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  • poll: How long do you leave your dog home along?
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    2-4 hours. : (9 votes)
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    Over 4 hours, less than 6. : (32 votes)
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    6-8 hours. : (43 votes)
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    More than 8 hours. : (38 votes)
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    We don’t have our puppy anymore, boo! We moved here for grad school and the housing people originally told us we couldn’t bring our dog. Then we got here and our super was totally fine with bringing our dog AND we didn’t have to pay any extra!

    Anyway, Future Mother-In-Law and Future Father-In-Law have our dog temporarily, until we can afford to fly him back. (Also we’re worried about shaking up his life TOO much, too often.) Right now they are keeping him in his crate 6-8 hours a day because that’s just their schedule. When Fiance and I had our pup, we never left him alone for more than 4-5 hours. (I worked two blocks from home and Fiance actually worked in the same building we lived in, so it was easy to let pup out at lunch.) However, the pup is actually an adult now (about 13 months), so his bladder is ready for it, and it sounds like he adjusted to this schedule pretty easily. Sounds like Fiance and I were being overprotective parents, ha… 

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    I leave my 6 year old dachshund  home alone for about 8-9 hours a day. 

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    For puppies, a good rule of thumb is that they can hold themselves one hour for each month of life. i.e. a 3 month old should def. not be left alone longer than 3 hours. Once they are 6 months I personally wouldn’t do longer than 6 hours until they are at least one. Even then 8 is my max. Once or twice it was 10 and I felt horrible… and my dog did too 🙁

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    @youhavemyheart: We have a 4 year old shih tzu-pomeranian mix that we adopted from our local shelter. He’s a great dog & was potty trained long before we got him. It may benefit you to get an older dog that is already potty trained if you cant be home as often to potty train. I voted for 4-6 hours. It varies depending on what we have to do, but i don’t think we’ve left him for longer than that since we got him. He has free reign of the house while we’re gone (:

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    We have a 7.5 month old Wheaten and he’s usually home for 6-8 hours a day during the week depending on our work schedules. He’s crated during this time. When he was younger my sister would come at least once, sometimes twice to let him out while he was being potty trained. In the next few weeks we’ll be transitioning him to an X-Pen during the day now that we know we can trust his behavior. He sleeps happily in his crate and goes in willingly on command (“Go to Bed!”). We make sure he gets dog park time or hikes in the reservation after work at least 3-4 times a week and on weekends he pretty much comes everywhere with us.


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    I’d like to start this off by saying that we rescued our dog from the shelter. He was a 2 year old stray. I think at first our dog had separation anxiety. If we would leave him alone for any amount of time it was awful. Once, we took a 5 minute walk to take the trash down the driveway and when we came back there was poop EVERYWHERE. (Mind you, we were crate training him) He had pooped in the crate, and then KICKED IT UP onto the walls and ceiling. We were prisoners in our home for almost 4 months because we were afraid to leave him alone. One day, we decided we couldn’t live our lives around a dog and went grocery shopping TOGETHER for the first time in months. When we came back, he was fine. I think he realized that we weren’t going to desert him and we would always come back. Now, he still cries when we leave, but nothing like he used to do. 

    We sometimes have to keep him clocked up for up to 10 hours. We always put him in the crate. 

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    We leave our doggies ( 3 yr old Chi Mix & 7 month old Basset Hound) home for 8-9 hrs… But we dont crate them they play in the back yard & when it rains they go to my parents they have a huge covered patio with their Rottie Cousin.

    They do pretty good because they are together and when we just had our chi mix she doesn’t mind the kids next door keep her company during the day

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    My pup has to stay home alone about 8 1/2 hours on the days that I work. He is two and handles it really well. He never really stayed home alone that long until he was 1 1/2 though. Before that probably the longest he would be alone was like 5-6 hours max.

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    We leave our 4 month puppy crated at home while we work, but someone comes to take him out 2x a day to play & potty. He does well but we make sure to take him on a LONG walk when we get home and play lots of fetch. We also try to keep him with us on the weekends.

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    Our boxer is four years old and we can leave him for up to 10 hours but rarely have to thanks to our schedules. Our average is about 6 hours and he’s perfectly content to chill in the room for that amount of time.


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    well we both leave around 8 a.m. for work and don’t get home til around 5:30 / 6. Our (almost) 2 year old golden lab/golden retriever mix absolutely HAS to be in her crate – or else she destroys stuff. So yes that is about 9 – 10 hours monday – friday that she is in her crate. Some people would think that’s awful but it’s a huge crate, she does have toys in there – and when we get home she does get played with in the yard and goes for a walk…all that good stuff. we do what we can to exercise her every chance we get. 🙂

    we also have a 6 year old pug who is “locked up” in our kitchen…he’s not crated – but we have a small kitchen with a baby gate.

    There’ve been a few times when she’s been left in the crate longer (such as un-forseen times when we have something to do after work) but it’s all good.

    Again – we do do all we can to make sure she gets adequate exercise every day. 

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    We CAN leave Cheddar in the house for up to 11 hours and on very rare occassions have had to do so. He’s a lucky pup, though, because I only mostly work out of the house on weekends or just short meetings on weekdays. Even then he’s only looking at about 6 hours tops. When my husband second shoots weddings with me, we try to have a girl we pay come over and let him out at least once while we’re gone.

    My dog has free reign of the house. He is a 1-year-old 150lb. (and still growing) Mastiff. Love him 🙂 P.S. I’m not actually riding him in this picture, just proving I CAN, haha.


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    Our puppy is 10 months and we leave him all day while we go to work (8-9 hours). When he was younger I came home to lunch every day. He hasn’t had an accident during the day for a couple of months!

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    A puppy def. cannot hold it for 8 hours, and they will try, which is so sad!

    My dog is 3. We leave her for approx. 5-7 while we work. But she has the entire finished basement to hang in. We got a big futon mattress and she hangs out there and she has toys. she also has some company becuase I have two parrots and they are also there (and they talk to her a lot. LOL).

    I also think the size of the dog matters. A smaller dog probably can’t wait as long as a larger. Sometimes when we get home, Molly doesn’t even have to go out. She can wait quite a long time, although I hate doing that to her.

    I also think behavior and breed come into play. My Fiance had a dog that would not behave alone. He was a husky mix, high energy. He would destroy things- he’d actually been brought back to the shelter where my Fiance got him twice before. Come to learn, he just needed a friend, so Fiance got another dog, and he was then fine. Every dog is different.

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    Once my dog became an adult, we were forced (job change) to go from leaving her home for 4 hours at a time to 10 hours at a time.  I’m pretty sure she sleeps all day in bed and doesn’t move a muscle.  It doesn’t seem to phase her at all.  But she’s a 10lb mini dachshund, so she doesn’t require alot of exercise.

    Let it be said that we do nothing but play with her and keep her entertained and exercised from the hours of 5pm to 11pm.  Otherwise, she won’t sleep through the night.

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