Leaving a 2 Month Old? New Mom Help!

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sauve2015 :  It sounds like you want to go, regardless of if you’re bringing your little one or not, so it shouldn’t change your RSVP since you don’t need to RSVP for your baby (they won’t be eating a meal or taking up a seat at the table if you do end up bringing them along). It’s ok to plan to do one thing and make the necessary arrangements, but also don’t feel bad about changing your mind in the future. You won’t know what you’re truly comfortable with until your LO is here.  

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We had our first post baby date night when LO was 6 weeks. My parents watched her for like 3 hours while we went to dinner and a cooking class. It was SO nice to have a break. I exclusively breastfed (I will hit 12 months in 11 days, woohoo!) and so just pumped some milk for her in the weeks leading up. Ultimately, it depends on how comfortable you are with the caretakers – my mom is like the grandma from heaven she has been SO helpful and is also a nurse so I felt 100% comfortable leaving my tiny baby with her. I dont think I could have left her with anyone else. Even my husband, haha. 

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You should be fine. I took a weekend away (pumped in advance and pumped through the weekend) when my daughter was 6/7 weeks old. Most babies that age are eating every 3-4 hours so if you’ve got a break between you can always feed the baby (run home) or pump (they even make car adapters for the electric pumps) inbeteeen. Enjoy!!

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My baby is exactly 2m old and I’d go to the wedding and get my parents (whom I trust) to babysit! She’s exclusively breastfed, fwiw. I mostly nurse, but starting when she was just 2 weeks old I began pumping about 3-4 oz a day and occasionally giving her a bottle. At this point (two months old), she eats about every 3 hours during the day and has recently started going longer stretches at night. I’d have zero qualms about leaving her with someone I trusted like my parents for a few hrs so I could go to a nearby wedding and would just have them give her a bottle of pumped milk if need be. I would prefer that to bringing my baby to a wedding! 

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Go! As long as you have a trustworthy sitter, pump some extra leading up to the wedding to store, bring your pump in case you’re painfully full at the wedding, but go and enjoy yourself! I am 100% pro- baby wearing, co-sleeping (if it works for you even tho it didn’t for us) and being with your kids all the dang time. My life is completely engulfed by my children. That being said, you will absolutely appreciate some adult conversation, not having to tend to baby for a few hours, and wearing clothes that aren’t stained or smelly. Are you a first time mom? Did anyone tell you that at 8 weeks you’ll probably only have washed your hair 3 times? 😝 I’m kidding. Sort of. But really, just try to enjoy yourself and even though you WILL miss that sweet little squishy ball of love, you’ll appreciate the little break. Have fun!!

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A) I did leave my baby with a trusted caregiver at this age to attend a wedding and B) Six weeks is the most maternity leave many women get in the US, if any. So–can you do this? Yes. Is it reasonable, in my opinion, to ask that you may respond closer to the wedding date, once you know how you and the baby are doing? Absolutely. 

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sauve2015 :  well without a bottle, you can’t be away more than 2-3 hours from your 8 week old.  If you pump and have milk pumped beforehand then you can be gone longer.  The week before you can track what times your baby eats and that should give you a good idea of how many bottles they would need.  I would go with 3oz per bottle at that age (1-1.5oz per hour is a good estimate) but some might eat more than that.  You would probably want to get started pumping and offering a bottle around 6-7 weeks to get them used to it.  You wouldn’t want to try the day before and find out you can’t pump anything.  What worked best for me was pumping at night or on one side at night once the baby fell asleep on one side instead of nursing from both.

You would also want to pump while you’re away from your baby.  So plan on pumping every 2-3 hours.  I’ve pumped in my car plenty for a variety of reasons.  We had an older baby (7mo) but I left the reception for 40m to pump in my car.  Pumped on the way home while my husband drove, etc.

Also, I wouldn’t feel bad at all if I had to cancel my RSVP or whatever.  I would assume in that scenario the couple would be understanding. 

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sauve2015 :  another thing to consider is you theoretically will have a 10 week old based on your due date, but realistically it’s reasonable to expect that the baby will be anywhere from 8 weeks (if you’re late) to 14 weeks (if you’re early). That potential 6 week swing can make a big difference! 

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I took my 3 month old to a wedding and it was fine, and my cousin brought her one month old (and was in the wedding party) – it was a family wedding so I didn’t really have anyone else to leave him with (a cousin my age so all my close friends were also there) and he was welcome/invited. At that age they typically sleep well anywhere still (bring a carrier to strap him on!) if you decided to bring him. 

Otherwise, I think they officially advise waiting to start bottles until your milk supply is established, but my son had to take meds mixed with breast milk every day so he got a bottle daily from ~1 week old and had no issues going back and forth with breastfeeding. Since you know you will be leaving I would definitely suggest daily bottles for a while before so he doesn’t refuse it and cause panic on the day!

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