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    Sugar bee

    Obama. He’s not perfect. No one ever is and no one ever will be. But I think he’s doing his best to do right by people that that’s all right with me. Bringing troops home, trying to make insurance companies play fair and make it illegal for them to deny insurance to people with preexisting conditions, the support the gay community has seen since his time in office and by that I mean the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – yeah, I’m ok with this guy. I’ve yet to hear anything that makes me think he needs to be replaced and I’m certainly not happy with his alternative.


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    Obama because I am a woman who wants to have control over my own body. I also think there should be equal right for everyone and I’m poor lol.

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    Obama because I agree with most of his policies. I actually like Stein a little better but since she has doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning I feel I need to put my vote where it counts. 

    Reasons I like Obama: 

    – I like Obamacare. The disallowing of refusal to cover for pre-existing conditions is one of the single best pieces of policy I’ve seen in a long time and will save so many lives. 

    – I agree with him on social policies. I am pro choice, pro gay, pro women’s rights in general

    – I believe he will better help lower and middle class by closing some loopholes in the top 2% earning households and make sure everyone pays a fair rate. 

    Reasons I hate Romney: 

    – I believe that women’s rights are going to be severely limited if they are elected. They are also going to stall progress on the legalization of gay marriage, which I think is one of the more important social issues today

    – I believe that he will cut taxes for the superrich at the expense of the lower and middle classes. I believe that most americans will be in a worse financial position after 4 years of him in office. 


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    I have a great deal of respect for both Obama and Romney. I also have major areas of concern/disagreement with both of them.

    I don’t care for either of their VPs.

    I considered voting 3rd party to support the idea of a legitimate 3rd party candidate, but will probably end up voting for Obama based on his positions with gay rights and healthcare.

    One of my patient’s parents put the whole healthcare debate in to words that were perfect and eloquent and have stuck with me over the last year since I heard them:

    “I would not wish upon my worst enemy what you have to go through to truly understand the need for healthcare reform…because for a lifelong republican like me, what you have to go through to really get it… is watching your kid almost die.”

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    @HappilyEverAfter54:  I noticed you wrote a similiar reason on the other thread.  What does being poor have to do with it?  Its not as if either candidate is going to give you a higher paying salary.

    Neither candidate is aligned with my social policy views, but Obama’s disregard for the military is the largest reason I am not voting for him.  I didn’t believe in his “change” the first time and I still don’t.  I am voting for Romney becasue he is fiscally conservative.

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    @BooRadley:  Romney will cut social programs to the poor. Also, increase taxes. Has everything to do with it.

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    Obama because he isn’t completely insane and a twisted crook like Romney is.  Romney just gives me a bad feeling inside.  Lesser of two evils basically. I didn’t vote for Obama before and I’m not an Obama lover, but Mitt Romney is evil.  

    Also, I think we need to give this health care reform bill a shot – it won’t have a chance without Obama in office.  We need forward progress – even if it’s not the right or best step forward, it’s A step forward.  The status quo needs to change, even if we fail in the process of changing it!

    Who would I really like to see as our next president though? RON PAUL baby!!!!

    Anyways, I am registered independent and typically vote republican.  However, the existence of people like Romney, Akin and Santorum make me despise republicans and are starting to drive me to the other side of the aisle.  

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    Sugar bee

    @BooRadley:  No, they aren’t going to give the poor higher salaries. But Obama does support the poor more in indirect ways – planned parenthood, plans for cheap and available insurance for instance. Or in a more direct way – forcing a resolution to the federal budget crisis so that federal workers could collect their paychecks. Those social services help those who aren’t as financially well off so socially he’s more “poor friendly.”

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    I wish I had more time to comment, but THE most important reason I am voting for Obama is the likelihood that the next president will pick a new supreme court justice and I think there are radicals on the court now *cough* Thomas *cough* have made some awful decisions *cough* Citizens United *cough* and in this political climate, I can’t imagine how radical Romney’s pick would be.

    I think that “center” of American Politics has shifted to the right so much in the past 50 years, that I wish Stein had a legitimate shot, because I agree with her on 95% of the issues. Obama is too conservative for me.  

    I found this on another politics thread, and thought the quiz was really interesting:


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    Obama hands down. The Gop is so backwards on so many issues. Women’s rights, immigration, climate change, healthcare. I disagree with the gop on just about everything

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    @mamadingdong:   I don’t think its fair or accurate to say which president will or will not increase taxes. The president needs the legislative bodies to approve tax cuts or tax hikes.  The best example of this is the Jobs Bill that Obama proposed last year.  Even though something like 70% of Americans polled approved of some or all of the proposed actions of the bill, congress and senate stalled it and never voted on it (on purpose, to make Obama look less effective, and then to make the other side look bad).  So in this case, whether you supported that bill or not – nothing happened, and it wasn’t because of the president.

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    I don’t think I can vote for anyone. I don’t like ANY candidate from any parties… Major and independent parties. My views are flip floppy between the two major parties (example I don’t like abortion but I’m pro gay marraige. I’m anti gun control to a point but I’m also anti death penalty) and unfortunately all of these views clash when it comes to the political party system we have!!! When it comes down to it.. I’m probably a fiscal conservative… with social views all over the place Frown


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