(Closed) let's hear your not so romantic, surprise, but special to you proposal

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  • poll: Do you care how you get proposed to?

    yes- I want an "out of this world" proposal

    No- just him asking will be special enough

    other- please comment

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    Helper bee

    I’m not engaged yet but I feel the same way. SO & I have been ring shopping & we’re pretty sure on what ring he’ll purchase so it is no surprise that we’re getting engaged & what the ring will look like but he said he wants to do it on “his own terms” which can mean anything with him lol I really don’t care if he does a fancy proposal or proposes in my living room, as long as I’m engaged to my love is all that matters to me. In what ever way he proposes it’ll be special to me & I’m sure the same for you. Hope you get your proposal soon, best of luck!

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    Blushing bee
    • Wedding: September 2013

    I chose “yes” on the poll. This might sound superficial, but I did care how my Fiance would propose. I wanted our proposal story to be one I dreamed of telling my family and kids someday – which it is! I will say that it was a very simple proposal, but his execution of it made it “out of this world” to me. So maybe it is all personal judgement on what exactly is out of this world. He put a lot of thought into it, which mattered most to me.

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    • Wedding: October 2012

    Mine wasn’t super elaborate. He didn’t rent a tux, or a limo, or buy 12 dozen roses, or get down on one knee, or have a super long speech professing his undying love for eternity to me.

    He did it in front of my family, with me sitting in his lap, and him shaking with nerves as he held the ring and told me he loved me. The look on his face told me far more than he could have with words.

    That moment was more perfect than I could have ever dreamed ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wedding: June 2013

    We were in our home office, talking/joking about when we were going to get married and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I asked him if he was for real, and I think made him a little nervous but I was just so stunned. I did say yes after a few minutes (probably seconds but felt longer).

    For me it was perfect because I didn’t want anything elaborate or in front of people. I wanted it to be just me and him. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wedding: April 2015

    He didn’t make it elaborate and I’m glad he didn’t. I would have burst from embarrassment. We’re also not a super fancy couple (we both prefer jeans and tees), so all the limos and crap would have felt fake to me. He did what felt was special for me and him and it was perfect. It honestly was because where we met doesn’t technically exist anymore. We say we wish we had the chance to kiss in that building. He made it happen on the grounds, which is close enough.


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    • Wedding: January 1999

    We were just about to go on holiday and we were having to get up early for the train. He had been SUPER weird/annoying all day – like antsy and running around all weird (which is totally unlike him). We went to this free African Opera (the place he worked for gave him tix) and as it was summery we walked to the place with no coats on. The opera was WEIRD (very!) and we went for a few drinks in the theatre afterwards. It poured. We walked home coat-less in the rain. He got straight into bed and I dried my heair. Earlier in the day he’d been pretending that his fingers were various cast-members from Star Trek (ooooh! Yes. Told you he was in a weird mood!) and when I went to bed his hand was under my pillow. A finger was dressed up as Geordie (yes…honestly!). I was like ‘it’s midnight, we have to be up in 4 hourse for the train, what areyou doing? and he started asking me random questions about his finger etc and I was getting really peeved and then he said… ‘ok one more question’ and he asked. Lol. I was TOTALLY not expecting it, though ALL my friends were (at this point we’d been together nearly 11 years)…I just like, laughed…swore some, shook so much he had to open the bag and box…I was incoherant with glee…I don;t think I said ‘YES’ until it was rammed on my finger, we’d done soem naughty and he was nearly asleep. The first thing I said to him was ‘are you taking the Mick?’. We then went to see a great band play the next day and then the day after that went on holiday for 5 days. It was not amountain top thing but it was perfect. I loved it. Non-romantic, kinda weird, but beautiful – to me. My friends love the story!

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    • Wedding: December 2013


    This is my first post! Hi!

    We had been talking marriage for a while, and I knew we would get married someday, but the proposal came totally out of the blue for me!

    He proposed on a Wednesday evening while we were sitting at our breakfast bar, and i was wearing my pajamas. He started by saying that now we’ve been dating for quite a while. I totally interupted him to say that we’re not exactly dating, we’ve been living together for over two years, we have cats together… He shut me up by pulling the ring box out of his pocket. I just started shaking. Then he asked me to marry him. I cried, it was nauseating. Then we shared a bottle of Veuve champagne.

    Its not a big romantic story, but i’ll remember it forever, and as far as I’m concerned it was perfect!

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    • Wedding: May 2013

    My proposal was simple and private, and doesn’t seem to knock people’s socks off when I tell them about it, but it blew me away because he chose to propose at a time I was completely not expecting it.  We celebrated his birthday by taking a long weekend vacation to a beach town.  We went out to a semi-nice for dinner for his birthday, and then went strolling around the boardwalk which was bustling with activity.  He suggested we take a walk on the beach, and while walking on the beach he got down on his knee and proposed. 

     We had been talking marriage for a while, so I was not surprised at the fact that he asked me – I knew it would be coming at some point in the near future.  However I was surprised that he chose his birthday to propose – I did not expect it to happen that weekend in the slightest!

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    • Wedding: September 2013

    My Fiance wanted to surprise me but since I suspected it was coming, and since he knew I suspected, he knew that if he planned anything traditional (dinner, trip to a nice place, etc.) I would see the proposal coming.  So yesterday morning I was taking a shower (we live together) and he was shaving in the bathroom and he was like, “I love you so much.” and I was like, “Aw I love you too.” and then he whipped open the shower curtain and he was down on one knee in the bathroom with the ring.  I was so surprised! I had the bottle of conditioner in my hand while I hugged and kissed him lol.  The first couple of times I told the story people looked at me weird so I just started saying that he proposed while I was getting ready in the morning, but I think it’s really romantic that he went to such extreme lengths to surprise me.  It worked too! lol

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    • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

    I was sewing a button onto a blazer, standing in the kitchen. We were getting ready to go out to a Beer Fest. All the sudden he pretty much charges over to me, drops down on one knee (aw) says a bunch of sweet stuff (I don’t really remember any of it, all I know is there was a beautiful ring!), and I said “omg, YES! Now get up you’re making me so nervous!!!”

    He was going to propose at the fancy restaurant where we met, but he knew I would suspect something and he wanted to go for a big surprise. He scared the crap out of me!!


    The end ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Wedding: December 2013

    @Future_Mrs_Fierce:  That is sooo cute! I think its a great story! But then I’m a little odd in what i consider romantic…

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    @echolove:  My fiance and I officially got engaged at the end of December, but all of our planning started last September. He is in the military and decided to reelist unexpectedly so the logistics of his orders meant that we needed to start getting things together immediately. We planned for four months without telling anyone but our immediate families (and my roommates, because it’s kind of hard to hide that lol). I had the venue booked, most of the vendors set, and my dress hanging in my closet before there was technically a ring on my finger.

    Finally, right before Christmas he came home on Army leave and I picked him up from the airport. He directed me to a hotel room he had booked for the night and told me to get into something warm. Then he directed me to drive to a horse drawn sleigh that he had scheduled for us. During the sleigh ride, he pulled out the ring that I totally knew was coming and said “So…considering the situation this is super awkward…but will you marry me?”. I wish he had never said the awkward part, but everything else was so sweet. 

    I suppose I had a romantic proposal, but it was in no way a surprise. I’m starting to realize that it is more common for women to be well into the planning stages before there is any physical proposal. No matter what the proposal is, you already have a non-traditional relationship. Your story is going to be complicated no matter what lol.

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