(Closed) Let the dog lick the baby?

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Busy bee
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I love dogs and let my own dog lick the baby’s feet and hands, but I sure wouldn’t let someone else’s dog lick my baby, and I wouldn’t let my dog lick someone else’s baby. The baby laughs when my dog licks her, but if she didn’t like it (like pulled her hands and feet away) I also wouldn’t let my dog lick her. 

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Bumble bee
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I would only let my dog lick my own child under very close surveillance (don’t have kids yet, but pregnant with our first), if someone else’s dog is licking my kid in my house I would put the breaks on it, especially if I thought my child might be allergic.  That said, a friend brought her child over to my house (they have two dogs of their own) and my dog licked her excitedly, I put a stop to it pretty quickly but the Mom wasn’t too phased by it.

I think age also plays a big factor in this though, because at a certain point kids can let you know if they like it or not (even really young ones), they will cry if they don’t like something, they will laugh if they do. I think it depends a lot on the kid as well.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I would maybe let my dogs lick my own baby, but never someone else’s. Personally I don’t even like my dogs that close to other people’s children.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Meh I guess I don’t see a problem with it.  I would probably ask the parent if it is okay first.  Then again I grew up on a farm so being around animals of all kinds doesn’t phase me a bit

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Sugar bee
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baletrina: no, I wouldn’t let a dog lick my baby and I don’t let my dog lick other people without permission. I’m one of those who doesn’t pet animals without permission. 

It’s a boundary / personal space thing. I don’t let people give me kisses randomly so why should I let dogs?

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Busy bee
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Not related to babies… but for me personally, I’m fine with my own dog licking me (not my face) or rubbing up against me, but I hate it when other dogs try to do anything like that with me.. I don’y know where they’ve been!

Related to babies… My nephew is 20 months old and has been in love with his dog (and all dogs) ever since he was born. When he was a baby, Bones would follow whoever had him and “supervise” what was going on. He also slept next to the crib guarding it. Once my nephew was old enough to be able to understand things and move on his own he quickly learned that Bones would want to steal his food (he wont grab it from him, but he will wait until he’s not paying attention to it and slowly take it) and lick him etc. So now, and for the last 8 months or so, my nephew can effectively tell Bones to go away and leave him alone, even tho he can’t talk yet. 

My sister and Brother-In-Law have always had a very hands-off philosophy on parenting and so now my nephew can hold his own around big dogs and isn’t scared of them at all. (Bones is 110lb mutt and my family dog is a 140lb Irish Wolfhound). 

Personally, when I have kids, no dogs are going to be licking my baby. But I know that from my sister’s experience, it’s not the end of the world if it happens.

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Bumble bee
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I am from a huge animal loving family & I hate being licked! I think it’s gross. Fiance doesn’t mind at all. I wouldn’t let a dog lick my baby. Though if it were a toddler who didn’t mind Id be ok with it.

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Helper bee

I’m a huge animal lover but I wouldn’t let someone else’s dog lick my baby (if had one lol) & I wouldn’t allow my dogs to lick anyone else’s kid either unless they were ok with it. I’d probably let my own dogs give hand kisses but not the face because the face may lead to the mouth & I definitely wouldn’t allow that, we all know where that tongue has been lol.

I think it was very rude of her, especially when you told her it was enough. She should have apologized instead of of insuing the dramafest especially after seeing the reaction to your daughter. & yes it is kind of an invasion of the baby’s personal space but on the other hand I also think they’ll react negatively if they didn’t like it. 

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Bumble bee
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Oh yeah, both my mom & FI’s mom would say it wasn’t a big deal.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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baletrina:  We try not to let our dog lick our Dirty Delete  because she’s only 4 weeks and we want the dog to know boundaries. However, she has gotten some licks in and that’s fine. It’s actually helps build immunity. I wouldn’t want somoene else’s dog to lick my baby all over I would remove my baby from the dog’s reach.  

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Buzzing bee

No, I wouldn’t let a dog lick my baby. Dog’s mouths and saliva contain germs I don’t think a baby needs to be exposed to. 

If it happens accidentally, that’s one thing, but to let it happen — that’s just irresponsible.  

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Honey bee
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If there’s a dog, it will probably be licking things. If the dog was licking a lot and I didn’t like it, I would remove the baby from the floor. Where is the dog supposed to go? They are quadripeds, and inherently floor bound. I can’t force someone to put their dog away, but I have control over where my child goes.

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Bumble bee
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baletrina:  would never let my dogs lick a baby… chances are if they were close enough to sniff, they wold try to lick a baby too but I would tell them no when I saw it. 

Nor would I let an infant be licked by a dog. My dogs are all indoors (use wee wee pads) and are exposed to less germy elements than most dogs. Even with that to consider.. i wouldnt. And I certainly wouldnt let a dog who runs around in a yard (which is wildlifes restroom) lick a baby. Only because it is dangerous. Even if the dog is vaccinated for XYZ the baby is not. 

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