Let's be honest! 1.9 G or 2.04 H?

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Helper bee

It sounds like you really want the bigger one, so if price isn’t an issue just take the one you love most.

Personally, I would go with the smaller one because 2k is a big deal for me and I wouldn’t spend it for that much of a difference.

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Busy bee

The proportions of the stones determine their face up size, so a shallower cut 1.9ct could face up nearly identical in size as a 2.04ct.  The proportions also determine how bright and sparkly a stone is to a much greater degree than the cut grade assigned by the lab.  You also don’t mention the clarity grades.  Copies of the lab reports, which disclose the proportions, clarity grades, types and locations of inclusions, etc., are needed to give an informed opinion.  But based simply on your descriptions of the stones after seeing them IRL, I’d say go with 1.9ct. 

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Helper bee

You definitely won’t notice the size difference so pick best performance (not just colour). 

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Bumble bee
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I’m getting the vibe that it’s more about being able to say you have 2 carats if/when asked. Totally understandable, but if you strip away all the specs and your eye is drawn to the 1.9 then you have your answer. 2k is nothing to sneeze at and for me, it would not be worth an extra 0.15 mm. 

As for the color, if you’re seeing yellow in an H it’s probably not an H. Who is it graded by?

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Busy bee

You keep saying the difference is 0.15 mm but can you notice it? Seems doubtful that amount would be noticeable to me and you are paying a premium for a stone just because it reached the 2 carat mark. 2k seems like a big difference for a stone that is just 0.14 carats more, especially for a lower color grade and to me wouldn’t be worth the price difference.

That being said, like 90% of well cut Hs will face up white. They are considered near colorless just like Gs. Color is the most subjective C and one grader may very well may rate the same diamond one color grade up or down from another rater. Whiteness was my number one priority but I was trying to weigh it with the size I wanted for my Budget and and I have an H.

But you were the one looking at the stones and if you saw yellow then you saw yellow. You have to decide what is more important to you: getting the stone you visually preferred or saying you have two carats. To me the one I visually preferred always winsz especially with a 2k price difference for a diamond that will virtually look the exact same size to the average person. 


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Bumble bee
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Option 2,

Mainly because NO ONE else in the world will notice the size difference, and to save  $$$$$$..also… 2K more for that small of a difference in size seems like too much.

You could use that $2 to put toward the setting and the wedding band IMO

I think once it’s set and you have it on, and start pairing it with wedding bands it’ll come together. 

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Bee Keeper

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@happy012:  An H should not be yellow. What lab are the stones graded by? And an XXX is not neceasarily well cut. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Who graded them? A GIA H should not be visibly yellow compared to one color grade above it. That said, a better cut can mask all kinds of things  – never underestimate cut. A better cut stone looks larger, sparkles more, appears whiter. 

You sound like you’re hung up on being able to say you have a 2 ct stone. Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Honestly, neither — by the sound of it, you’ll regret either one for different reasons.

That said, are you looking at them side-by-side? Because right next to eachother, it’d make sense for the H to appear a bit yellower and a bit bigger, all else equal. I’d view them separately and in all different types of lighting and then decide. (this is assuming they both have ideal cuts)

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Bumble bee
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I would get the 2!

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Helper bee
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i honestly regret going to an I to get over 2 carats and would probably go down to a 1.7 or 1.8 and get an H if i had to do it again. (but thats because i didnt know how big my halo would be and i still get great finger coverage, more than i was expecting) … personally my I doesnt “bother” me as i like warm stones but sometimes i wish it looked slightly whiter in certain lighting conditions… in your case theres not going to be much difference in 1.9 vs 2.04 sizewise and id go up for the color if the tint bothers you…i personally am happy at around a G/H though so I’m sure either stone will be super beautiful! 🙂

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Bumble Beekeeper

If the 1.9 is a better performer and less expensive I’d choose it 10000%. If you post all the specs Bees can better help you. Or if you’re just hung up on being able to say it’s 2 carats choose that one. 

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Buzzing bee
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Overwhelmingly, bees have recommended you go with the better performing stone. Though this site leans quality over size. $2000 is a big difference and .14ct isn’t. Only you can know what will make you happy in the end, think about which one you’d be most disappointed not having. 

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