(Closed) Let's say you get to 're do' one part of your teenage years..

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Lol! Well in your defense, you were only 12 :p

As for me, I would definitely NOT enter into a friends with benefits thing with my ex from high school. He was my first love and he broke my heart. A few months later, we started hanging out again “platonically” but of course, that didn’t last long. I ended up sleeping with him but didn’t find out till afterwards that he wasn’t interested in getting back together. He just wanted sex. And because I was an idiot, I agreed because I figured having him like that was better than being alone. 

I wish I hadn’t done that because I feel like if we had made a clean break, I would have gotten over him and rebuilt my self-esteem much faster.

Ah well. Lesson learned, no friends with benefits situations with exes! Lol

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Hmm… I did a lot of stupid stuff when I was a teenager and even though I do regret some of it I don’t think I would necessarily change any of it because every single experience helped to shape me into who I am today.

Having said that, I wish I could take back all of the times I hurt the people I care about (mostly my parents). Like most teenagers, I was too selfish and always put myself first which sometimes meant that I ended up hurting others and I do regret that.

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I would re-do the day I thought cutting my hair really short was a good idea…and then maybe I wouldn’t have looked like a goon for the next 5 years keeping it that way.

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I would have slept with my ex. I always thought I would wait until marriage (a personal choice, not for religious reasons), but after I dumped him for Darling Husband, I hopped in bed in less than a month and it really hurt him.
*Side note: I didn’t sleep with ex because of his above average penis size, as well–it scared me! *

At times I feel lucky that Darling Husband has been my one-and-only, but other times I feel like I’ve missed out. Not because the sex is bad (definitely not! we’re super compatible), but because of the experience. Oh well, 20/20 hindsight and all that…

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I would not have told my former friend that I thought I had a rebound crush on my best guy friend. The two of them ended up dating (because I set them up!) and she got insanely jealous over our friendship and it spiraled out of control and resulted in me having a mildly sucky senior year.

Although…during that sucky senior year I started hanging out with SO because I had sort of distanced myself from my group of friends. So maybe if that hadn’t happened SO and I wouldn’t have gotten together!


A lot of the things I regret from my junior/senior year of high school are all sort of tied together in a weird way…so I feel like if I changed any of them, I wouldn’t have ended up with SO, and that would be sad! Or who knows…maybe it would’ve happened anyway!

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Redoing any of my teenage years?

No no no no nononononononono. NO.

Once was enough *shudders*.

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@theone99:  Omg, the same thing happened to me.. except I was 14.. same thing with the note and the word “frigid” LOL.

I would re-do a chain of events that led me to meeting my ex boyfriend. I don’t have regrets per se, but I could have done without the five year drama-filled on/off relationship.

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I would line up *so* many people from my school and walk down the row punching each one in the throat.

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There are a lot of things that I did in my teens that I regret. Like, I cringe when I think about some of them. And as much as I say “I wish I could take that back”, all of those things literally lead me to my Fiance. I know that super cheesy but I think back to all the guys I wish I didn’t date and each one of them lead to the next one which eventually lead me to stay here for college which lead me to meeting my Fiance (at college). So as cheesy and non-fun as that sounds, it’s the honest truth lol.

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I would have listened to my mother and not dated the guy with the ponytail.

He wound up being super abusive, and I pretty much ruined my life for him. Transferred out of my dream school to a school near him, then ended up failing out because I had to work full-time to pay my half of the bills on our 1965 trailer!

All before I turned 20…

But if we’re talking before 18, then it’s my furst boyfriend. We were on and off for five years, but we really should have just been friends! Mostly because he wound u being gay…

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The only thing I really regret was not going to the college I had originally planned on going to.  I wanted to be a graphic designer.  I ended up letting my parents sort of talk me out of my decision by listening to all their cons of my choice like “You know it’s going to be really hard to make a living in that field at first.” So instead, I went with a “safer” major at a closer college.

This was pre-smart phone, AOL just came out, so the internet and video gaming weren’t really a big thing, yet.  

On the flip side, if I hadn’t of went to the college that I did, I would have never met Fiance…so I guess things happen for a reason.  FI is actually a computer programmer and video game designer, so in a way, I can still put my drawing skills to use and help him to make graphics for his game. 

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@brighteyedgirl:  When I was about 16, I dated a boy who I thought was quite wonderful except for THAT. He was friggin huge and it literally scared me. We broke up because he didn’t know what the heck was wrong with me. I was all in except when it came to sticking it in me bcause no way no how was it going to fit! When I look back, I’m glad I didn’t go there. It saved me some heartache think.

Back to the original topic; this is a little less light hearted than most of the statements everyone has made (and not something I talk about much) If I could change one thing from my teenage years, I would take back all the years I spent hurting myself. It was crazy, scary, and absolutely life atering. I know I hurt other people too but if I could take back what I did to myself, I would be able to take back all the pain I caused for other people too. I was absolutely the most destructive I’ve ever been. I spent way too many years labouring over making my life WAY harder than it had to be and for that, I am truly sorry. In my whole life, this is the one thing that I truly allow mself to regret. I made some pretty whopping mistakes. 

Now that I’m a (mostly) well-adjusted adult, I have redeemed myself in the eyes of the people I hurt (parents, friends, etc) I have talked to a couple of them about it and I feel strongly that they have faith in me now and have forgiven my youthful mistakes. They respect me now and see me as the person I am (because I figured me out) but I still wish, vry often, that I could go back and just take it all back. 

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