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Sugar bee
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Hmmm. I personally have not used it but my mom is a dermatologist and prescribes it quite a bit. She says it does work and that the dark iris pigmentation is an issue for some people. She advises people with light blue or green eyes to look into other options . . . darker green, hazel, brown, those seem to be fine. Not sure about the cost. Sorry! Does insurance EVER cover this? How would thicker eyelashes ever be considered not cosmetic? I’ll ask my mom.

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I did Latisse before my June wedding and LOVED it! I work for a medical group and our plastic surgeon was doing a special so I went for it.

I have blue eyes and I didn’t have any issues at all. The problem only occurs when you get a pretty large amount directly in your eye and if you use the brushes that they give you with the product I’m pretty sure that is almost impossible to do.

I got mine as a free sample but I know that one set of it was under $100…without insurance. I don’t think that insurance would cover it.

Also, the doctor told me that once I stopped taking it the effect would basically go away within a few months and it did. So if you want longer/thicker eyelashes forever you have to keep up the treatment. It was so worth it for the wedding though!

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Blushing bee
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I’ve had a few estheticians tell me that it has worked for bald spots on over plucked eyebrows, so clearly it helps regrow some hair.  But I don’t know anyone personally who has done it.  I think they said it runs about 100 bucks and you need an RX from a derm or, technically, anyone with prescription power: MD, OD, NP, CNS, PA, etc.

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I don’t use Latisse, but I do use a lash enhancing serum that Tarte makes.  This one doesn’t “grow” lashes, but it conditions them so there is less fallout.  I had decent lashes before using it, and after about a month of using this daily my lashes are longer and I have actually had more lash growth in spots that just wouldn’t keep lashes for long.  It will sting if you get it in your eye, but there is no eye color change (I have blue eyes so this was important to me!), and no eye lid darkening.  The only that that takes some getting used to is the slight tingling/hot feeling you get until the serum dries.  It’s more pronounced the first week you use it. 

P.S. This stuff runs about $65 per tube. 


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I asked my dr but she wouldn’t prescribed it for a health reason, she said something about changing the color (darker) around your eyelid. 

I am using Rapid Lash now (no prescription required) and noticed that my lashes definitely grew longer. I’ve been using ut for 5 months now, and you can also use it for eyebrows. 


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Busy bee
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I work in the eye care industry and at least weakly we have women as for latisse.  Insurance will not cover it at all, so plan on paying for it out of pocket.  We prescribe latisse if our patients want it, but we tell them the back story…

The ingredients in latisse was being tested as a glaucoma treatment medication and a side effect was shown to grow longer, thicker, darker lashes.  If you have a family history of glaucoma or are at risk or a glaucoma suspect, we won’t prescribe it at all. The cosmetic side effects aren’t anything I could personall deal with, but to each their own. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing an optometrist/opthalmologist before using latisse.  I’m not promoting my industry…its just your eyes aren’t anything to mess with.  The health of your eyes is so important and most people, even those who see optometrists regularly for glasses and contacts, don’t understand the importance of preventative eye care.


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Helper bee
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I work for derms and plastic surgeons and have seen people use Latisse for years. 

AS @pccl: said, it is a medication, and anywhere I have worked people have had to sign releases and take home information on it. We always recommend people who have not been to their eye doctor in a while go get checked before using it. I have never seen it covered by insurance. It is cosmetic after all.

Just wanted to give a tip on using it to make your dollar stretch. You can use one brush on both eyes. There’s plenty on the brush to stretch it. All the girls I work with do  it that way and double the amount of product that way. We tell our clients too.

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Busy bee
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I have seen it covered by insurance one time. My Grandmother had chemo for breast cancer and after all her hair fell out she started using Latisse. She wouldn’t have used it if it wasn’t covered because they were pretty wiped out monetarily because of all the cancer treatments and surgery.. I guess it is similar to how breast implants can be covered if you have to have a mastectomy. 

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Latisse is sooo expensive… and I’ve tried RapidLash and NanoLash – my eyes got irritated by these serums and I even didn’t see any results at ALL!!! 🙁 My friend recommended MaxiLash serum from which I’ve been using for a while now and I love it (their brow serum is freaking great too!!)! Already after a few weeks I could see that my lashes looked healthier, and now after 4 months I’ve got really really long lashes! I’m SO SATISFIED with MaxiLash serum! I can highly recommended it to everybody! 🙂

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