(Closed) Leaving the dog outside all day: I feel guilty!

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Buzzing bee
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Personally, I don’t like it when people leave the dog outside all day…I really think the idea of letting the dog into the kitchen area, with access to the doggy door outside would be ideal for her and you guys!

Also, she probably just sits outside and sleeps all day anyways! I don’t think having access to the inside will change that much.

Also, for dogs to be kept outside, many towns have regulations that state the size of a crate the dog can be left in, access to food/water and shelter as a requirement…fyi.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I don’t agree with leaving a dog outside all day, especially when noone is home. Having a doggy door so that she could come and go as she pleases would be ideal. Even if she does just lounge around inside all day, that’s what she wants to do. As long as she has somewhere to sleep in the kitchen (even throwing a few towels down under the table would suffice if you don’t want a bed in there), I’d think that would be much better than having her be outside all day. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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I am not a fan of a dog being out all day when no one is home. We never leave out dogs outside when we aren’t home. What if she got out somehow? And bit someone? Or got hit by a car? What if she someone got hung on the run by her collar, or hurt herself? Our young pup is crated when we aren’t home, the older dog can go wherever. I know that they mostly sleep while we are gone. How long of a stretch are you away from home at a time?

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Bee Keeper

I think a doggie door is best solution, then it’s the dog’s choice to stay inside or not. What happens if it rains? I would be afraid the neighbors would call animal contrrol on you guys…. Access to inside the house is the best idea so no complaints from neighbors….

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Honey bee

We could never do that here, because the weather is so unpredictable. But even if we could, I dont think we would. We have a decent sized yard but our dog just is more comfortable in the house. She sleeps on the couch all day, which I know is not ideal but we both work 8-9 hour days. She gets plenty of exercise and we walk her 2-3 times a day so she gets fresh air. I would just feel bad leaving her outside all day 🙁

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Busy bee
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@oracle:  I think having her inside with access to the doggie door is the best! That way if she WANTS to be outside she can be.  Most dogs sleep all day regardless of where they are.

One other thought: is that if you do decide to stick with the outdoor play all day, you might want to check with any neighbors that are home during the day to make sure she’s not barking all day and being bothersome.  We have a WONDERFUL dog in our neighborhood that is out all day and as soon as his owners leave for the day he barks non-stop.  He’s very friendly but it is super annoying.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I don’t necessarily care for it either – especially when it’s super hot outside.  A neighbor from a town I used to live in left their golden retriever outside in the summer heat every day.  The poor dog would howl his little heart away.  I felt absolutely terrible.

I think having access to a doggie door would be great.  I think if the dog wants to go and rest, then it should be able to.  If that’s not an option, then possibly invest in a comfortable dog house.

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Sugar bee
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Our one dog actually prefers to be outside all day, whereas our other dog prefers to be inside while we are at work-so that’s what we do. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with leaving your dog outside, but I also don’t think it would hurt to try the doggie door scenario for a few days. You should figure out which of the 2 situations your dog is happiest with and go with that. 🙂

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Sugar bee
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We leave our dog gated in the kitchen all day.  She crawls in her kenel and sleeps, I catch her there if I come home early.  🙂  She’s grown up there, though, so she’s most comfortable.  Dogs have ‘their place’ and are actually more comfortable being enclosed in a place they know than left to their own devices in a larger area.  If I leave her out, she just sleeps in the same place.  Maybe on her bed in the bedroom, where she sleeps at night.  If I left her outside, she’d run around for a while, get really thirsty, then be bad she couldn’t get in, and lay down and go to sleep.  Dogs can be safe outdoors all day, I just don’t trust her to not destroy something, choke on a stick, or get let out by a neighbor kid. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I wouldn’t leave your dog outside all day. First off- it is getting warmer out and dogs shouldn’t be outside in heat for extended periods of time. WHen it’s not getting warmer you have to think about the cold, rain, snow, wind, etc. Leaving a dog outside for the day will also increase the potential that the dog will escape. I think itd be better to have the dog inside with access to the doggy door. My guess is that your dog won’t go outside on its own unless it has to do its business!

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Sugar bee
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I have a small dog and leaving him outside all day would be unthinkable for me. For one, we have wild life that would probably attack him… But I do think it’s sad to leave any size dog outside all day. I would definitely vote for the doggy door to allow him access to both in and outside throughout the day. Especially during the “harsh” LA winter and summer months.

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Bee Keeper
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I personally don’t like it when dogs are left outside all day. So many things can happen to them. Just a few examples:

  1. Jump the fence and get lost or hit by a car. Even a 6-8 foot fence, many large dogs can get over or dig under.
  2. Get shot or poisoned. (In my “nice neighborhood” a few years ago there was a rash of dog shootings. Dogs in fenced backyards, the owners would return home to find their dog shot to death.) Especially since you have a breed that some people will be judgemental against.
  3. Get stolen for fighting dog “bait”, especially if you have a rottie-mix.

Also, people walking by might not appreciate a “curious dog”, especially a rottie-mix because many people will find the dog scary, even if it is a sweetheart.


Dogs tend to sleep most of the day. Whether our dogs are kenneled inside, loose inside, or loose outside, they settle down and sleep most of the time.

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Helper bee
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I didn’t want to be the first to post, but I think it’s really unfair, almost cruel to leave a dog outside all day.  It’s surroundings are too unpredictable and I would be one of those people that would call animal control on you for leaving your dog outside all day if it got over 80 degrees.  Other animals, weather, etc. just can’t be controlled.  Plus you don’t know if your dog is a barker.  I would hate you if I was your neighbor and your dog sat outside and barked all day (my parents dog is like that, his outdoor time is now limited due to complaints from the neighborhood).  It’s safer to give them an indoor environmental option because it is controlled. I have a smaller dog, but my dog still stays in her crate while I am gone and she is 10. 

Also, my friend had TWO of their dogs stolen from their backyard.  He liked to leave his dogs outside during the day while he was at work because they were lab mixes and they lived in a very small house (under 700 sq feet).  Both very gated in with 6 foot high fences that were locked and both were stolen.  One was found.  Not returned, but found.


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