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The other day, Fiance texted me saying that he’d found 33 mason jars at a thrift store and did I want them.  Heck yes!  Also, he told me last week that he was having to go to his “happy place” at work; I asked where his happy place was and he responded, “our wedding jamboree”.

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Aww, this is such a great idea! Mr. Aardvark is very thurough and always does things the “right way” not the “fast way”. Sometimes this drives me crazy but more often than not I am so greatful. 

Also he is increadably thoughtful. If he is always doing chores he knows I hate so I don’t have to do them ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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My man is a SAINT !!

He came into my life when I so needed someone to cheer me on (I was in the middle of an emmotional crisis, and a gut-wretching divorce after 20+ years of marriage).  He was my friend before he was my lover.  He’s always given me space, and seems to always know what to say (or do) to lessen the burdens in my life.  I had a lot of issues with trust and loving again when we first met… and he’s been extremely patient and kind… he’s been the constant rock in my life, when I felt otherwise adrift as if I’d float off to oblivion or drown.

He makes me laugh like a crazy person every single day… a value in life that cannot be measured.

And he treats me like a Princess. He truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  At 50+ Years old, I don’t take any of this for granted… fair Cupid has been good to me.  And I am blessed to wake up each and every day and share my life with my beloved. This is a love you don’t take for granted.

PS… We’ve been dating 6+ Years, and he asked me to marry him aprox 2 months ago.  It took us about 6 Weeks of serious searching to find THE RING, and I have to say I am stunned each and every time I look at it.  He soooo spoiled me.  It is more than I ever hoped for, imagined or dreamed… I am one very lucky girl !!

God, I hope the rest of our lives together are as blessed as these last 6-1/2 years have been.


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My Lovebug is such a goofball in all the best ways. I love how supportive he is of me, and he always wants to make me happy. I love that he grills, I love how he scouts weekly coupons with me, and I love how he is so motivated to chase the sales at the grocery store just as much as I am. 

I love how he radiates heat at night, while I usually freeze. Scooting closer to him equalizes my temperature. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love his laugh, and I love how easily he shares it with me. I love cuddling with him, and how affectionate he is, even in public. This guy gets me, and I love that we chatter about everything, or nothing at all, and can be content with each. I am proud he chose ME to be his wife. ๐Ÿ™‚  

I miss him now, and I wish he’d come home from work already!

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Mine just brought home cake.  He rocks!

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oh I love these!


You are the hardest working man I know. 
You are also the funniest and silliest.
While you have not won a Nobel prize, you constantly amaze me with your depth and you are pretty darn smart!
(Although I am better at putting a shelf and other random furniture together)

You read me better than anyone I have ever met, and you just “get” me. 
Even my ridiculous humour.   

You are the best sex of my life (but I won’t get into details here)
And you’re so sexy.

You make me want to be my most awesome self,
but you’ve also seen me at my worse, and still love me.
(Makes me wonder if you’re a bit crazy – but I like it!)

Thanks for being the greatest person I know,

Your soon-to-be wife! 

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Right now im batwing a mild allergy to some fish. I thought it was safe to eat the chicken after an event but the servers avccidwntly switched the spatulas fniche chicken and The fish. My heist startEd to close and we went and got my medicine and is now cleaning the kitchen for me while I quitely die. 


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My guy NEVER lets me or my daughter down. I have been through a lot both while with him and before I met him. I was married for 25 years before I met him. I was broken and felt damaged and most certainly wasn’t looking to be in a relationship when we met. Here are the reasons I’m marrying this man (and what a testament to the kind of person he is that I’d even consider marrying again!) next month: his personal strength, his brilliant mind, his total honesty, his outlook on life, his total commitment to me/us regardless of the times we tried to push him away,his desire to do anything to make me/us happy, his total trust & faith in me. He tells me the most wonderful things, he’s totally hot, his support of me never wavers, and we love to do so many of the same things. He tells me that the two most wonderful sounds in his life are my daughter & me laughing. Coincidentally that’s how I feel about him! He hates to fight, loves to travel and is a great companion. I never thought I’d ever be this lucky. He tells me frequently that once we’re in bed together every night, it’s the best time of everyday. Yes it is!


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@Tangled:  Bahahahahaha LOVE it! 

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Awww, this is such a good idea!

A lot of the times, I’ll be trying to have a serious conversation with my guy. And he stares at me for a second, then his face breaks out into the most ridiculous, creepy face that I have ever seen. And he just stays frozen forever with that ugly face while I beg him to stop! It always ends with me laughing like crazy.


And he’s just so smart that it amazes me. I’m so proud of him and everything he’s accomplished. He has beat the odds and not only is he a first generation high school graduate, but he has graduated with a degree in preprofessional biology and will begin medical school in August. It just amazes me. =)

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I usually make a big, decadent breakfast for both of us on weekends.  Last Sunday, however, Darling Husband did the cooking and made me fried eggs, bacon, fried avocados, hot sauce, etc. He set my plate down where we eat and told me to start eating b/c he’d be right there.  And then I heard cereal going into a bowl… I asked him if he was eating all of the other stuff or just cereal.

He just wanted a simple bowl of cereal for breakfast, but spent 30 minutes making my big fat weekend breakfast just for me b/c he knows how much I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Mine just tonight went out to the store to get us ice cream for an after dinner treat, and he takes me out for ice cream sometimes too.

He kisses me like he means it.

He ran all over the city with me looking for yellow parasols.

He shares the chores.

He asks me how my day was every day and waits for the answer.

He talks in ‘we’ not ‘I’

He always makes me feel like I am the most beautiful girl in the room.

He put glow in the dark tape strips on the edge of our bed frame so that I’d stop banging my shin on it in the dark!

I could go on and on.

He chased me for 15 years before catching me, and the first time he ever said ‘I love you’ he said “I’ve always loved you”


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