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I love frozen meals – just be sure to watch the sodium.  Some of them can be pretty high.

I stick with Lean Cuisine, WW, and Amy’s.

It’s easier for me than going to a deli or Subway, etc.  I like knowing the exact calorie count.

(don’t worry too much about the weight gain.  It’s the sodium from the Chinese food and the pasta causing you to retain fluid)

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They won’t derail your weight loss, but they aren’t the best choice. My problem with them is they are VERY small portions and thus, not very filling. I am always hungry an hour or two after I eat those. I tend to eat more in the afternoon or for dinner when I’ve had those for lunch. I think its better to pack a turkey sandwich on whole grain, or even better, pack yourself a salad. I find it keeps better if you keep the dressing separate (always make your own with oil and vinegar).

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I used to LIVE off of weight watchers meals- they were so delicious and convenient. I haven’t had one in quite some time though. Maybe some are okay, but if you read the ingredients, there’s a LOT of stuff in there that your probably don’t want. Also, most have a pretty high carb to protein ratio.

I really recommend packing your lunch instead. I know you said you don’t have a lot of time, but can you cook and pack on weekends? Almost every Sunday afternoon, I cook 4-5 chicken breasts at once, put them each in a plastic bag, and grab one for lunch every day. I also parcel out carrots, celery, and raw broccoli in ziploc bags and grab one of those every morning. Packing my lunch takes less than 3 minutes that way. Or I pack the entire thing the night before. I think taking the extra time will be well worth it.

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As long as you watch the sodium in them by drinking enough water each day you’ll be fine. I eat them 2-3 times per week for lunch and I add some fruit on the side as well and I’ve lost 37 pounds. Of course I’m also calorie counting & working out, but I like the portion control aspect and its quick & easy!

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I agree about prepacking your meals…I’ve found it to be a good alternative to the frozen stuff, because as others have said I don’t usually find them very filling. Usually on Sunday or Monday I’ll make some kind of large dish like a lightened up casserole, pasta, etc (sites like SkinnyTaste have some great suggestions on making these healthier!) and then parcel out the leftovers into tupperwares for the rest of the week. I know some people get really sick of eating the same thing, but for the convenience factor alone it doesn’t really bother me!

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I personally love healthy choice/smart one/lean cuisine meals and my weight is right where I want it to be. The only downside is the high amount of sodium they put in them, so make sure you drink plenty of water. I also like to add frozen vegetables to it so I’m eating more, but it hardly adds any calories. I like being able to look at the box and say, Ok, this rosemary chicken with sweet potatoes (which is amazing by the way) is 180 calories. You can try to count the calories in the turkey sandwich, but it might get annoying after a while.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the best thing you can do is eat a lot of fiber and drink plenty of water. Also, try to eat food that your body agrees with easily (fruits, vegetables, whole grain) and try to avoid foods that can clog up your system (cheese, greasy meats, fast food). This is a little Too Much Information, but pay attention to what goes on in the bathroom. It directly reflects your metabolism. If you are burning a lot of calories and eating foods that makes it easy to poop and drinking a lot of water, you will lose weight easier. If you eat junk, and it gets stuck in your system, you will not only feel gassy and bloated all the time, but your body won’t be able to metabolize it fast enough and it will be easier to store as fat. I hope I explained that right. My mom is a personal trainer, so if you have any questions, let me know!

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They’re okay in a pinch, but the sodium content is really high, so make sure you drink a TON of water when you eat them.  Try packing your lunch the night before and have it ready to go.  I make salads for a week, and just keep the “wet: ingedients (cucumer, tomato, dressings, etc) in a separate container until I’m ready to eat them. 

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I think they’re great for losing weight. They are usually really low calories. They let you get a taste of your favorite foods, but the portions are so small that you can still lose weight. I usually eat one meal and an apple for lunch.

However, they are probably not the healthiest way to lose wieght. They can be crazy-high in sodium. I haven’t gotten to the point in life where doctors lecture me about sodium yet, so I’ll keep using them when I’m on a diet and counting calories, but someday I’ll have to stop.

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I would try to avoid them, but something which is really helpful is to broil chicken breasts with lemon juice on Sunday night and then eat them for the next 4 days (Friday I allow myself to go out). Then every other evening I prepare the rest of the salad– half a bag of spring mix in each, tomatos, and carrots. It is super easy.

I also just make a double batch of every dinner and eat leftovers every day. It takes no additional time and keeps lunch easy.

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