(Closed) Let me tell you how much I detest this coworker.

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I would use it on myself because 1) I couldn’t possibly deal with either of them, and 2) I can think of no more fitting punishment for Hitler than to be stranded on a deserted island with this guy.


This reminds me of a former coworker. Everyone hated him, except, inexplicably, my manager. I will never understand it. He even got promoted to department manager! He actually got fired shortly after that (for something stupid), so we were glad to be rid of him.

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Yes and it makes me feel bad because these people didn’t actually do anything wrong; they’re just annoying and unpleasant.

I try to keep my mouth shut because I can’t shake the thought of “that’s how people get bullied – they’re weird or obnoxious to others” – I’ve been that bully before and I won’t do it again – but there have definitely been some characters I went out of my way to avoid…


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I totally know the feeling of physically hating someone. “I want to rip my own arm off just so I can have something to throw at them.” -Friends LOL

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From the two stories you told, I feel bad for the guy.

It sounds like he is socially awkward and just trying to fit in. It sounds like he’s probably pretty socially inept but that’s no reason for such hatred for him. 

Just because you don’t find Thoreau’s Walden highly entertaining doesn’t mean someone who does is an awful person. You gave him a topic and he really tried to join in.

As for the vomiting conversation, yes it’s a MAJOR over-share, but again maybe he was trying to interject himself into the conversation somehow but was just horribly awkward about it.

Chewing with your mouth open is disgusting, but it’s possible he was never taught otherwise.

Honestly it sounds like he’s really socially awkward and is trying really hard to fit in only to be ridiculed and hated by those he works with.

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This isn’t as extreme, but it reminds me of this guy in my office: we’ll call him John Smith. 

He just refers to himself as Smith! So I’m like: ” hey, John” his response? ” it’s smith “

” but John, your name is clearly John. “

” I prefer smith”


 Then what REALLY aggravates me is when customers call him ” John” and he is like, ” my name is SMITH”. What?!?! Why?!?

Why can’t you go by your given name of John!!! 

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We can spend all day trying to be all PC and kindly, and such, but in reality, I’m sure most of us know someone IRL that they can’t stand and that’s OK, OP. It’s part of being a human being. No one says that you have to like every body you meet. Some people just push our buttons and it’s OK to not like them for it. As long as you’re not an outright bitch to him on purpose, etc etc. Getting up and walking away saying that you have something to do at your desk or whatever excuse you can muster to get away from him is the best and probably kindest thing you can do.

And there is NO EXCUSE for chewing with your mouth open in public. Seriously.

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@KatNYC2011:  I was thinking all of these things while reading this.


I kept waiting for you to say that he is a racist, chauvanistic, child molester. But the terrible things never came. You don’t sound very pleasant yourself. sorry.


He might have Asperger’s Syndrome.

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When I read the title, I immediately thought of


Now, BIG FAT STEVE is a code-monkey (as we call them in the IT world) who is 30 years older than me, has a ginormous Buddah-belly, and cannot have a conversation with me without staring at my breasts. In fact, as I write this, I can hear his big fat voice echoing down the hall.

He makes me feel like a slab of ribs at a BBQ shack.
An ice cream cone in front of a child.

He’s married with 2 children, and it creeps me the fuck out.
But it’s okay, BIG FAT STEVE.

Because one day, you’re going to die of a BIG FAT HEART ATTACK, and my breasts will be at peace.

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To be honest I feel sorry for the guy. Some people have a hard time fitting in, and are a little socially awkward. This sounds a lot like middle school. If sure if you would have told him that you were talking about girls at the bar he would have appreciated the story, but instead you took the opportunity to make fun of him. Maybe he has been wronged by a officer in the past, hence his bad taste for people of the law. You never know. Some people close to be more crass when they talk about issues like this. Maybe he didnt know your husband was in the forces, maybe he felt embarrassed after. Talking about things like that, or any political topics at work are usually a bad idea, because everyone has a different opinion. Maybe hate crime was the wrong word to choose, but I would have been super pissed if someone would have tp’d my house…..Some people dont know how to enteract with groups of people, and its sad. Maybe he had parents that didnt take him out to socialize, he could have been bullied as a kid or still doesnt have the skills.

We all work with a person we dont like, heck I do as well (and he sits very close to me), but when he tells me stupid stories I listen and smile.  Dont waste your energy on him if you really dont like him. Cause the more you mull on it, the more angry you’ll get!!

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