(Closed) Let’s be honest about color, does anyone honestly notice in everyday situations?

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I could definitely see the color difference in the shop, and actually opted for an E/F because I thought the Ds were too blue. I also have little pavé diamonds and they were able to match them in E/F color so all the diamonds were the same color. In everyday situations, all the diamonds on my ring look pretty clear — but if the main diamond was a D, I think it would bother me that it looked bluer than the rest. As far as other people’s diamonds go, I think how they are looked after/how old they are really affect their clarity/color more than anything. I agree with the other bees about the sparkle, clarity and cut really make a difference to the initial impression of a ring!

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I work in the jewelry business and one retail store all of our stones were minimum I – J (but in reality they were closer to G-H) except for our signature lines … and there were maybe 5 that you could clearly tell were very warm without having a higher color grade next to them… The larger the stone the more noticible it will be but outside of a jewelry store setting as long as all the stones within your set are relatively similar in color then color doesn’t matter if it looks ok with you and your set matches it’s fine.. But it is important to see the stone in natural light as well as artificial light … We often walked our customers  to the skylight so they can see if there was any color change 

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Nope.  My diamond had a warmth to it sometimes, and I only saw it because I stared at it AND wore it next to other stones.  No one else noticed until I pointed it out.  I actually liked it.  On other people?  No idea what their stone is.  If I’m bored and scoping their ring, I’m usually too busy trying to guess the size or something LOL

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not really. I do notice if they are quite white ( somebody I know has a 1ct E and it was stark stark white to me ) or very yellow…. I think most people around here have G-J coloured stones so if it’s in that range I don’t really notice. And I am quite colour sensitive. 

It also seems like it depends on the diamond, two diamonds can be the same colour grade but look totaly different to me but sometimes I cant tell the difference between a F and an H for example, even side to side

Lets be honest here, jewellers want you to spend as much money as possible. I think sometimes they want to make you paranoid about things like colour and clarity when it really does not make that much of a difference at all unless you see it x10 , which no one will. 

Going from E to D or H to G for example is more for bragging rights or peace of mind IMO. 99% of people will not be able to tell in day to day life.  For example, my diamond is SI2 and no matter how hard I have tried, I cannot see anything at all wrong with it, I looked at it with their glass and I still could not see anything. There are *7* clarity grades before SI2… it seems just silly to me. 

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@teabiscuit:  Agreed.

Maybe if the rings were right next to each other I could tell, but on the whole I can’t tell a difference at all. I also can’t tell the difference between a lot of the clarity grades. If the inclusions can only be seen under a loupe then I for sure can’t tell!!! I do notice if it’s sparkly or not, & size. 

Ive been staring at my mothers ring my whole life (30 years…hehe) and hers is a somewhat large, D Flawless…and to be perfectly honest, I really can’t tell a difference between hers & any other engagement ring I’ve even seen in color or clarity. The only thing that sets it apart in my mind & eyes is how sparkly it is (more Moissy-esque.) I think sometimes we become super sensitive to our own rings because we stare at them constantly..especially in the beginning after we first get them. Admittedly though, some folks are super color sensitive. 

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I 100% notice. I will preface this by saying I am a geologist so perhaps I notice this more than others but when my husband chose my original engagement ring, he actually requested she bring out a few different colored diamonds. The person selling it to him tried to convince him “go bigger and don’t be so concerned with color! they’ll never know” he definitely knew and came home with an E colored diamond.

Most minerals in nature are colored due to impurities (color depends on the environment of crystal formation) however, most minerals are white/clear when pure. 

It’s extremely rare to find a pure white mineral in nature, which is why I find clean, amazingly colored diamonds fascinating. 


I do not prefer diamonds with coloring (except fancy those are just gorgeous), i find them displeasing to my eye. It does make me smile that people out there prefer warmth though, no diamond should go unloved! 

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@teabiscuit:  I agree. 

Color was not the most important C to me, and I wouldn’t change the decision to get more carat bang for my buck because I sacrificed color. I definitely don’t see it in everyday situations, and none of my friends/family have mentioned it either (and some of them are the type that would).

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@teabiscuit:  +1

Like RayKay said.. in the face up position you can’t see the difference in color especially when the stone is set. That being said I’ve never seen anyone with even a hint of yellow in their diamond.. Especially if the diamond is well cut.. you won’t be able to distiguish it with all the flash. Honestly when I see rings I either like them or they don’t… and a diamond would have to be pretty bad quality to be so included that it’s cloudy or has many visible black crystals… all diamonds are different. I have an H color and the only time I might see a bit of warmth is when the diamond is held at an angle and usually in indoor lighting. If it’s out in the sun I can’t tell. My SI2 is squeaky clean and I can’t see anything even under 10X. So I would even consider getting a J color if the price was right and it was a stone I liked.


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I couldn’t tell color differences until I got my anniversary band.

The 5-stones in the anniversary band are F and my ering is G/H. I can see a difference in color that sometimes bothers me.

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I notice the warmth of a diamond. When I was looking I was able to see the warmth that might be there. Mine is a D so its completely colorless and very white when held to white paper. 

Mostly I notice sparkle and size (mine is dainty and feminine at .51 but the bigger stones always grabs my attention no matter how happy and in love I am with mine).  

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getting_hitched: Ditto

teabiscuit : I could not have said it better myself.  I think it’s all hogwash, personally.  

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Truthfully I notice size first (bad I know) then I notice how sparkly it is, then if it is cloudy then colour if I really pay attention but usually with someones hand moving so much talkin you can hardly see any of the above

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I notice, but only because my diamond is colourless, so when a diamond is not colourless I can tell because I am looking at mine everyday. I also notice how sparkly a diamond is and if it is cloudy. I think it also depends on the band. A yellow gold band might not show a yellowish diamond as much as a white gold or platinum band would.

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