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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

1. Name and age: Amy, 25

2. Location: Nashville

3. Fiance’s name: Carl

4. How did you meet? We met on Myspace! We were both students at the same school and ended up having several mutual friends. 

5. When did you get engaged? August 8, 2007

6. Wedding Date: Mid-May or early June, 2009

7. Wedding theme/colors: All we’ve got right now are the colors, chocolate brown and pale blue. 

8. Location of Wedding: 95% sure it will be in Dallas, TX

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Being able to look at wedding magazines and websites without feeling so strange – I looked at them all the time before I was even engaged! It’s also been really fun to see how excited Fiance is and begin making decisions together. 

10. The worst? How long we have until we’re actually married. It’s frustrating not being able to plan much yet. 

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  • Wedding: June 2008

1. Name and age: Sarah,29

2. Location:   Montgomery, AL

3. Fiance’s name:   Mike

4. How did you meet?    On Myspace – nerdy but true!

5. When did you get engaged?  5/26/07

6. Wedding Date   6/14/08

7. Wedding theme/colors:  We’re having a vintage/art deco/peacock theme. Our main colors are sapphire blue, cymbidium orchid green, and ivory.

8. Location of Wedding    Montgomery, AL   in a restored old schoolhouse

9. Whats been the best part of panning?   Counting down the days to marry my love and best friend 1

0. The worst?    Dealing with ignorant, "every bride wants to be a pretty, poufy princess" vendors. Keep the tulle away, wedding demons!!  


Edit:  I followed the directions perfectly. And my pics even showed up in my edit. However, when I submit, the pics don’t show up. If you want to see pics of us, please go to http://www.hill-corallo.com. Thanks!!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 1969

1. Name and age: Jessie, 23

2. Location: New York, NY

3. Fiance’s name: Jonathan, 25

4. How did you meet? At work! Jon was my senior!

5. When did you get engaged? September 1, 2007

6. Wedding Date: Still in the works, but August 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Tenatively, Aqua and Chocolate Brown

8. Location of Wedding: Thats what this weekend is for!

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Personalizing the wedding to us and sharing our union with our family and friends

10. The worst? Decisions! I am super indecisive. We are trying to choose between 24 Fifth and Battery Gardens right now!


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  • Wedding: May 2008

1. Name and age: Laura, 27

2. Location: Minneapolis, MN

3. Fiance’s name: Chad

4. How did you meet? We were friends and dated a bit in High School & ended up running into each other 4 years later.

5. When did you get engaged? January 30, 2007

6. Wedding Date: May 24, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Pink & Green with lots of Orchids

8. Location of Wedding; Green Bay, WI

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Seeing how excited our familes are about the wedding, especially my mom.

10. The worst? Realizing how much this is going to cost!

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  • Wedding: February 2008

1. Name and age  KaSandra 28

2. Location Portland, Oregon

3. Fiance’s name Marcus 32

4. How did you meet? Craigslist. He was selling I was buying

5. When did you get engaged? Sep 2006

6. Wedding Date Feb 08

7. Wedding theme/colors Black, White, Gold Classy yet sassy event

8. Location of Wedding Portland, Or

9. Whats been the best part of planning? seeing my vision come together

10. The worst? the $$$

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  • Wedding: July 2008

1. Name and age: Emily, 23

2. Location: Northern California

3. Fiance’s name: Matt

4. How did you meet? Church college group/Ultimate Frisbee class

5. When did you get engaged? Mother’s Day, 2007

6. Wedding Date: July 6, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Right now, I’m thinking light blue/teal, peony pink, silver… something like that. Theme: circles!

8. Location of Wedding: Palm Event Center, East Bay

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Looking at all the pretty stuff!

10. The worst? Juggling of personalities/tastes/preferences and decision making.

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Worker bee

1. Name and age  Christine, 27

2. Location  Connecticut

3. Fiance’s name  Sal

4. How did you meet?  He grew up next door to my college roomate. 

5. When did you get engaged?  December 21, 2006

6. Wedding Date  September 20, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors  slate blue, light green, cream/white – classic & clean

8. Location of Wedding  an old mansion

9. Whats been the best part of panning?  Seeing it finally all start to come together.  Dress shopping!!!

10. The worst?  Stupid little arguments; spending lots of money!!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2008

1. Name and age: Andrea, 26

2. Location: NY

3. Fiance’s name: Ryan

4. How did you meet? match.com

5. When did you get engaged? Feb 14, 2007

6. Wedding Date: April 18, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Garden.   Purple and silver?

8. Location of Wedding: Mesa, AZ

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Shopping for pretty things

10. The worst? Everyone tell me not to worry about other people, it’s about us.  But then getting repetitious "suggestions" about something someone liked at another wedding, and hearing how offended everyone will be if we don’t do things "right."

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2008

1. Name and age  Kelly, 25

2. Location  Philadelphia

3. Fiance’s name  Rob

4. How did you meet?  He sat next to me the first day of freshman yr college class.  we were best friends/ fought constantly for all of freshman year, then gave in and started dating.

5. When did you get engaged?  December 2, 2006

6. Wedding Date  06/28/08 (our 7 yr anniversary)

7. Wedding theme/colors  no decisions yet on color! Our theme is sortof ~ we love where we live & want our familes to enjoy it too, so everything is in the oldest part of the city and very walkable from the old church thru independence park to our classy afternoon reception, then a wedding reception afterparty planned for the evening!

8. Location of Wedding  Old City, Philadelphia

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  we’re both designers so i think it will be fun to start designing the invitations/ website

10. The worst?  dealing with the church & making decisions

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2008

1. Name and age: Dianne, 25

2. Location: Edmonton, Alberta

3. Fiance’s name: Justin, 25

4. How did you meet? High school

5. When did you get engaged? February 16, 2007

6. Wedding Date: June 21, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Formal/Romantic – light green, pink and white

8. Location of Wedding: My hometown church and local guest ranch in BC

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Everything… I love weddings.  DIY projects!

10. The worst? Not living in the same province as where the wedding will be and where my family is, and that all 5 of my bridesmaids each live in different city, so co-ordinating everything is hard.

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  • Wedding: May 2008

1. Name and age, STACY, 31

2. Location, WILMINGTON, NC

3. Fiance’s name, WILL

4. How did you meet? CRAZY INTERNET STORY

5. When did you get engaged? 6/18/07

6. Wedding Date 5/18/08


8. Location of Wedding? SHOREHOUSE, HILTON HEAD, SC

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  The web!!! Cant imagine what brides did 20 years ago!! Where did they get their ideas!!?

10. The worst? The Web!! Too many opitons!! There are too many great ideas!!!


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  • Wedding: September 2007

1. Name and age: Melissa, 27

2. Location Fairfax, VA

3. Fiance’s name Chad

4. How did you meet? At work (of all places)

5. When did you get engaged? January 16, 2007

6. Wedding Date September 29, 2007. (11 days!)

7. Wedding theme/colors Light yellow and blue, think plumerias and ocean

8. Location of Wedding  Rented a private home on the Big Island of Hawaii

9. Whats been the best part of panning? Putting it all together, getting to go back to Hawaii for a site visit.

10. The worst? The bill.  And the family related stress.

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  • Wedding: October 2008

1. Name and age Kyleigh, 25

2. Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida

3. Fiance’s name Damon, 32

4. How did you meet? I was actually at the club he dj’ed at for a bachelorette party for a friend. We had an intense attraction to each other right away, but things just weren’t right yet. We both still had things to go through emotionally. But two years later (almost to the day) we ran into each other again, and it was fireworks. 🙂 

5. When did you get engaged? August 9, 2007. During the FIREWORKS (heehee) at Epcot Orlando

6. Wedding Date  Tentatively February 20, 2009

7. Wedding theme/colors Black, Ivory and Ice Blue accents 

8. Location of Wedding Somewhere in South Florida, haven’t picked a venue yet.

9. Whats been the best part of planning? Getting a million and one ideas. Then changing my mind completely the next day. I think im making us both crazy 🙂

10. The worst? The guest list. It makes me want to stab myself with a spork


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  • Wedding: November 2007

1. Name and age

Alison, 27 

2. Location

Los Angeles, CA 

3. Fiance’s name


4. How did you meet? 

Yahoo! Personals 🙂 

5. When did you get engaged?

Right before Christmas last year. 

6. Wedding Date

November 10, 2007 

7. Wedding theme/colors

Fall — brown tones, wine/berry, creams 

8. Location of Wedding

Burbank, CA at a restaurant up in the hills 

9. Whats been the best part of panning?

Being able to be a control freak. 

10. The worst?

Waiting for RSVPs to come in. 

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  • Wedding: November 2008

1. Name and age Tiffany 27

2. Location Seattle, WA

3. Fiance’s name Jared

4. How did you meet? I was a sorority girl, he was a frat boy… met at one of the many frat parties I attended when I was a shophomore and he was a junior

5. When did you get engaged? September 30, 2006 (my birthday)

6. Wedding Date  11/08/08

7. Wedding theme/colors I’m not really concentrating on this since we are having a very small destination wedding.  The beach and ocean itself will be enough for me!

8. Location of Wedding Negril, Jamaica – Tensing Pen Hotel

9. Whats been the best part of planning? Deciding on Jamaica and the exitement that my friends and family have when they find out we’re getting married there.

10. The worst? Trying to find a destination wedding spot that wasn’t super touristy, ghetto or "manufactured"


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