(Closed) Less than 8.5 weeks till my baby arrives and I don't feel prepared

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@SouthernSunshine:  My friend’s lactation consultant recommended the Playtex Nursers for breastfeeders.  I have them on my registry and also the Dr. Browns which are supposed to be good for babies with colic.

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If it makes you feel any better, all i have so far is a stroller 🙂

re the bottles, i have heard great things about the Born Free bottles and the Dr. Browns for breast fed babies.  most are said to best mimic BFing.  Maybe get a few of each and see what baby likes best?  Obviously i can’t give first hand experience, but most people have told me a bottle warmer is unnecessary.

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@SouthernSunshine:  don’t worry – we are only 5 weeks away and we’re still not 100% ready yet. Not sure we ever will be LOL. You have all the necessities right now, so take some deep breaths – you have lots of time!

I also plan on breastfeeding, probably exclusively for the first 2-3 weeks without introducing a bottle too much or at all, I’ve had this recommended by several other moms, my midwife and our prenatal instructor as it helps with supply apparently. After a few weeks, if I can pump and let Darling Husband do a feeding here and there, I am totally going to do that. We went with the Medela Calma bottles, as well as the Avent ones too. Will see what the little one likes when he/she arrives.

I think we’re gonig to pass on the bottle warmer. I see SO many of them at second hand stores, garage sales and online for cheap cheap, seems like lots of ppl get them and then don’t really need them. If you have any baby consignment stores in your area, i bet you can find one for $5-$15 gently used! We have a kettle that boils at 6 different temperatures, so just plan on using the lowest temp and letting a bottle warm up in a mug of warm/hot water instead of getting the warmer.

Good luck! You’ve got lots of time, baby steps and you will get there!

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@SouthernSunshine:  my daughter was breastfed and I had a VERY hard time getting her to drink from bottles (like when someone would watch her) the only bottle I ever got her to use was the playtex drop ins and it was only with the brown nipples. NOTHING else worked. I would recommend not investing in a bunch of one kind but rather getting several kinds to figure out what baby likes. Also, I think bottle Warner’s are a waste of money, we never used one and never needed to.

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@SouthernSunshine:  if you carry breast milk around in a cooler you can always run the bottle under warm water to warm it up a little bit.

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@SouthernSunshine:  I heard that instead of using a wipe warmer, you can stick the wipe(s) between your boobs while you’re doing other things haha.

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@SouthernSunshine:  some people say that you should run it under like warm water and some say to let it thaw in the fridge. I personally found that the fridge took way too long because you’re not supposed to give the baby milk that had been thawed for more than 24 hours….so I always ran frozen milk under tap water.. I will say though that someone I know just tosses her milk in the freezer and when it’s frozen it’s all warped and the bags will constantly leak when she’s thawing them, I found an idea on Pinterest where you get a gift bag and cut a slit on the bottom, place it in the freezer and stack the milk in that way. The milk freezes flat and then you just pull a bag from the slit on the bottom of the bag so you’re always grabbing the oldest milk…it worked perfectly!

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@SouthernSunshine:  Hi lady! I personally plan to use a bottle warmer. I spent a lot of time looking at the reviews and settled on one. It’s kind of a convenience measure for me maybe.. but I don’t really wanna leave frozen milk thawing in bag of hot water. plus I think that water cools off fast and isn’t as effective so if it’s last minute it’s kind of like AH what do I do. plus it dirties more dishes and we don’t have a dishwasher lol.

I also plan on using a wipe warmer mostly at night when baby is sleepy I don’t want to wake him up with cold wipes. BUT everyone has negavtive opinions.. it really falls down to the baby being picky or not!

As far as bottles, the truth is none of them are like breastfeeding. bottles are way easier to eat out of then a breast. and that’s why babies get “nipple confusion” or… “I’m lazy and rather eat from the bottle cause its easier” syndrome… BUT I plan to use bottle almost right away because I want Fiance to be able to feed him. Plus you know my situation with the early induction and chances are baby will have to take some bottles because BFing is HARD and TIRING for a little preemie. So I plan to bring a few of the types of bottles I would like to use, and try to get baby on those. With that in mind, I’m planning on trying the playtex ventaire wide nipple. I do think the wider based nipples are more like a breast FEELING because a breast is wide.. well mine are LOL. but ultimately bottle feeding is easier…and thats why some babies choose bottles over breast IMO. others may argue that but it makes logically sense if you think about it :]

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@SouthernSunshine:  You still have plenty of time! 🙂  

I say no to bottle warmer – that’s the general consensus from my mommy friends

As for bottles, my mommy friends and the research I’ve done say to get a few bottles in a few different brands to start, since you really won’t know what baby will like until he/she gets here.  Then, once you know what they like you can buy more.

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@SouthernSunshine:  General word of advice- don’t stress.  

As long as you have diapers, wipes, and some clothes- you’ll be fine, and will figure the rest out fast.


My son came a solid 7 weeks early- and while we had lots of stuff, there was LOTS of stuff we didn’t have- iike a carseat!  (They has JUST come out eith the model we wanted- and were ready to purchase the week he ended being born- but because we didn’t expect him that early, we just hadn’t gotten around to it yet!)

We had NO diapers, NO carseat, NO stroller- NO bottles.

My dad went out and got carseat stroller/diapers while we were in hospital.

I had a little extra time because my son had to stay in the NICU for almost a month- BUT- I also had a medical emergency (delayed post-partum hemmhoraging)- so I was out of commission for a few days, too.

As long as your brestfeeding (or at least plan to)- you’ll be fine without bottles. My suggestion?  But 1 of a few different bottles (Born Free is a great brand- Sassy MAM ended up being our all time favs- they are truly no air bottles- and the valve couldn’t be easier vs Dr. Browns + the like with all of thier parts)- and see what works best before investing.  Just because one brand worked well for one baby/mom doesn’t mean it will work best for another.


Bottle warmers are a waste, IMO- running the bottle under hot water works great- we eventually got my son to take things at room temp/cold- and he liked it.






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