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1. I love Starbucks way too much.  They know my drink when I walk in the door.  Such a dirty, expensive habit.  We even got a really nice Keurig for the wedding, and I’d still rather go to Starbucks.

2. I could browse Sephora (in person and online) for HOURS.

3. I am super sensitive when it comes to animals – I cry at every single ASPCA commercial.

4. I think popcorn is a food group.  Mmm…popcorn.

5. I was a competitive cheerleader!

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@hermitcrab: Awesome thread! I’ll play! (PS – I’m totally with you on the ketchup thing, DH thinks I’m nuts!)

  1. I wanted to be an archaeologist until I was 16. I can remember being in grade one and asking my teacher what it was called and how to spell it. It was quickly ended when I tried it one summer and realized that dirt, bugs, and beating down sun do not work well for me.
  2. You know how some kids sleep with stuffed animals? I had those, but I also had a favourite coat hanger in my bed. Weird I know.
  3. I suck at shuffling cards, LOL!
  4. When I was a kid I would deliver a local newspaper. Payment was optional, and I hated doing the door-to-door asking for payment thing so much, sometimes I just wouldn’t go. I must have had the least lucrative route for the paper!
  5. My first memory of a boy flirting with me is from preschool. I can’t remember his name, but I remember that during nap time he would push toy cars from his mat to mine because he liked me πŸ˜‰

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I think that you could figure out some of this stuff if you read my posts, but thats ok. I know I’m odd, and these facts will exemplify that, but I promise I act normal in person. πŸ™‚

1. I can’t swim.

2. I am terrified of poultry. Like I will start crying if I have to be near live chickens or geese on a pond. (I was attacked when I was little)

3. I just learned this at a doctor’s appointment, but I have AB- blood. I guess only 1% of the world has that, and only .6% of the U.S. population.

4. I spin around in circles and sing to relax because the blood rushing in my brain feels good. I also love amusement park and carnival rides because of this reason.

5. Even though I afraid of poultry, penguins are one of my absolute favorite animals. I collect them (like figurines).

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LOL. I cry at ASPCA commercials too. There was an awful one with Sarah McLachlan singing in the background and shots of all these cats and dogs in kennels. I get teary-eyed just thinking of it.

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1.) I could eat Raising Canes for every meal if I could!

2.) We might be moving to Farmington NM…any bees live there?!?!

3.) Im a sucker for any love books/movies

4.) Im 4’11 πŸ™‚ fun size!

5.) I have a tattoo on my behind! Shhhh!!

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1. I spent a year living and working in a homeless shelter after college.

2. My favorite bands/musicians range from R.E.M. and Neko Case to Crooked Still and the Wailin’ Jennys (shoutout to Ms. Seahorse!).

3. I was in an acting class with the guy who plays Jim on The Office.

4. I am love good-quality tea and am a snob about it, but I hate coffee.

5. My chocolate cake has garnered me three (3) different marriage proposals, none of which were from men I was dating at the time.

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Love these threads!

1. I get a 32oz pop at the gas station each morning on the way to work and the people at the gas station know me I’m there so much.

2. I sing in the shower and car.  A lot. Loudly!

3. I lack a lot of common sense sometimes and often forget to think before I speak – resulting in some stupid and silly things being said.  Just ask DH – he likes to harass me for it.

4. I cry in 95% of movies I watch.  Sometimes its happy crying, sometimes sad crying, sometimes both.  Movies just get to me apparently.

5. I’ve done the polar bear swim in my home town on New Years Day (aka – jump into the freezing cold river that they often have to break the ice off of) multiple times and think it is an awesomely fun adrenaline rush!

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oh yay, FUN πŸ™‚

1) When I have to fly I always take stuffed toy (he is my good luck charm)

2) I wanted to be a news reporter growing up.  (I used to practice making up news stories and videotaping myself)

3) I made my own voiceovers for cartoons when I was in middle school.  I took our camcorder and recorded audio over cartoons on liquid television on mtv (I’m showing my age here but whatever)

4) I LOVE Indian food but don’t eat it often because it gives me serious gas and I have never ever tooted in front of my Fiance (unless asleep, that’s a total different story)

5) For about half a year I was a late night/early morning DJ at a college radio station.


 ETA: I post from a browser that does not have spell check on it and I am a awful speller πŸ™ EEEEK

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1. If I don’t break something important/valuable within the first two weeks of having it in my possession, I will lose it within the next two weeks. (I’m currently debating whether to spend the $ to replace a lovely necklace FH gave me as to not hurt his feelings).

2. Your poor spelling and grammar annoy me.
“By the way, y-o-u-apostrophe-r-e means ‘you are!’ Y-O-U-R means YOUR!”

3. That being said, I love Friends and can probably recite every episode verbatim. That doesn’t make me a loser, it makes me really, really cool.

4. I am a nail picker/biter. Always have been (hopefully won’t always be). I have a serious problem. Really…until they bleed…it’s bad! And I obsessively pick my split ends. Soooo annoying!

5. Given the chance, I would sleep until 2 pm or later every day. Maybe even through the day into the night. There’s a chance I may be sick…

Can I do more? I’m taking these from a facebook thing I did that made me do 25!!

6. I love classic rock. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a singer, and when my mom asked me what kind of music I wanted to sing, I said “oldies.”

7. When I was little I took gymnastics, ballet, and tap classes until I got to the age where you actually had to be good and somewhat coordinated. Blast…

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@panterapeach:You’ve never farted in front of your SO?!?!  Wow. That takes willpower.

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