(Closed) LDR: Going to use up vacay time at work then eventually quit, what to tell boss?

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  • poll: Tell the boss:
    Nothing until 2 mos. before the move. Legally you don't have to if you have the vacay time. : (7 votes)
    33 %
    Everything starting at the first vacay day request so he knows the plan and can prepare. : (4 votes)
    19 %
    That I am going to visit my soon-to-be-fiance, who moved, but nothing is for sure yet. : (10 votes)
    48 %
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    You don’t have to say why you’re taking it. Just say it’sfor personal reasons that you’re not comfortable discussing.

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    I agree with twista. Just tell them you’re going to take the time and dont reveal to your boss you’re quitting until the require two weeks notice!

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    You say that you aren’t worried that they would let you go early but I have seen this happen to two folks and they didn’t think it would happen either.  Turthfully they can legally walk you out the day you give notice.  Now, I doubt that will happen. But you have to be prepared for it.  Take your vacation just how you would any other vacation but when it is time to give notice make sure that if the worst happened that you could pay for your bills and your move without that two week notice income.  Just in case.

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    I work for a super small company – so I completely get the dynamics.  If it were me – I’d tell them that Fiance is moving to x city to see if he wants a job out there.  If it ends up working out for him, you’d end up moving after the wedding.  I think if you leave it as if it’s up in the air – but there is a good chance you’ll be going – it’s the best way to go about it….  

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    Is there a possibility to use up some of your vacay like you normally would and then get cashed out for the rest? That may be a better option so it won’t appear that you are using up the time just because you are quiting soon.

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    Well if you are close to the people that you work with..I would give them a little heads up.  I was in the same situation a few years ago.

    Boyfriend or Best Friend got xfered from MA to CA.  He moved out 9/07. I told my company about the move and that I would be moving out there with him..just not sure what time frame yet (and at the point i didn’t). Once I did get the date I told them..I also gave them 9 months notice too.  I also documented in detail my day to day routine, made manuals & etc. 

    When you said your boss got nervous, maybe he was worried that you would leave them in a lurch.  I would just take my vacation for now and then about 2 months out tell him the truth, Fiance moved out there for a job, you have been travelling back and forth and its now time for you leave.  Tell them your end date and that you will do everything you can in making the transition to the new person as seamless as possible.

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    @Soon2bBB: Ah I see. Well I would just take the time as needed and give proper notice. Maybe a little extra notice. Since you work for a smaller company who probably depends on the work that you do, it maybe wise to not tell them tooo early as they could find your replacement faster than you are ready to leave. I guess a month or so notice would enough for them to find someone and you possibly show the next person the ropes.

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    If you don’t take the vacation, would you cash out the vacation time? That’s how mine works. My company wouldn’t actually fire me if i told them i was leaving by X….so I can’t really relate, so ignore my advice if it doesn’t fit

    But otherwise, just tell them you’re visiting your Fiance. They aren’t stupid–they probably know you’re leaving. They’ll ask questions. I got them ALL THE TIME when I was visitng Darling Husband in Savannah. EVERYBODY asked if i was moving. You can’t avoid the question without looking like you’re lying so just sorta try to skirt the line without answering if you aren’t comfortable answering them truthfully.

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    @Soon2bBB: I really would recommend telling your employeer now of your intentions. It’ll be so much easier that they know you are planning to go, can hire someone in enough time, and you won’t have to lie about your vacation time.  They’ll respect you so much more for being straightforward. It sounds like a good company and I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you moving on with your life.

    I was in a similar close office type job for 3 years. I quit when I left for medical school, which my boss knew was coming. I had originally planned to stay until about June, but my boss and I had never had a serious discussion about this and nothing was official about it. For various reasons, I ended up giving 30 days notice at the beginning of March. My boss was LIVID. I received really poor treatment after that until he finally came around in my last week of work. Every situation is different, but from my experience, telling someone as soon as you can is a good idea. It’s actually less pressure than “oh, by the way,I’m only going to be here for two weeks…” They’ll have time to get used to the idea.

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    I wouldn’t say anything.  Your vacay is your vacay and no one needs to know what you are doing with it.  Also, you don’t even have to tell them you are quitting until 2 weeks before.  That’s all you owe them!  I definitely wouldn’t do it any sooner than 1 month prior to your leave date.  You wouldn’t want to be fired or terminated early because of that and then out of a paycheck.

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    I was in a similar-ish situation.

    But I went into my job long distance so I started taking those long weekend vacation days as soon as the 90 days hit…then my Fiance got an unexpected job/grad school acceptance so I decided to move with him after the wedding although I was pretty sure I would anyway (his previous job moved a lot so I wasn’t sure where I could work).

    Anyway, I was in a similar situation, I KNEW I needed to give them a lot of time to interview candidates, etc. b/c it’s a hard position to fill. They are sad to see me go but were appreciative for the 6 weeks notice I gave them (esp since things got buuuusy recently).

    As for your vacation situation can you work remotely? That’s how I handled most of my long weekends….put in 40-50 hours in 4 days or use one weekend day of the previous weekend. Or bring a laptop and work while traveling etc. We’re a really flexible company, so I’m not sure if that’s possible for you, but if they NEED you’re help and you feel most comfortable being honest it might be worth a try.

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