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  • Wedding: April 2008

1. Name and age: Louisa, 28

2. Location: NYC

3. Fiance’s name: Matt

4. How did you meet? Through college friends.  We both went to same university but didn’t meet until 2 years ago…

5. When did you get engaged?: Feb. 2008

6. Wedding Date: April 26, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Orchids, lime, coral, carribean blue, yellow- anything really punchy and tropical!

8. Location of Wedding: Round Hill Resort, Jamaica

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  Doing our "research" by touring the Carribean.  And now, a trip to Jamaica in a few weeks to do more "planning."

10. The worst? $$$  Unbelievable.  Our budget doubled! 

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  • Wedding: August 2008

1. Name and age

Michelle, 24 

2. Location
I live in Northwest Arkansas, but our wedding will be in Lawrence, Kan., home of the KU Jayhawks! 
3. Fiance’s name 
Ryan, 27 
4. How did you meet?
We worked at the college paper together, but we didn’t start dating till we moved in together to save some money post-college in a strange small town we both happened to end up at. 
5. When did you get engaged? 
Aug. 28, 2007 
6. Wedding Date 
Aug. 31, 2008 
7. Wedding theme/colors 
Ever since I left Kansas to move to Arkansas, I’ve missed everything prairie! Now, I’m not a farm girl by any means. (I’ve only been on one a few times. I’m a city gal.) But I can’t help my love for sunflowers, which are the state flowers. So our wedding colors will be chocolate brown and bright green to play off the sunflowers that will be used throughout the wedding. 
8. Location of Wedding 
Historic South Park for the ceremony followed by a reception at the historic Eldridge Hotel. 
9. Whats been the best part of planning? 
Um, I haven’t really let myself enjoy it too much. I’ve been too busy! 
10. The worst? 
Dealing with a crazy Future Mother-In-Law and getting lost in the details. I really wanted a smaller wedding, but gave in to a ~120 affair. When I try to plan a rehearsal dinner for 100 people (yes, I’m planning that, too, long story), I think wistfully of my eloping idea. 

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1. Name and age: evelyn, 25

2. Location: NYC

3. Fiance’s name: andrew

4. How did you meet? through church..attended the same (not that large) church for ~2 years before we even noticed each other~!

5. When did you get engaged?: june 11, 2007

6. Wedding Date: may 29, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: eggplant and other shades of purple with bright pink accents

8. Location of Wedding: church in long island

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  letting my crafty and diy nature go wild 🙂  planning my wedding kind of has me wanting to go into the wedding business some how~!

10. The worst? so far it’s the guest list that’s become the biggest headache 🙁

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  • Wedding: June 2008

1. Tara, 25

2. Atlanta, GA

3. Jarrett

4. We worked in the same office – but quickly left when things got serious

5. August 13, 2007 in Rome, Italy

6. June 21, 2008

7. Blue, Green, Browns

8. At a Catholic Church with the reception in my parents backyard

9. The ability to simply be creative! I want to make as much as I can (within reason) to add our personal touch to it.

10. The band I absolutely love…and planned my whole date around…had a tentative booking – we waited a month – and then the other couple finally booked them.  So sad trying to find a replacement that compares to them 🙁  

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  • Wedding: June 2008 - A garden wedding followed by a tented reception on Mr. Hummingbird's father's property.

Hey ladies!

Saw this post on the board and thought I’d jump in.

1. Name and age: Jill, 25

2. Location: Toronto

3. Fiance’s name: Ben

4. How did you meet? We chatted online and then our first date was at a coffee shop.

5. When did you get engaged?: May 4, 2007. He’s a cartoonist so he proposed to me in a comic strip! 

6. Wedding Date: June 28, 2008, the four year anniversary of our first date (I saw going through the boards I have a couple of date-twins. Go June ’08 brides!)

7. Wedding theme/colors: Still working it out but right now I would say blue, green and chocolate brown.

8. Location of Wedding: We’re having garden ceremony and the reception in a tent on his father’s beautiful country property.

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  Talking to new people and sharing ideas. It’s cool to learn about everyone’s plans and to be inspired by other crafty brides. 🙂

10. The worst? Worrying about how we’re going to pay for everything ourselves. We live in an expensive city so finding extra money for everything is tough.

A pic from our engagement party back in July:

Engagement pic

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  • Wedding: May 2008

1. Name and age: Stephani, 22

2. Location: Northeastern PA

3. Fiance’s name: Jim

4. How did you meet? At work-he was in his last year of pharmacy school and I was a freshman

5. When did you get engaged? July 4, 2007

6. Wedding Date: May 23, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: pink, green, brown, & ivory 

8. Location of Wedding: A small country club in the area

9. Whats been the best part of planning? I’m finally getting married!

10. The worst? Realizing that all the things I really like are too expensive and I have to settle for something else. 

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  • Wedding: September 2008

1. Name and age: Natalie, 26

2. Location: Chicago

3. Fiance’s name: Jake

4. How did you meet? At work!

5. When did you get engaged? December 5, 2006

6. Wedding Date: September 6, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: I don’t really have colors, more of a vintage garden theme.  Warm colors, deep chocolates and some greenery.

8. Location of Wedding: Lincoln Park, Chicago (St. Clement Church/Cafe Brauer)

9. Whats been the best part of planning? Trying to be creative.  Its been a fun excuse to tackle some DIY projects.  I have also seen a fun side of my fiance.  He seems to be enjoying this as much as I have!  It has been great working on this with him.

10. The worst? Juggling school and planning.  As much as I try to focus on my classes, Weddingbee is always calling!  🙂

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  • Wedding: April 2008

1. Name and age Sarita, 28

2. Location: Sevilla, Spain (from Boston, MA)

3. Fiance’s name: Pepe

4. How did you meet? When I was studyng abroad

5. When did you get engaged? Nov 2006

6. Wedding Date: April 19, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors: Spanish wedding – sunflowers – red and yellow

8. Location of Wedding: Sevilla, Spain

9. What’s been the best part of planning? Everything! I love it all.

10. The worst? The unknowns – especially regarding the guest list.

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  • Wedding: October 2007

1. Name and age:  Kesha, 31 (as of yesterday)

2. Location NJ

3. Fiance’s name  Reggie

4. How did you meet? His cousin is married to one of my good friends, and we met at their daughter’s first bday party.

5. When did you get engaged? Dec. 23, 2006

6. Wedding Date October 27, 2007

7. Wedding theme/colors Mango & Chocolate Brown (with "tropical accent colors" thrown in here and there

8. Location of Wedding Tampa, FL

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  Having the support of my parents who are doing everything they can to make this the day of my dreams 🙂  They’re the best (most of the time)

10. The worst?  The DRAMA!  Having to change the venue a month before the wedding, a family member trying to bring 14 people for an invitation meant for 2 and then getting an attitude when we told her NO WAY, the long distance (NJ-FL) planning.

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  • Wedding: May 2008

1. Name and age – Tiffany, 27

2. Location – Cleveland, OH

3. Fiance’s name – Ian

4. How did you meet? – A random web of friends at my first out of college job and his first co-op session

5. When did you get engaged? August 11, 2006

6. Wedding Date – May 25, 2008

7. Wedding theme/colors – Navy Blue, Silver, Light Blue, Cream

8. Location of Wedding – Cleveland, OH – ceremony in the outdoor sanctuary of a church – reception at a cool restaurant/venue overlooking the skyline.

9. Whats been the best part of planning?  The constant web surfing/shopping. 🙂

10. The worst?  The budget – and recently losing my grandfather who was supposed to walk me down the aisle.  That’s put a little bit of sadness into the ceremony planning…..

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