LDR while being a single mom

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    I think there is no point in continuing your relationship. 

    -hes unemployed

    -hes not interested in being a parent to your kid

    -he doesnt want to settle down

    Why not just end it and look for someone you can actually build a future with? This guy is a dead end. 

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    pinkyunicorn :  He kept talking about it being not good when my daughter becomes too attached to him

    Nope, that is all you need to know. 

    And he cannot imagine settling down for at least 15 years to ensure that stability for my kid while he still wants to explore the world. 

    This sounds like he is trying to break up with you, I’m not sure what you plan to work on. 

    He is nervous when my kid holds his hands because he is not sure about partaking in raising my kid with me.

    This isn’t a committed relationship, if you have a young kid and he doesn’t want an active part in her life then there is no relationship. 

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    End it. He doesn’t want to be a part of your daughter’s life. He is tip toeing around his reason’s without clearly comming out and saying it. Your kid this, your kid that. Well “your” kid isn’t going anywhere so it’s both or none at all. Don’t waste your time op. 

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    pinkyunicorn :  No. 

    I stopped at “He is nervous when my kid holds his hands because he is not sure about partaking in raising my kid with me. I asked him then what he thinks are other options. He said he didn’t know. “

    I think you need to find someone more suited to family life, if that’s what you desire the dynamic of the relationship to be (meaning, if you want someone who is going to be around your child).

    He sounds like a flake…he “quit his job to rebalance his life”?? I am a free-spirit, so I get it, but that doesn’t really work when there is a kid involved. 

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    “He asked if we could still be friends.”  To me, that means just that– Let’s just be friends.  I don’t think there is a relationship after that.  He doesn’t seem to have a future with you.  He is not stable and you need stability especially when you have a child.  Do what’s best for you and your child.  Keep us posted.  Good luck.

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    You have to ask about this? I’d say it’s pretty apparent that this man does not see himself in your life long-term. 

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    pinkyunicorn :  I’m sorry youre int his situation bee. He clearly isnt trying to blend lives with you and has made it clear hes uncomfortable raising your little one. I would use this as experience to weed out guys just like this and find better. Best wishes <3

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    I’d definitely tag him as a “free spirit”, and I think it’s respectable that he seems to be aware that his wants/desires/dreams aren’t suitable for family life right now. I don’t know why he let himself get involved with a single mother if that’s the case, but regardless it sounds like he’s coming around to the realization that his lifestyle isn’t compatible with yours. He doesn’t want your daughter getting too attached to him because he’s not confident that he’s going to stay around, and he doesn’t want her getting hurt. Maybe he’s a flakey deadbeat who recklessly started a relationship he knew wouldn’t last, or maybe he legitimately fell in love and now regrets that it probably won’t work out…doesn’t really matter, but I don’t want to be throwing someone you care for—and who we know very little about—under the bus. Anyway, the writing on the wall is that this isn’t going to work out. Your guy wants another *15 years* of free-spiriting, which is fine for him…but you need someone who’s ready to settle down right now, and not when your daughter is graduating highschool. It sounds like y’all had some fun together, but can make a mutual, cordial split, to pursue lives neither of you will need to settle for. 

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    I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I cannot even wrap my head around how you could consider this.  Please stop thinking of any of this in terms of what’s best for you, for him, or for this “relationship” and instead focus on what’s best for your child.

     I’m assuming she’s young and I’m assuming her father isn’t in the picture much if you are easily able to consider relocating.  Especially in that case, but really in any case, she deserves to be the focus of your life.   Stop chasing after this guy who clearly isn’t going to help facilitate that.  Even he sees it.  

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    How on earth is this a question? You’re seriously considering still pursuing this relationship? Put your child first. Period. Then the answer should be obvious. 

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    No, definitely not.  You need someone who wants to show up and be part of your lives.  He does not.  Break it off.

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    There’s very few times when the answer to a poll is unanimous. Take that for what it’s worth.

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    sunburn :  I had the same exact though!

    I cant believe you even need to ask! You’re willing to throw away a career you love that you worked hard on to gain independence after a divorce on some guy who doesnt want to be involved with your child!!?? You REALLY need to work on your self esteem. I cant believe you would even consider uprooting your child and quitting your job for a guy who doesnt even want her around. Please find a man who is more family oriented and will cherish time with your child. There are millions of men in the world, pick one who values you, your child and your relationship more.

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    pinkyunicorn :  he cannot imagine settling down for at least 15 years.  Bee everything about your post screams no commitment.  He’s basically putting the onus on you, meaning he’s cool being with you for now but he’s gonna want to move on eventually so you and your daughter need to let go of some “attachments & expectations” when that time comes.   

    I think you know deep down what you need to do.  

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