glasses when I’m older. Given the choice of glasses all the time for the rest of my life, vs glasses just for reading when I’m older, I opted for the surgery.

Good luck!

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