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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2008

1. Name and age:  Allison, 23

2. Location:  Rochester, MN

3. Fiance’s name:  Austin, 23

4. How did you meet? We lived in the same dorm our freshman year of college at Iowa State University, but didn’t start dating until 3  years later!  ๐Ÿ™‚

5. When did you get engaged?   Christmas Eve 2006

6. Wedding Date:  September 6, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors:  fall theme, celadon green bridesmaid dresses accented with fall colors in the flowers

8. Location of Wedding:  Red Wing, MN ceremony at my family’s vineyard & winery and reception at the historic St. James Hotel 

9. Whats been the best part of panning?  designing the invitations and finding all the components

10. The worst?  waiting!  we have a 21 month engagement for various reasons, and now I’m finally to the point I can really start getting into planning, but up to now it’s felt like it’ll be forever until we get married!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2008

p.s. how can i insert a picture from on my computer?

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  • Wedding: June 2007


1. Name and age- Rebecca, 26

2. Location-wedding in Kentucky, live in SF

3. Fiance’s name-David

4. How did you meet? He trained me at work

5. When did you get engaged? last July

6. Wedding Date- June 28, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors-Purple and Green with copper and yellow accents. We’re also trying to have a bird theme throughout. 

8. Location of Wedding- My parents B&B in Berea Kentucky

9. Whats been the best part of planning? All the support from my friends and family with the stress of planning a wedding across country.  Plus I am so excited about being his wife!

10. The worst? My mother hands down.  She is a control freak and takes it personally if I don’t agree with her.  If it was up to her I would have punch and cookies in the church basement and be done with it.


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  • Wedding: June 2007

alli-look at the tutorial on the top of the boards for directions on how to add pictures.  I can’t think of one I like right now so I’m off to look for one.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: November 2007

1. Name and age  Melanie, 27

2. Location  Kentucky

3. Fiance’s name  Paul

4. How did you meet? He was stationed at Fort Knox, where I was working.  He was new to the base, and needed directions but found me instead!

5. When did you get engaged? It was sometime in 2005.  We sort of just decided!

6. Wedding Date  November 17th, 2007

7. Wedding theme/colors Champagne & Black with Blush & Sage accents.

8. Location of Wedding  Fort Knox, KY in a beautiful chapel built in 1899.

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  Getting to be creative and DIY a lot of things.

10. The worst? No financial support from our families, and having to stick to a strict budget, yet my mom trying to insist I do things HER way.

P.S.  Beckums – I have 2 aunts in Berea & a mother with the same philosophy.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: January 2009

1. Name and age  Ashley 22

2. Location  Los Angeles

3. Fiance’s name  Ryan

4. How did you meet? Match.com… but a lot of his family thinks we met at a coffee shop! 

5. When did you get engaged? about a month ago, August 10th, in San Francisco

6. Wedding Date  TBD (Help!) (early 2009)

7. Wedding theme/colors I’m thinking it will be during winter time, so various shades of blue and silver

8. Location of Wedding  Agoura Hills, Ca (a little north of LA)

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  getting to know his side of the family a little better, its a great ice breaker!

10. The worst? So far? its been getting people to take me seriously when I talk about the wedding because its so far off

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: September 2008

1. Name and age:  Brooke, 27

2. Location:  Philadelphia, PA

3. Fiance’s name:  Nick

4. How did you meet?  At a Halloween party, on October 31, 2003, in costume!  I was dressed as Violet Beauregard (pre-blueberry blowup) from Willy Wonka (my roommate was Veruca Salt); Fiance was white trash, complete with a mullet wig, pegged jeans, and bright orange Nascar hat. We met in line for the bathroom and ended up talking all night.  Great story to tell our grandkids

5. When did you get engaged?  February 10, 2007

6. Wedding Date:  September 20, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors:  Vintage charm meets modern whimsy…. an eclectic mix of eggplant and chartreuse with little accents of peacock blue….. I love color!

8. Location of Wedding:  Philadelphia area

9. Whats been the best part of planning?   Slowly making my vision come alive and being able to infuse lots of creativity into everything!

10. The worst?  Already dealing with people who don’t understand why their little kids won’t be invited to our evening wedding…. ugh.

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  • Wedding: October 2007

1. Name and age: Elizabeth, 26

2. Location: Savannah, Georgia

3. Fiance’s name: William

4. How did you meet? At Church

5. When did you get engaged? April 21, 2007

6. Wedding Date: October 20, 2007

7. Wedding theme/colors: No real theme, Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses are Victorian Lilac

8. Location of Wedding: Wedding is at my childhood church and the reception is at a local country club

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Making so many things myself and saving money ( I get to keep whatever is left over for the honeymoon!)

10. The worst? My soon-to-be mother in law.  I am almost certain she is the spawn of satan…

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  • Wedding: October 2007

1. Katelyn, 22

2. Ontario, Canada

3. Scott (hes 23)

4. Our families are friends and have been for our whole lives.  Our moms used to play baseball together when we were about 3 and 4.

5. Christmas eve day, 2006

6. October 27, 2007

7. Colours are Celadon, brown and ivory +random fall colours.  We don’t really have a theme, but are using a lot of homegrown things for decorations, like pumpkins that we grew, gourds we grew, and wheat for centerpieces that we grew.  

8. The church that I attend and the reception is at a golf and country club.

9. Getting to know his family more. 

10. Making decisions, I’m not so great at those.


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  • Wedding: October 2007

Sorry for the HUGE picture I’ve resized it numerous times but it seems to want to stay oversized..

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2008

1. Name & age? Laura, 27 (will be 28 when we tie the knot)

2. Location? Vancouver, BC

3. Fiance’s name? Chris

4. How did you meet? On Lavalife in Sept 2003, believe it or not…

5. When did you get engaged? Christmas Eve 2006

6. Wedding Date? August 23, 2008 – looks like I have a date twin here ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Wedding theme/colors? I think we’ve settled on green & blue with pink, green & white flowers

8. Location of Wedding? A private golf & country club in Vancouver

9. Whats been the best part of planning? I couldn’t pick just one thing. It’s been mostly really fun. One of the best things is that our families have been generous so we don’t have to pay for anything ourselves.

10. The worst? My mother has been fairly difficult especially at the beginning. We didn’t agree on many things and though I’ve been making an effort to involve her and compromise to use her ideas, she wasn’t being reasonable and expected me to use ALL her ideas and ditch all of my own – even wanting us to get married in her church when we are both atheist. But she’s come around recently and things are getting much better.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2007

Ted and Eilis

1. Name and age: Eilis, 28

2. Location: North Carolina

3. Fiance’s name: Ted

4. How did you meet? Introduced by a mutual friend at a hockey game! Of note, most of Ted’s family members have met their significant others at a hockey game or through hockey. How weird is that? It was my first hockey game ever the night I met Ted. I just think that is so wild.

5. When did you get engaged? August 25, 2006

6. Wedding Date: October 20, 2007! Ahhh!

7. Wedding theme/colors: Fall, rustic theme. Colors are chocolate brown and copper.

8. Location of Wedding: Upstate NY (we’re both from there)

9. Whats been the best part of panning? The things that we’ve done together…designing and assembling invites, picking out wedding bands, choosing music, making favors, etc. I love it when we get crazy assembly-line style! ๐Ÿ™‚

10. The worst? The fight between my mom and sister and his mom and sister. There is still weirdness. It really sucked.

 I still can’t figure out how to get a picture uploaded in a post, so here’s a link if you’re curious to see our faces!


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  • Wedding: December 2004

1. Name and age- Courtni, 20

2. Location-Central California

3. Fiance’s name-Ron

4. How did you meet? We were taking a class together.

5. When did you get engaged? Aug. 1st

6. Wedding Date April ’09

7. Wedding theme/colors- Hot pink, green, yellow. think bright, young and fruity! 

8. Location of Wedding- a winery

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Planning all of the little details. I love thinking about the centerpieces and flowers.

10. The worst? 1. Figuring out how much everything is going to cost. 2. My mother…and I’ll leave it at that. ha. 

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