Let's brag about our SO's a little!! :)

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Oh I love this.

– he applied for and got through to final stage of promotion, over many many others in his workplace. Super pumped for him

-he texts me to tell me he loves me every single day, even when we are having silly arguments he STILL sends me kisses in texts and tells me he loves me.

– he supports both of us financially while I’m at university getting my degree.

– he plays with the dogs all the time, rolls about on the floor and cuddles him.

– everyone likes him. They tell me he’s lovely and I’m lucky.


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He is an excellent teacher and can be completely open with me. He is considerate and will take on extra chores and reaponsibilities if he can tell I’m struggling. He is deep and is genuinely a man. He takes care of his business. He is very good looking and has great style. He is my best friend and would always choose me no matter what. I am very loved and very blessed ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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– he saved me from abuse

– he can deal with all of my shit problems from that previous abuse and is amazingly patient with it all. 

– he’s amazing with our daughter, it’s lovely to watch

– he’s family not career driven but also very smart so earns a lot of money but never has to work more than 40 hours a week

– he does his fair share of housework and when he’s off work will take our daughter in the morning so I can have a lie in! 

– he can play piano, guitar, drums and he can sing. He writes music and he is an English graduate. He also currently writes lyrics for other (albeit small) artists and gets paid for it!





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This is such a lovely thread, nice idea ๐Ÿ™‚

My Fiance is all round awesome – he puts so much into his job as a teacher, he’s a fantastic family man and would be there at the drop of a hat for any of his or my family and no request is ever too much, he’s always full of compliments for me and never makes me question how much he cares.

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What a lovely post ๐Ÿ™‚

– He is such a patient man. We speak two different languages and only have a low intermediate level in one another’s languages. He has all the time in the world for me when I make mistakes or when he doesn’t understand me. 

– he is always so happy. I love his smile. He’s a laid back go with the flow guy who doesn’t complain and is rarely grumpy. I say to him ‘my friends have invited us to do this or that’ and he says ‘great. Let’s go’.

– He is very affectionate and loving. He cuddles me and kisses me all the time. He messages me throughout the day telling me he loves me. 

– he is gorgeous. 

– He thinks I’m gorgeous even though I’ve put on a bit of weight. Trying to lose it, haha. 

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I need to join in because everybody I know is tired of my gushing already.

My fiancé

– grills a mean steak – just like he did on our first date

– is the type to walk a woman to her car even though it’s a super safe neighbourhood

– is the type of person who immediately notices when somebody needs help. Even though he’s a big guy with a bushy beard and leather jacket, old ladies approach him when they need somebody to reach top shelves. When he witnessed a domestic abuse scene, he immediately stepped up to help.

– is kind and gentle. When one of the cats had a close call, he cried in front of the vet and then shared chocolate with the vet’s assistant against the shock. He has completely adopted my best friend (who is a few years younger than both of us) as his sister up to the point that he agreed to her moving in with us if her living situation doesn’t improve soon. 

– is good with his hands. He can do woodwork and he can fix electrical appliances and computers. And my jewellery. 

– was so adorable when we first got together – he just couldn’t wait to introduce me to everyone. Later, some friends told me how he’d had the biggest goofiest grin when he was telling them he had met me.

– never lets me doubt for a moment that he loves me. He doesn’t adore me, he doesn’t see me as perfect, he loves me – warts and all.

– communicates extremely well. I can get anxious and when we started dating I hadn’t completely worked through all that went wrong with my previous relationship and he was so patient and listened and talked until I was myself again.

– is not jealous of my group of male friends even though we are all phyiscally affectionate with each other (hugs and kisses on the cheek but definitely nothing else!)

– is not bothered by the fact that I earn more money which means he will later cut hours when we have children.

– tells me when I’m being overly dramatic (which does happen) and won’t let me boss him around

– realizes that I have different standards of cleanliness and does the chores I ask him to do without grumbling even though to his eyes things are already clean

– obviously – to me – is good looking.


There is more but I’ve got other things to do, unfortunately. I am such a lucky girl. 

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Ah your wedding is so close!! I hope you’ll share some photos afterwards! My fiancé bowled when he was younger and was actually first in the province one year! I’m a terrible bowler but I can have fun with it haha.  Anyway, onto the bragging!

– Kids and animals have always been drawn to my fiancé and I think it’s because he genuinely has the kindest heart

– Last week he left a three day work conference out of town on day 2 so he could be here to celebrate his mom’s birthday, and woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning to travel back  

– He is so calm and even tempered, and brings me back down to earth when I feel upset or anxious

– We make eachother laugh so hard we cry on a regular basis

– He drops me off at work every day. Before I step into the building I turn around to look at him, and he always blows me a kiss. It’s one of the best parts of my day. 

Just to name a few โ˜บ๏ธ

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Such a great idea for a post!

Here are a few brag worthy things about my husband:

– He LOVES animals. He literally carries our 40 pound dog to the bedroom like a baby at night and spends time outside with out ducks and chickens carrying them around the yard.

– He is the most patient person I have ever met. No matter how angry I have gotten or how mad i make him, he has never called me anything worse than ‘a jerk’. 

– The first few years we were dating, he put up with my alcoholic dad. He drove 6 hours round trip to pick me up when my dad had a alcoholic outburst on me when I was visiting.

– He was a VERY respected person in the military. Being a pilot was his absolute dream when we met and he had every plan to retire. When I got diagnosed with epilepsy, he made the decision to leave the military so he would not move me from my doctors and support system. THIS WAS A HUGE DEAL and many of his superiors tried to talk him out of it.

I am so very lucky to have him in my life. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is but I need to get back to work lol.

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I love this ๐Ÿ™‚


-My SO was my best friend for 4 years before we started dating, he has been my rock through so much

-He is fiercely protective of everyone he cares about

-The way he makes my kids laugh melts me to my core

-I battle depression and when I am overwhelmed and need to veg out, he immediately orders us food and turns on the netflix for us 

-He appreciates the little things I do for him and tells me every day

-He is so incredibly goofy, I know I will be laughing for the rest of my life with him

-He never judges me

-He finds special ways to connect with my kids


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1. I haven’t done a speck of laundry in at least 10 years – and he handwashes too.

2. He unloads the dishwasher without being asked.

3. He keeps my car gassed up and washed.

4. He loves to vacuum and iron.

5. If he gets home before me, he’ll start dinner.

6. My thermal coffee mug is ready to go when I leave for work.

All the things I brag about make me sound like a diva and major brat.


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hope bragging about husbands is ok too-

First thing that comes to mind is that after 20 years of having my eccentric difficult (trust me I’m being nice) mother as a Mother-In-Law he continues to put up with and love this woman.

A few months ago he made a comment while we were working on the never ending job of clearing out the bedroom that is being used for storage.

‘we’ll need to get this room ready over the next few years in case she needs to come live with us’. 

How many men are willing to even entertain that idea? I told my mom that and I think she officially likes him more than me now! lol




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younikkitome :  Thats so wonderful and Im glad everyone was ok!  I had my first accident earlier this month and my fiance got there quickly and kept me calm, comforted me. Its was a rainy/snowy/windy night and i was soaked from standing in the rain with the other people involved.  When he got there, he kept the heat high in the car even tho he was melting! And he wanted to pick up a dinner treat to make me feel better.  It really is the little things <3 

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Aw what a cute thread idea! 


  • He’s one of the most intelligent and yet most humble people I’ve ever met
  • He’s driven and an extremely hard worker, he just switched jobs (making more money with more flexible hours!) after 13 years at his old employer and handled it like a rockstar
  • He’s a wonderful dad
  • He’s helped me out of several difficult situations without hesitation
  • He started doing yoga with me this week after several months of me begging ๐Ÿ™‚
  • He’s handsome as heck

I love this guy.

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My SO is honestly the best person I’ve ever known. 

1. He would do anything to make me happy, has the silliest personality and knows how to cheer me up

2. His work ethic is insane, he is pursuing his career and his passion for theatre at the same time and is excelling in both! 

3. He is so appreciative. I can tend to be used by people because I tend to invest a lot in relationships/people – but he never lets anything I do for him go unnoticed and values the energy I put towards him/us. 

4. He is so dang smart. But more than book smart. He remembers people he met one time ten years ago, can pick up new languages relatively easily, is a classically trained singer (I can’t read music so I’m always so impressed by this lol). 

5. He’s hot. Like unusually attractive. People ask him all the time what his ethnicity is, because he looks “different” but in the best way possible. I out kicked my coverage for sure. 

Ok this was fun and happy!! 

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woahthisjustgotreal2018 :  My husband cooked steak on our first date too!

I have to say that I love this thread. It’s so uplifting rather than thinking about problems! Here are mine:

– My husband has helped me to become a more patient and kind person. I always was nice, but I feel like his warmth for everyone has rubbed off on me through his great example. 

– He manages our side business and doesn’t ask me to help, even though we both have full-time jobs.

– He’s SO handy! In addition to a job and a side business, he does a ton of house projects – from rewiring electrical and setting up Smart Home systems to building a patio with lighting and plumbing to all the garden areas, installing shelving, etc.

– He’s totally supportive of me staying home when we have kids (which we are leaning towards – like 75% right now). Once I’ve recovered from giving birth, we agreed that I would take on some of the management of our side business so that he can come home and spend more time with our future kid. So I’d maybe be “working” 10 hours a week in addition to staying home with a kid, but a lot of that is communication online.

– He gives me lots of massages, even when I never think to give them to him. 

– I have anxiety and when I’m freaking out for some reason or am particularly stressed, he can talk me through it and help figure out why I’m feeling those feelings. He’s also great when I say that I can’t talk about it now and instead he just sweeps me up into a giant hug.

– He moved up his timeline for TTC because I was totally ready and had been for a few years. He would have waited another year if he had the chance. But we’re both in our 30’s and we both want kids (eventually), I have thyroid problems, and you never know how long it’ll take. He’s such a gem for agreeing to TTC a little sooner. 

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