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@tenacity:  I did, but the friend was a girl! They were not as close as your SO is with his friend, but the fact that she was a girl complicated things. It was a few years ago, when I went to Canada for a semester abroad.

Fiance and I tell each other everything, so when he told me this girl mention she was sad I was comming back cause he wouldn’t be spending as much time with her I snapped. I nicely and calmly told him I didn’t like their relationship, I wasn’t against they being friends and I wasn’t telling him to do or not do anything, but I needed him to know I don’t like this girl.

I guess is more frustrating in your situation when the guy’s actually nice.

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Ug.  I’ve had two LDRs.  The first one was with my ex-husband, and I think if he could have married all of his friends he would have.  They were thick as thieves and did everything togteher.  They had a roleplaying group, they went drinking, and my ex-husband (FI at the time) went out with them when they went to bars looking for women which made me REALLY uncomfortable.  He often talked about how much he wished I was like his best friend, who understood him perfectly, and it made me feel so insecure.  

I know that doesn’t really help since he’s an ex-husband, but it had nothing to do with that stuff!  

With my Fiance, he lived with his family for a little bit after he graduated from college.  He joined his dad and brothers with a weekly poker night at a local karaoke bar, did the family game nights with them, and was basically always doing things with them.  It was even more frustrating than the friend situation with my ex because it’s not like I could feel threatened by his family!  It’s great that they’re so close, but it did make me feel like I didn’t really fit into his life, especially since I was so far away and couldn’t do anything with him.  Things got a lot better when he moved out here.

At the time, I just made sure he called me.  Seriously, I needed him to initiate calls.  Maybe I’m just needy but I needed to feel like I mattered to him enough for him to pick up the phone for five minutes, and made it clear that he had to call me on a regular basis.  It helped when we talked about doing the things he did with his family when we had kids, or going out on Friday nights with my friends when he moved here.  The affirmation that soon he would be here doing those things with me was very helpful.  It made those people the placeholders instead of the competition.  LDRs are tough, but for the right person, all of the hard stuff is so worth it for the end.  I don’t even remember how I felt about that stuff unless I’m reminded of it.

Maybe it would help if you ask your Boyfriend or Best Friend to, instead of comparing you, say things like “I can’t wait until you and I are able to anticipate each other like this!”  Otherwise he’s directly setting his friend up as competition, whether he means to or not.   My Fiance and I anticipate each other almost the same way my mother, sister, and I do, but it’s taken us almost three years of in-person dating to do that.

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That really does suck, I never had to contend with feeling replaced because I knew his family wouldn’t be new and exciting XD  

I did have the, I’m taking the distance harder than he is, situation.  It was very frustrating that he just went on with life and I had my own life but it was second to life with him and it just seemed like he was perfectly fine without me.  And he had this really annoying quirk where he felt he had to be 100% honest without a filter in order to have a close relationship with me, to the point of telling me, “Just so you know, you have a little bit of a mustache.  I wanted to say it now because I’m afraid if we ever fight I’ll bring it up.”  I could have punched him.  And then he hopped back on a plane and flew back to his family.  He’s learned to be better about it, but still!  When I say, “I really miss you, I wish you were coming to the party with me,” I don’t want to hear, “Yeah, well I’m going to this thing with Pete and it should be pretty fun.”  I want to hear, “Me too!”

That is awkward because it sounds so ridiculous but it is so valid despite how it sounds!  I guess you could be like, “So.  You two dating yet?  Because it sounds like he’s a great girlfriend,” but that’s too passive aggressive and I’m just joking.  It’s actually possible that he’s gotten close to this guy because it’s a way to distract himself from not having you without exposing himself to temptation; throwing himself into a new friendship is a good distraction.  

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My ex has a friend just like that. This friend started out in my good graces because he supported our relationship. Then he just started to meddle in our relationship basically. My ex and I haven’t even been able to be civil to one another since we broke up about a month ago because of everything that has transpired, until a few hours ago.

We had a several hour long conversation about everything earlier. I did most of the talking. I told him a lot, including how it felt for him to discuss our issues and make decisions about them with his friend instead of bringing them up with me. I think what really opened his eyes was when I told him I felt that the way he had been treating me for quite some time had gotten to the pont of being emotionally abusive. He was speechless after that. He himself said he had never realized it had gotten that bad, because who wants to realize they are hurting a person so badly with the things they say and do.

My ex also didn’t have a good filter and would say things without thinking about how they might hurt me first. A while back, he told me his friend knew him much better than I do. I didn’t really tell him how much those things hurt me and it just got worse and worse, like I said, to the point of being emotionally abusive.

If there is anything I would suggest to you, it would be to talk to him about it. I know it seems weird to be jealous of his friend, but don’t just put up with it like I did.

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Fiance and I were in a semi long distance relationship for 4.5 years so I totally understand the jealousy of his friends who get to spend all their time with him.  I got to see him on the weekends at least, but even on the weekends there were times he wanted to hang out with the guys and stuff.  Let your SO know ahead of time that you want to spend time with him and only him when you visit, because you don’t get to see each other most of the time!  Sometimes guys don’t realize that we want them to ourselves for the little time we have.  I would arrive at FI’s house after hours of driving only to realize that he was at his friend’s house instead of at home despite knowing when I’d arrive.  And he’d be surprised I was upset!  After explaining it to him though, he totally got why I wanted our time together to be our time.

I will say, however, that now that Fiance and I live together, I feel a little sorry for his friends that he spends all his time with me and doesn’t see them very often anymore.  Let him enjoy his time with his friends, but at the same time do let him know that when you visit, you want it to be your time alone with him.

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I’ve been there as well.  πŸ™  Big bear hugs to you!  It’s a sucky situation.

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Oh gosh, I’m really sorry…it is SUCH a sucky situation ((hugs!))

I had a really awkward situation that was somewhat similar to yours, except they were our mutual friends! I was going to college over in England but had to move back to America due to finances. My SO and I had a group of really good friends, and when I left it just seemed like everyone was so close and I felt left out BIG TIME! It didn’t help that I wasn’t making any friends at my new school and was just feeling lonely in general, but seeing photos of all of them together on facebook and hearing all the stories of everyone going out and having fun just made me feel worse. There was even a girl in our group that had a crush on him for awhile, and she sort of moved in and it felt like I was being replaced in a girlfriend capacity. No fun. πŸ™ 

It’s totally normal to feel the way you’re feeling, and it’s a GOOD thing your life is better when he’s around! That means he’s a great match for you! πŸ™‚ I’m sure it stung when he was kind of teasing you though, and I know his having a close friend can make it feel like you’re being edged out of the picture a bit. And if you don’t have an end in sight that can just make the situation even more difficult to deal with. Do you have any idea of when you can re-evaluate things and figure out when the LDR is going to end? 

I guess my only advice is to realize everything that you are to your boyfriend that his friend can never be. He’s never going to look over at his friend sleeping and think “Wow, he’s just so beautiful!” πŸ˜› He’s never going to adore his friend the way I’m sure he adores you, he’s never going to want to take care of his friend and hold him when he cries and snuggle in bed and hold his hand when they walk down the street! He LOVES you, he’s only in a silly bromance with his friend! 

I know this sounds horrible and like I was playing a ‘game’, but the way I finally got around this situation was just becoming increasingly less available to my SO. I didn’t want to be the one guilting him into skyping with me and I didn’t even want to admit how hurt I was that I felt neglected. So I joined some new clubs and started making new friends and going out more, and once he realized I wasn’t going to sit around pining after him and had an active life outside of him, he started making a huge effort! I don’t know your situation or how your guy operates, so I’m not necessarily suggesting this to you, just letting you know what worked for me. How often are you able to see each other? It’s so easy to feel replaced and just like a ‘part-time girlfriend’ when there’s a big chunk of time between visits, and I know that can’t be helped. πŸ™ Feel free to vent here whenever, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have at least a handful of bees commiserate with you (myself included!) 

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