(Closed) Last trimester…how are ladies feeling???

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Wow, you’re so close! You’re almost there!

I’m 33-ish (I can’t remember, lol) weeks, and I’m still feeling pretty good.  Which is great, considering we still have so much to do to prepare for this baby!  I think we have a to-do list a mile long!

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I’m 33 weeks.  Feeling pretty stressed over everything we still have to do.  Although if push came to shove and baby arrived today we would at least have the basics — a car seat (not installed yet though), a place for her to sleep, and some clothes for her to wear.  I’m also feeling huge and whale-like and can’t believe baby still has quite a bit more growing to do before I deliver her.  My BH contractions are starting to annoy the crap out of me too. I can’t wait for my maternity leave b/c my hour-long commute is really getting to be too much for me to handle. 

On the positive side, I can’t wait to finally meet this baby, even though I know she’s probably going to turn our world upside down.  I already love her so much, and I just want to finally lay eyes on my sweet baby. 

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I’m just at the start of my last tri -29 weeks!- and I’m feeling really good! Last few weeks of 2nd tri I was getting that eat a little and extremely bloated and uncomfortable feeling. With the start of the 3rd tri it’s gone and my bottomless pit stomach is back with a vengeance!

My shower is this weekend so we’ll see where we stand soon on supplies.

The biggest anomaly for me is the uncertainty of whether we will be bringing baby home to our current house or our new house. I still feel new house is a possibility….but current house is probably more likely. 🙂 We’ll have to make that decision in a few weeks!

ETA: My husband and I absolutely cannot wait to meet her! It’s so crazy to think that in approximately 11 weeks we are finally meeting her. On the flip side I think I’m going to be one of those that will really miss having her in me.

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I’m 32 weeks and I can’t sleep comfortably and have crazy pelvic pain. My shower is next weekend, I’ll feel better and more prepared after that…we’ve held off from purchasing some things because everyone kept telling us to wait until after the shower.

Although I’m over being pregnant–I know she needs to cook a little more–I’m getting excited to meet our little girl!

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I am 36w plus 2. BH are a pain. I have been getting lots of cramps, and I have so much pressure down there I feel like she will fall out. If I forget to take my hearburn meds I feel like I will die and I can’t sleep worth anything…

But I am so excited to meet her! I want her to just get here already. I am still working (right up until my due date) so I sort of hope she just comes early. We have all of the big stuff so we would be prepared. haha.

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I’m 31 weeks and 2 days and right now I’m just feeling achy everywhere. My pelvis feels likes its been through a blender. Plus my belly is super itchy all the time and just forget about trying to find a comfortable position to sleep! also heartburn kicks my butt on a daily basis.

I alternate between  wanting the baby to be here already and feeling scared that theres not enough time before she gets here

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I am 37+6. I am pretty accustomed to the idea that it could be any day now! Over the last few days I’ve been having what I’m pretty positive are contractions every day. 

I am like you.. on one hand I am SO READY to get this baby out of me, but on the other I am scared beyond belief. 

I broke down the other night confessing things to my husband I never felt I could say, he was a total sweetheart and understood all my concerns. I just feel so scared to be a mom, I’m worried I won’t be happy or find it fulfilling. I’m worried I’ll be lonely at home by myself, especially the days he works nights. I’m nervous about not being able to get enough sleep, because I cannot function on less than 8 hours and I have never been able to. The thought of having a helpless little person depending on ME for life is the scariest damn thing I have ever encountered! 

So, I’m excited for labor and birth, but the after part is what is scaring me. My husband has been so supportive and is being great, he said he doesn’t think less of me at all for feeling this way. And I’m sure it’s just hormonal and “cold feet”. 

I am pretty tired too. I had a crazy surge of energy yesterday and did quite a bit, but today I have done basically nothing. I, like you, am at home all day, every day, by myself. Sometimes I get things done, sometimes I don’t. 

I have a hard time sleeping with this big belly in the way, it will be nice to not be so huge. I also am more susceptible to heartburn if I eat food with any spice. 

Pretty excited to meet my little man!!

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I’m also 37+6, and cannot believe that on Thursday, I only have 2 weeks left. I used to hope that the baby was a few days late, but then I got massive and I dropped and now I am just so ridiculously uncomfortable that I’m totally ready. Only thing is I got a terrible headcold last Thursday that is still going pretty strong, so I just want to get better before I go into labor. It’s been a miserable couple of days.. coughing fits in bed at night when you can’t even get up quickly are pitiful. I moved my maternity leave up a week, so Friday is my last day, and I’m beyond excited. I’m hoping to have a few days to finish getting things ready and enjoy some QT with my husband before our lives change forever! I’m insanely excited to meet the little bugger that’s been living inside of me. I get nervous about finances and “making everything work” some days, but overall I’m just excited and ready to get this show on the road 🙂 

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I’m 30 weeks today, and I’m doing ok, I guess. I’ve been feeling a bit depressed lately, as I’m having a ton of pelvic pain and just feel overwhelmed at everything we have left to do. It’s just frustrating finally being at that point where I can’t physically do a lot of everyday activites. But I know it’ll be over eventually and there’s a baby at the end of it. Ready for a beer!

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I’m 34 weeks today and I am SO DONE being pregnant. Little one has been dropped for a good 2 weeks already and I am massive, really swollen and totally uncomfortable. Walking has become an issue because a)I waddle and b)My feet, ankles and calves are so swollen that it is literally painful to walk at times. I’m kind of to the point where I’m having issues just doing everyday things too like bending over, getting in and out of my car, etc. I really don’t think I’m going to make it to my due date. I really think she’s coming early considering how early I dropped and how my pressure I now have on my cervix. I’ll find out for sure how much progress I’m making on March 1st!

As for being ready, I think we’re decently prepared. I have to go do my labor rehearsal class at my OB tomorrow night. I have a breastfeeding class and pre-registration to do the last week of February. Next weekend is my last baby shower and really… we don’t have too much left to get. We need to order our cloth diapers this week and e have a few odds and ends left to buy after I see what comes at my shower. Our crib bedding finally arrived today, so we have that. At this point, we’d totally survive if she came early.

Right now, I’m just on a mission to finish the nursery by the end of February! I’m getting closer.

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