Let's have some fun! How did he propose?

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Aw, that’s such a cute proposal story!  

Fiance proposed on Christmas Eve 2010.  We just left my family’s side of the celebration and drove to his parent’s house for the night to spend Christmas there.  His parents were at FMIL’s brother’s house so we were home alone.  As soon as we walked into the door, Fiance told me that he wanted to give me an early Christmas present.  I was refusing to be given one because I’m weird and like to wait until Christmas morning.  He kept insisting that I opened a present early.  I walked into the bathroom to use it and when I came out, he was standing in front of the lit Christmas tree with his hands behind his back.  I told him once again that I didn’t want a Christmas present yet.  He didn’t listen and handed me a box.  I finally gave in.  I untied the ribbon, opened the box, and noticed the ring box inside.  I stood there in shock and I remember thinking “ohmygod, wait… is this a joke?”  I opened the ring box and saw the ring and couldn’t believe it.  I just remember saying “nu uh, nu uh!”  I hugged him a few times and kept repeating myself.  He finally asked me if that was a yes and if I was going to put the ring on.  I excitedly said yes and held out my shaky hand.  He then helped me put the ring on my finger and the rest is history.  It was so cute and romantic.  I loved that he did it while we were alone because it made it intimate.  =)

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My Fiance proposed May 26th, and it was just perfect for us. We had a great day of shopping, went out for dinner, had a walk by the river and while we were getting comfy about to watch movies for the night, he popped the question. We are both very private people, so a proposal at home is exactly what I wanted. 

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He proposed the night before the Olympic Opening Ceremonies (not that that has anything to do with anything). I knew he had ordered the ring, but he tried to keep it secret from me as to when it would be arriving (I knew, once he had it, it wouldn’t be long… he can’t keep presents from me for more than a day). His sister had spoiled it by coming in his room the day before and saying that he would be getting a package in the mail the next day. He freaked out because he had to work the next day so his sister had to be home to sign for it and it was VERY important. So I knew. 

I had class the day of (summer semester) and had to sit through 2 finals while trying not to get too excited. I hadn’t told my friend (that I had class with) that he was proposing, but I couldn’t keep too much in so I told her what my Future Sister-In-Law had said. I got out of class, and FH picked me up and we went to his house like usual. 

It took ALL. NIGHT.

Finally, at like 11:45, he declared that he was tired and taking me home. 

I had told him at one point that I had 4 things I wanted. I didn’t want people there (that I knew about; they could hide), he had to get down on one knee (even though he swore he wasn’t going to), he had to say “Will you marry me?” or “Will you be my wife?”, and it couldn’t be in his room (I told him even the driveway was better than his room).

There was a lightning storm outside. No rain, no thunder, just lightning. So we were walking up the driveway, holding hands, and he stopped me. 

And then he got down on one knee.

And held out the open ring box.

At first, he didn’t say anything. He just stared at me like I was supposed to answer the question he hadn’t asked, but he finally asked me to marry him (and of course I said yes). I was glad it was dark out, since I was blushing and giggly like a little girl. 

I live with my parents and two younger siblings and they’re almost always up when I get home. Of course they weren’t that night, so I had to message a couple friends on Facebook and tell them before I completely exploded. I didn’t make it FBO until the next morning after I’d told my half-awake mom and called my dad at work. 


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I LOVE proposal stories! Congrats to you all!!
My fiance works for two farmers and starting in April and all through May he is in the field from 9 am to midnight. So even though we couldn’t have a date on our three year anniversary because it was on a Wednesday (May 2nd) he found a way to propose that fit us perfectly! His alarm went off at 8 and he left the room to get ready and pack his lunch. I woke up to the alarm and absolutely could not fall back asleep. So I decided to go on my phone and post my anniversary status update which read:
Three years ago today, the most wonderful guy in the world came to pick me up for our first date, my senior prom. I may have had to bribe him with a batch of cookies to get him there, but he has stood by my side through everything since. He’s amazing and I love him like crazy! Can’t wait to see what the future holds 🙂 Happy Anniversary, XXXXXX”

Little did I know that he would come back into the room two minutes later, bend down on one knee, tell me all the reasons he loved me and thank me for his anniversary present (I hung up a bunch of dairy farm pictures the night before after he went to bed so he could see it when he woke up. We don’t do big presents for anything besides birthdays and Christmas.) And then he asked me to marry him. Unfortunately, he had to leave within the next ten minutes, but he was amazing. So after he left, I called absolutely everybody… and then went to a semester final at 3:30 that afternoon. Thank goodness it was one I only had to show up for. It was perfect and came at a great time. I left in June for Maine for ten weeks and I loved knowing that I had a wedding to plan when I got home.

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Ours was very simple.

A few weeks before he proposed, I was upset and I mentioned that I felt like he was never going to propose. He then mentioned that he had just ordered my engagement ring.

A few weeks later on a Monday, he tells me from work, “Don’t make plans for tomorrow night.” That made me very suspicious, as he’s never concerned about when I’ll be home. I figured he was going to do it the next day.

The next day we woke up around 7:30. I told him he needed to get up and get ready for work. Per usual, he groaned and rolled over. I woke up around 9 o’clock and told him it was time to get up. He sat up, looked at the clock, then laid back again. I asked, “You aren’t going to work today, are you?” He had taken the day off. No excuse. Hmm.

He took me to one of our favorite Thai restaurants. It was a 95 degree day – very humid and uncomfortable out. Yet, he decided he wanted to go walk through the park where we often spent time during the beginning of our relationship. We sat on a bench in the heat, wiping sweat. He started talking about how I was his best friend, he couldn’t see himself with anyone else.

Admittedly, I was disappointed that he didn’t take a knee, but it’s a minor issue. He turned to me and asked me to be his wife – before slipping the ring onto my right hand. Poor guy was so nervous.


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My husband (with the help of my sister) decorated my house with candles and rose petals. He flew in that day from NY (LDR) and picked me up from work. My mom had dropped me off so my husband could have the car when his flight arrived, so he picked me up. I remember he took the long way home and I was like, “WHY, why would you do that?” When we got home I went in and saw everything, he had a Frank Sinatra song playing in the background and he rushed through a speech and asked me. I have no idea what he said, then after he got down on one knee and asked me again. I found the ring hidden in the proposal a few minutes later. It was my great grandmother’s and a place holder as I custom made my ring using his grandmother’s diamonds which I received later that night. 

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We got engaged on May 11th this year. We were in Jason’s Deli celebrating my graduate later in the evening. Most all of my family and friends were there and people were wrapping up eating and chit chatting. I was standing at the end of the table and chatting to my best friends and he snuck up behind me and got on one knee in the deli. I think he said something along the lines of “So, uh, will you marry me?” Even though, that’s kind of weird, I have never seen him so red and nervous in his life. All I could go was cover my face and bend over laughing (which I do in happiness) and nod. The next thing he said was “Is that a yes or a no? Say something!” I said yes and he forgot to put my ring on so I did it. It was perfect and so adorable to see someone so level headed turn into a nervous nelly!

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We were in CA last September visiting his brother. We had to fly out of San Fran so we rented a car and drove up there the day before so we could do some sight seeing before we flew out the next day.

I got it in my head that I wanted to find the house from Full House because I loved that show as a kid. I found the address online of the actual house that was used in the opening shots and we went to try to find it.

Fiance kept saying he wanted to get to the Golden Gate bridge at sunset, that he thought that would be really cool. It took us forever to find the house and he kept saying he really wanted to get to the bridge.

We finally get there, right as the sun is starting to go down and start walking across it.

About halfway across, I hear him say ‘hey’ and I turn around and he’s down on one knee. : )

The funniest part is we did not anticipate how cold it would be so we were both freezing, and it was so loud on the bridge I could barely hear him haha.

It was really sweet, and he’s not romantic at all so I was really impressed.

Here’s some pics. The first is of me outside the ‘Full House’ house. Then us right before it happened. Then right after.


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I’m feeling nostalgic… so here’s mine. 

I knew that my Fi was going to propose before we went on vacation (to Disney World, actually!), so leading up to the day we left was the worst. He kept tricking me by making me fetch things or taking me out to nice restaurants the week before. Since we play board games almost every night, he’d also say things like, “I realllllly think we should play Scarbble tonight. Scrabble sounds like the PERFECT game for this evening.” 

The day we were leaving, I had given up that he was going to propose when I was told he would. So I was really relaxed and excited that he’d propose on vacation instead. About an hour before our car was to pick us up for the airport, he suggested we play a game. He did the same thing that he did was the Scrabble game. “I reallllly think we should play Monopoly before we go. REAAALLLLLLY.” So I got giddy inside thinking that this was his final shot to do it before we left. I opened the box really slowly and inside were two of my favorite candies. I was excited that at least he didn’t fake me out for nothing….

And when I turned around to thank him, he was on his knee with the ring. I “eeked” and hugged him for what felt like hours. He then surprised me with a limo to the airport as we called and updated everyone on the proposal. 

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He proposed to me on the night of our 3 year anniversary. We went out for dinner and coffee, then he wanted to go to the house we were about to start renting so we did. He took me back in our room, flipped off the lights, knelt on one knee and turned me around so I could see this:

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My lovely man had originally planned to propose Christmas Eve, however since my family decided to have a rather extensive meal planned we needed to do a lot of prep work on Christmas Eve. So I told my boyfriend on the morning of the 23rd that we were going to go ahead and do our gift exchange that night. When we actually got to the gift exchange I was running late for the Zumba class that I teach. I knew what my gift was (or so I had thought) and was rushing around while my family exchanged their gifts with my Boyfriend (who at this time was a nervous wreck and had about puked when my grandmother made him sift through a garbage bag filled with packing peanuts in search of a gift card). So I quickly opened up my present (a game called The Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword) and proceeded to toss it on the couch while yelling “BYE!”. He quickly grabbed the case and opened up the case to show:

With the ring obviously inside…

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Running!! We met running, we run together all the time including run several marathons together, and he proposed on a run on our favorite trail at the top of a mountain. Nobody else was around and it was very us and very perfect!!

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