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    We adopted both of our dogs from the Hunane Society, one was a year old and the other as a 8 week old puppy. Both were unbelievably great dogs when we first got them. The one that was a year old is a pit bull, we had no issues at all. The puppy, boxer mix, was a typical puppy. The older dog helped with the potty training a lot. I’ve known a few friends to have issues with puppies they got from pet stores, so be carefull if that is the route you choose. Good luck!

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    My dog was 2 when we adopted him and now he’s 4 and a half.  He has no accidents when we leave him which is sometimes over 12 hours.  We only do that if we need to go up to our hometown which is two hours away.  He hates car rides so it’d actually be worse to take him with us.  He’s good for quite a while though.  When my mom first got her now dog (she was 8 weeks) though she couldn’t go more than an hour or two without an accident.  Also, neither of these dogs are crated ever if that helps (I saw someone else put that).  My fiance’s brother has his dogs in crates all day and they have multiple accidents during a regular workday from what I’ve been told (ages 1 and 2) but were left alone for long periods of time, taken out I think once a day for about three days, when she had their baby.

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    Our dogs are a little over 2 and almost 4 years old.  From day 1 we always had someone to come over to let them out to pee and walk them in the middle of the day crated or not.

    Now they are not crated and are alone from 7:30-8am until 12-1pm, and then again until 5ish when I get home.

    I think it’s crucial to let them get an afternoon walk if you can afford to.  Our dog walkers charge $15/visit and they come once a day Monday-Friday.  It’s worth every penny.

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    On a normal daily basis my dogs are left home alone from when my husband leaves for work around 11 until I get home from work around 6. We have a pug and a puggle, they are both almost 4. They handle it really well since they are not high energy dogs. We had the puggle from when she was a puppy and my husband took her to work with him 🙂 and if he couldn’t he’d come home and let her out of her crate and take her potty. Our pug we adopted came to us potty trained.

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    We have a 10 y/o rescue pug, and we leave him alone for 9 hrs a day. He usually sleeps and gets full range of the house.  And since he’s older, he’s able to hold it with no accidents until Darling Husband or I get home.

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    My dog is about 7 or 8 and we leave her with free reign of the guest room/closet/bathroom when I go to work.  That can be up 8-9 hours.

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    Our dogs are about 2 years old and we leave them while we’re at work everyday. Its usually only about 7 hours, but sometimes more. Its definitely better now that we have two – I don’t feel as bad since they have company.

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    I wish I didnt have to leave her at home alone at all :/. She is a “people dog”, so I hate leaving her alone. If we are going to our friends or parents houses, we always take her along. Some people might think its weird, but thats how we are, and our friends and parents would question us as to why she’s not with us if we left her at home while we wnet to their house.

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    Our dog is about 2 years old and we leave her home alone all day (10 hours) while I’m at work.  Darling Husband travels for work during the week so she’s there alone from about 7:30am – 5:30pm when I get home again.  But Fridays Darling Husband works from home so she gets to hang out with him all day!

    @youhavemyheart: FYI – my parents have a basset hound and they are really stubborn dogs.  Very difficult to train and housebreak.  They’ve probably had her for a year and a half and she still goes potty in the house on occasion (they’ve never had an issue housebreaking any of the other 7 dogs they’ve had over my lifetime) and she’s the only dog they have ever had to crate train because she just isn’t trustworthy.

    Maybe look into a shitz tzu.  My parents and DH’s parents both have shitz tzus as doggie siblings (my parents have 2 other dogs and DH’s have one other – all different breeds) and all of them get along great!

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    2-4 hours, our pup is almost 4 months old. Usually it’s only when we’re running errends etc. as she always travels with us.

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    Our pup is 8 months old. When I’m working I usually come home at lunch to feed him and let him out (he gets about 20 mins to run around) that usually means he’s alone 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon.

    He’s usually pretty good by himself for a few hours, but about a month ago we left him (unintentionally) for about 8 hours in the house and he ripped an entire cushion off our leather couch and chewed up a bunch of stuff. We think he was mad at us! …..needless to say he’s been crated for the last little while…

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    we have a 3.5 year old beagle terrier and a 2.5 year old yorkie. on most m-f’s… they are left from 8am – 6pm… i usually work from home once a week and Fiance sometimes gets in early around 3-4pm… and sometimes Father-In-Law takes them over to his house… we try to balance it out… we keep them in our oversized laundry room and they mostly sleep all day… except the first hour after i’ve left and the last hour before someone gets home; they sit watch by the window… :T

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    Our dog is a 1 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd. We comfortably leave her alone for 4-6 hours. She doesn’t do anything wrong when she’s alone more than that, but she does start displaying anxious behaviors that show she’s not happy – last time we left her that long she started licking everything – absolutely everything – in sight when we got home. 

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    My FH is out of work right now, so he’s home and Lucy’s spoiled….but when we’re both working, we have a dog walker come.  She’s usually only alone for 4-5 hours at a time.  She’s 95lbs and can hold it, but it’s well worth the peace of mind to know she’s been checked up on and that if I have to run an errand on my way home, I can without feeling guilty. 

    We definitely spoil her – she COULD last all day, but I’d feel bad and frankly, it’s a relatively small price for a happy 95lb dog!

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    My dogs generally go 4-6 hours, but if I get stuck at work they are alright with 8 hours once in awhile.  2 are crated (separately next to each other) and 1 has free reign, although she hangs out in the 3rd crate most of the time.

    My SO’s dogs are crated for 8-10 hours and manage it okay, but he does lots of activities with them so they get lots of exercise.  (in duck season they get to go hunting before work!) They are crated.  

    When SO’s dogs were puppies (not at the same time) he had a friend stop in and let them out mid-day.  Mine were all adopted as adults and have been fine from the start.

    I would definitely consider an adult dog.  You can usually tell a lot more what you are getting.  With a puppy- you don’t really know what personality they are going to grow into unless you know the parents.  I would recommend checking into a few breeds that interest you and talk to a breed rescue.  They will tell you the ‘bad’ traits of the breed and can help you find an adult or puppy that will fit in.  

    I got pretty much what I expected with all of my adult adoptions, with the exception of 1 but I knew she was a questionable case going in to it.  (She is my first Whippet- much more stubborn than I expected and she was 8 years old and had been passed around a bit after her owner died- it took her a few weeks to accept me and then I was not allowed to leave her- EVER!  Poor girl.  It took a bit of medication and training, but she does great now)

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