(Closed) Lets have some fun, Share your crazy roommate stories.

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Busy bee

When I first moved to NYC, I knew NO ONE and ended up moving into an apartment of wackos. Its one of these places that noone knows eachother … when someone moves out the even crazier landlady just rents out the room

Roommate 1 was DIRTY. Had the flu and threw up in the sink and didnt clean it up. When she moved out, I moved into her room (so much bigger) and there were BOOGERS on the walls!!!

Roommate 2 was a “director”. Very odd guy. And slurped everything he ate, Soup, noodles, even sandwiches this guy was able to slurp up….7 years later and I STILL can hear the slurplin

Downstairs was another wacko woman. In her late 40s living in this situtation…..just one of those wacko artist types. Very nice, but odd.

One of the roommates was accused by the landlady of tryig to rape her one night….his pickup line to her was “your so disco baby” (???)

Crazy landlady then moved in a functional retarded guy who should not have been living with us. He STUNK, left dirty condoms in the bathroom (used them when pleasuring himseld), and peed all over the place. Literally….peed on the floors.

Crazy landlady was a freak!!! Never gave us heat, told me once she was gonna turn off our stoves, asked me once to help her throw out another residents possessions while they were at work as shd didnt want them there anymore. Admitted to me that her son gave her coke. Was shot in the ass with a BB gun. Called me when I moved out accusing me of stealing a dresser. She was the definition of one flew over the cukus nest

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Bee Keeper
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I only really rented for a few months in my second year of university, but they were pretty nightmarish:

Flatmate 1 – He officially lived there but unofficially moved in his girlfriend in. They were lovely… except for the fact that they were growing pot in their room and smoking so much of it that when they were smoking in the basement, there was a fog of it in the attic… four floors up!

Flatmate 2 – I had a bit of a fling with him before we all moved in and he kept freaking out over the fact that I was friends with his good mate (with whom I had been at a camp a couple of years earlier). So his mate would drop in at stupid o’clock in the morning to hang out and eat junk with me, and this drove the flatmate nuts, so he’d snip at me all the time.

Flatmate 3 – Was pathologically afraid of germs. Now I don’t object to clean people, but when you’re going over the entire kitchen with bleach at least twice a day it’s doing more harm than good. He also hoovered morning, noon and night… which I found intensely irritating.

The rest of them (there were 8 of us altogether) were fine, except for when I was moving out. I’d decided to take a year out to work out what I really wanted to do with my life (as I wasn’t happy studying law) but caught a chest infection just before I moved out (I ended up in hospital briefly). My friend had come down to help me move, but it was still a lot to do. I ended up collapsing on the stairs coughing up blood whilst moving the last of the boxes and the flatmates all just sat there watching me. Not one of them came to see if I was alright. Not one.


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Bumble bee
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my college roommate (random freshman yr) got confused when she woke up after getting black out drunk and went to the bathroom in our garbage can…while i was sitting right there!!!!!!!

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Bee Keeper
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Roomate at college, was crazy.  We had to share a room, there were six of us, like suitemaites in a small apartment.  She never left our room.  Three weeks before thanksgiving her ex came and crashed with us, she never asked and he brought his 15ft bermise python.  The snake was awesome, the b/f sucked.  I said the only thing is that I don’t want you having sex while i’m in the room.  Seriously wake my ass up and I’ll go sleep out in the tv room. 

They woke me up having sex two nights before I’m leaving for Thanksgiving break.  I woke up called her an effin whore and walked out to the kitchen.  Filled up a pot of cold water and dumped it on her.  I then moved my stuff out to the tv room. Whore was the last words I spoke to her until she moved out at the end of the year.  She had tried to move out and there were no other spots available.  She was terrble, left her dishes in the sink like someone else would do them … one of my other roomates took all her plates and dumped them in her bed after a week of not doing her dishes. 

LOL dang I’m kinda mean i guess. 

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Busy bee
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My first roommate in college was the dorm wh*re.  I only roomed with her for one semester, but in that time, she slept with at least a dozen different guys, while I was sleeping in the bed next to her!!  If that wasn’t gross enough, she was also a fall-down drunk, and puked on the floor several times at night, and didn’t clean up her mess.  I didn’t even wait for approval from the residence director before I moved out, I just couldn’t take her anymore!

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Worker bee

Crazy stories, guys! I have a few to tell. Both the same roommate during my freshman year of college.

1) My dorm building was huge. It was three towers connected at the lower levels. We were in the middle tower so if you looked out our window you could see into the window of the rooms in the tower next to us. The windows had curtains that you could take down. For some reason, my roommate decided it would improve the decor of the room to remove them, so she did and folded them up and put them in her closet. I told her, I didn’t think it was the best idea, since we can see into the rooms across the way. She persisted so I was like, fine, as I didn’t feel like making a big thing over it.

Well, my boyfriend came to visit one weekend when she was out town. Before she left she told me not to touch her things (like I would). Anyway, when my boyfriend got there we wanted privacy, so we decided to put the curtains up. I saw right where she put the curtains, so I just went and grabbed the curtains from there.

She came home a few days later and said how mad she was that I went through her things. Now mind you, our closets didn’t have doors, so it’s not like I opened anything. And the curtains weren’t buried in there, they were right out in the open. I told her, sorry, but I needed privacy. She complained about that off and on for the entire year.

2) The all too common “roommate has sex in front of me story”. She brought her boyfriend over one night while I was writing a paper on my laptop in bed. They said they wanted to go to sleep, so I said it was fine if they wanted to shut the lights out. A few minutes after the lights went out I heard the unmistakable sounds of …intimacy. Now when I say “roommate” I mean it. It was a tiny room! Not like a suite or something. I couldn’t even find words, so I just muttered, “thanks for that mental image”, and left. I ended up sleeping on my friend’s floor a few doors down.

3) Not so much of a story, but that girled snored like nothing I’ve ever heard before in my life. It was really horrible and I had many sleepless nights thanks to that. That was the first and last year I had a roommate in college. ^_^

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Bumble bee
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I’ve had a string of unfortunate roommates. All of them have been allergic to cleaning unless if I do it myself or force the issue. These are all after I moved off campus in college.

I had a roommate that liked to constantly walk around naked. That’s really all I need to say there.

And one of my roommates had a disaster area for a room. She borrowed something from me and I was looking for it and I found a shirt balled around some dog shit. Apparently when we were dog sitting once the dog went into her room, but apparently she only half-cared to clean it up.

One roomie was disgusting. Whenever she was home she would cook up a storm and basically destroy the entire kitchen and not clean up a damn thing. She would leave pots and pans sitting in the sink for months and I got so fed up I just stacked up all the dirty dishes and shoved them to one side so I could actually use the sink. Also, she and her boyfriend scared me awake with their sex nosies. Yes. Scared me awake because they were so loud.

Can I please make enough money to live alone now?

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Honey bee
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I’ve had a good amount of roommates… but the I had one… sophmore year of college that was horrible… and I didn’t even live with her for a whole year (she moved in partway through the year b/c she had issues with a diff person in student housing *big surprise*) But she was DISGUSTING! Luckily, even though she was in my room… my fellow suitemates had it worse! 

Whenever I left… her and her disgusting bf would have crazy loud sex.

She left her greasy nasty food and dishes everywhere… 

which was made worse by the fact that she cooked EVERYTHING in bacon grease (don’t ge me wrong I LOVE bacon… just not involved in everything) 

and the winner….

One morning I woke up (after going to bed fairly early b/c I had driven from home that day and I was tired) and my suitemate (still good friends with her now) asked me if I had used the shower over the weekend at all… 

I said “No, I got in around 8-9ish and just went to bed b/c tunnel traffic was bad”

She then said… “I found a little piece of shit in the tub last night, and I accidentally touched it because I thought it was food and I was just going to toss it in the trash”


So there you have it ladies… I had a roommate that was a lazy disgusting slob… that did something that made her leave a little dollop of shit in the tub that she didn’t clean up Frown… 

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Blushing bee

I’ve had some crazy roomies too. My college roommate used to sleepwalk and get into MY bed – when I was sleeping in it. Her boyfriend “visited” every night for six months and they’d have sex while I was in the room with them. She’d eat my food, drink my drinks and smoke my cigarettes leaving me IOU’s on post-its but never paid me back. I moved out when she did this with one of my thongs.

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Buzzing bee
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Oooh I have some good ones.

my first roommate pretended like I didn’t exsist. She put her stuff over my stuff, took my pictures down, got rid of all the decorations I bought for our room, hung out with her friends in our room, with me on my bed, like I wasn’t there. She also had a nasty habit of getting black out drunk, and passing out in the bathtub. At least once a week I had to wake her up before I could have a shower.

My second roommate had OCD, and was very very particular about where things were and how she cleaned them. Didn’t matter how I cleaned, it was wrong, and she fixed it. She also was an early morning riser, and I’m not, and her alarm went off every morning at 5:30. And she would let it ring for almost three minutes (part of her OCD) before turning it off, so I would wake up every time. 

My third roommate was an extremely relgious person, which I have no problem with, as we shared the same relgion, she just took it to an extreme. She was SO mad at me when I started dating SO, because I “wasn’t waiting for the one God gave me”, even though early on I was sure he was The One. She locked me out of our room multiple times, forcing me to sleep in the open room in our dorm. I should have thanked her for that, since my SO stayed out with me, and those nights were the nights we got to know each other so much better! 


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Busy bee
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My first college roommate was sweet, but annoying. She followed me everywhere, even if I went into the bathroom. A few times, I woke up and she was standing over me, lol, and I even caught her on my then boyfriends facebook.

My second one was better, but joined a sorority so then things got weirder. She was always kicking me out so that she could have sex! lol

After two bad ones in a row, I just paid for a single and my now Fiance and I pushed the beds together and he became my roommate! This is why we have literally been living together since we started dating.

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Busy bee
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@cirk:  OMG!!!! The third and first take the cake!

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Honey bee
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@cirk:  it that happened to me… after the third time I found her in the way of my shower… I’d close the curtain and turn on the water… and say… “I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were back there… I was just letting the water heat up” Or at least I say I would do that… I’m too much of a wus to do it in real life. lol 

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